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Chapter 38

FLASH b@¢k



I walked !nto th£ house still th!nk!ng ab©vt th£ girl I had seen at th£ little house at th£ b@¢k wh£n I h£ard my mom yell!ng at my step dad !n th£ study room .

Never have th£y fought before, so why are th£y suddenly hav!ng an argument

“Why won’t you j√$t stop with your accusations, you have no proof”I h£ard my dad yelled.

“I do have proof, I do have proof okay and th£ m©r£ you deny it, th£ m©r£ I hate you for it” my mom said and ran off of th£ study room !n tears.

Th*s is really serious, for mom to have cried, th£n it must really be serious, I thought as I ran after h*r.

I found h*r !n h*r room cry!ng. I went to h*r and $h£ turned to give me a sad look.

“What’s go!ng on?”I asked and $h£ gave me a hug

“Your fath*r! Your fath*r is ch£at!ng on me”$h£ said

“But that’s impossible, dad will never do that”I said

“Well h£ did, h£ is ch£at!ng on me”$h£ said

“With who?dad is so busy with th£ resort that h£ wouldn’t have time for any lady ”

“Well th*re is a particular lady, $h£ is Stacey Callaghan”$h£ said

“Stacey Callaghan? Who is $h£ and why is $h£ bear!ng dad name”

“$h£ got married to Your fath*r broth*r James Callaghan but h£ died recently and hav!ng no place to go, $h£ came b@¢k h*re with h*r daughter Rach£al”$h£ said

“And would th£se two people be th£ two female liv!ng at th£ little house beh!nd us”I asked

“Yes, have you seen th£m? Th£y are beautiful on th£ ©vtside but a total evil on th£ |ns!de”

“Why do you say Stacey Callaghan is fath*r lover, after all $h£ is h*s late broth*r wife”I asked

“Well it turns ©vt that $h£ was th£ one dat!ng your fath*r but your fath*r got Isabel mom pregnant and $h£ married h*s broth*r !nstead, th£y haven’t been able to forget each oth*r and $h£ came b@¢k h*re j√$t to take h*m from me and what hurts most is that your fath*r is a will!ng partner to it, h£ will rath*r ch£at on me than let h*r go”$h£ said cry!ng aga!n.

I ₱v||ed h*r !n my arms,I still don’t believe what $h£ is say!ng and I won’t until I get to talk to dad first, mom might j√$t be exaggerat!ng, I thought th*s to myself.

While $h£ slept,I left th£ room and went !n search of dad but I didn’t see h*m at h*s study,neith*r is h£ at th£ resort office.

I was h£ad!ng b@¢k to th£ house wh£n I saw h*m walk!ng towards th£ little house at th£ b@¢k and h£ wasn’t alone.

Though I only saw h*r once,I knew $h£ was Stacey Callaghan.

I followed th£m and I was surprised to see that h£ took h*r to th£ house and even went !n with h*r.

So mom hadnt been ly!ng, I thought feel!ng angry.

How can h£ do th*s to h*r, I hated my real fath*r for ch£at!ng on my mom and for caus!ng h*r so much pa!n and wh£n I met Mr Callaghan,I was at least happy to know that h£ loves my mom and would take ¢ar£ of h*r properly but h£ turned ©vt to be like th£ rest.

Still feel!ng angry,I h£ad b@¢k to th£ house only to see th£ Sxy goddess from earlier, I didn’t know why I feel aroused each time I see h*r, I thought as I clench£d my h@nds,try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| my urge.

If $h£ is Stacey daughter th£n $h£ is j√$t like h*r mom, why don’t i get revenge for mom by mess!ng with Stacey daughter, $h£ will certa!nly regret sleep!ng with dad wh£n $h£ f!nds ©vt what I did to h*r daughter.

Hav!ng made a decision, I found myself walk!ng towards h*r, $h£ was starr!ng at some th!ng !n h*r h@nd and $h£ hadn’t seen me yet and so us!ng that opportunity I bumped !nto h*r mak!ng th£ flyer $h£ h£ld f@||.

“Oh sorry! I didn’t mean to”I said as I got d©wΠ to pick it for h*r

“It’s okay, you don’t have to h£lp me, I will do it myself”$h£ said ward!ng me off but I don’t take orders from anyone expect my parents and so I won’t be tak!ng orders from h*r

“I bumped !nto you, I caused th*s f@|| and so I will h£lp you”I said and $h£ stopped starr!ng at me

I looked up and gave h*r my most charm!ng smile, it always get a lot of girls com!ng my way,I thought

$h£ looked away quickly and I knew that I had some how gotten to h*r.

$h£ stood up quickly and turned to leave but I blocked h*r path.

“I saw you th*s morn!ng and have been wonder!ng what your name is ?”I asked

“You don’t have to concern your self with me”$h£ replied turn!ng to leave

“But I want to know m©r£ ab©vt you, tell me your name”I asked

“My name is not some th!ng you should concern yourself with, please go b@¢k to th£ resort and cont!nue your holiday”$h£ said

“But am not a guest at th£ resort”i replied

“Th£n who are you? You certa!nly can’t be a worker because you arent dressed like one,are you some k!nd of thief, I will call for security if you ……….”

“Am Cade Callaghan,th£ son on of Christoph*r Callaghan”I said and $h£ stopped to stare at me with surprise

“Oh! My mistake. Am sorry, really sorry” $h£ said look!ng embarr@ssed and some how I thought of h*r as cute.

“If you are sorry, th£n come ©vt with me tomorrow”I said

“Am sorry but I can’t do that?”$h£ said

“Do I have to tell my fath*r that you thought I was a thief as was ab©vt to call th£ guards on me?”I asked

“It’s your fault for lett!ng me th!nk so”$h£ said look!ng nervous

“Now you are blam!ng me?”I asked

“No am not….am j√$t……..”

“j√$t come ©vt with me tomorrow”I said

“Sorry but that will not be possible ” $h£ said and walked off.

I stood watch!ng h*r leave, $h£ will be a delight wh£n I f!nally have h*r, I thought as I kept on watch!ng h*r leave.

“Don’t worry mom! My revenge for you will hurt Stacey so very very much”I muttered to myself.


I up quite early and that was to see th£ resort with my fath*r.

I didn’t let my fath*r know that I knew ab©vt h*s !nfidelity towards my fath*r nut h£ will certa!nly be notified wh£n my revenge is on Stacey daughter is done.

With th£ morn!ng r©vt!ne done, I went !n search of David only to f!nd h*m talk!ng to Rach£al.

$h£ was putt!ng on th£ maid uniform and $h£ looked even m©r£ s€×y.

David was say!ng some th!ng to h*r and $h£ was laugh!ng, seems like th*s two have become close, I thought as I walked towards th£m

“Morn!ng!”I said and th£y both stopped to look at me

“Oh Cade!you are f!nally h*re, I was ab©vt to come get you”David said wr*₱p!ng h*m arm @r0vnd my neck

“Rach£al th*s is my best friend Cade…..”

“So Rach£al is your name?”I asked cutt!ng David off

“Have you two met?”David asked

“Of course”


We both answered with different questions and David stared at th£ two of us suspiciously

“Of course we have met, you even thought I was a thief last night”I said

“Do you really have to br!ng that up?”$h£ asked as $h£ stared at me

“Have you thought of what I asked you yesterday?”I asked

“I didn’t th!nk of any th!ng”$h£ said and walked off .

I was ab©vt to follow h*r wh£n David ₱v||ed me b@¢k.

“What are you try!ng to do?”h£ asked

“Chas!ng a girl I like”I replied

“What! You like Rach£al?”h£ asked

“Of course I do, I like h*r and I will see that I will have h*r”I said and turned to leave only for David to ₱v|| me b@¢k

“Tell me! Are you serious ab©vt h*r or is $h£ j√$t anoth*r fl!ng you like to have ” h£ asked

“You know that I only have fl!ngs,am not th£ th£ committed type and i doubt if I will ever be one,so let go, I have a girl to pursue”I said

“Rach£al is different from th£ girls you have met, don’t hurt h*r”h£ said to me but I wasn’t pay!ng attention to h*m.

All I want is to have Rach£al and th£n discard h*r, that will be a perfect revenge for my mom.

I found at th£ reception talk!ng to th£ secretary and I ₱v||ed h*r h@nd and h£ad ©vt side with h*r .

“What are you do!ng?”$h£ asked as $h£ ₱v||ed off h*r h@nd.

“Show!ng you that I meant what I said, I really want you to go ©vt with me today “I said

“Why me! Th*re are a lot of oth*r girls why choose me to go with you”$h£ asked

“That’s because I like you”

“That’s absurd, you j√$t met me yesterday?”

“And so? Lik!ng some one do not depend on th£ day th£y meet ,I like you Rach£al, go our with me”I said

“Do you know that am some th!ng of a cous!n to you, you are my uncle son……”

“Step son, we are no way related, stop giv!ng excuse and come with me “I said and s1©wly $h£ nodded h*r h£ad f!nally giv!ng up.

“That’s a good girl”I said gently patt!ng h*r h£ad………….

We decided to explore th£ estate rath*r than go!ng to th£ town.

It was go!ng great until $h£ took off h*r jacket and I saw a birth mark.

I didn’t realise that I had been starr!ng until $h£ spoke up

“Sorry ab©vt that”I replied at be!ng caught

“It’s no problem”$h£ replied.

“It looks ugly right?”$h£ asked

“What? ”

“My birth mark, it looks some how ugly right?”$h£ asked aga!n

“Of course not”I replied starr!ng at birth mark uniqueness

“It comes from my moth*r side and Its h*reditary and so I had to !nh*rit one too” $h£ said giv!ng me a smile.

I could only nod !n return, at Least $h£ is warm!ng up to me and that’s what I want.



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