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Chapter 31

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“I th!nk it’s Emily and $h£ is hurt!” Stephanie who had been stand!ng beside me wh£n David brought Emily, yelled ©vt loud.

Quickly I ran d©wΠstairs to meet David who was br!ng!ng th£ unconscious Emily !n

I got to h*m and tried to take h*r from h*m but h£ walked past me still hav!ng h*r !n h*s arms.

“What happened to h*r?”Stephanie asked

“We have no time to ask question, call for th£ doctor”David said and quickly Stephanie got !nto action.

I stood watch!ng Emily bloody face and I knew th£n and th*re that it will be h@rd for me to s£nd h*r away because I know that I wouldn’t want to live with ©vt h*r.

I love h*r, I thought I will never f@|| !n love ,that love was never meant for me but it turns ©vt that I have f@||en !n love and I don’t want to live with ©vt h*r, I can’t live with©vt h*r, I j√$t don’t see myself with ©vt h*r !n my life.

“Cade! Step ©vt of it already”David yelled br!ng!ng me b@¢k to reality

“Can you get th£ car h*re, we possibly can’t wait for th£ doctor or th£ ambulance, $h£ is los!ng a lot of blood”David said

“You do it, I have to stay with my wife”I said as I m©v£d past h*m and knelt on th£ floor beside th£ chair, hold!ng Emily cold h@nd.

David went to get th£ car while Stephanie stood at th£ b@¢k look!ng worried.

“Do you th!nk $h£ did th*s to h*rself because you rejected h*r love? “Stephanie asked

“I don’t know,I don’t th!nk $h£ did it because of me but if $h£ did, I…..I won’t be able to forgive myself”I said as I h£ld h*r Unconscious h@nd t!ghtly.

“Th£ car is h*re!”Stephanie said and quickly I carried h*r h£ad!ng ©vt

“What’s go!n……oh my God? What happen to h*r?”I h£ard my mom asked but I didn’t answer leav!ng Stephanie to give h*r th£ answers $h£ needs.

With David h£lp, I got h*r !nto th£ car and while David drove like crazy to get us to th£ hospital, I kept on starr!ng at h*r and kept on pray!ng with!n that $h£ hangs on.

We made it to th£ hospital and $h£ was given th£ utmost attention, After all every th!ng on th*s island belongs to us and so $h£ must be given th£ best, $h£ must be safe.

“You need to be safe”I muttered to myself as I stood !n th£ wait!ng room while th£ operation was be!ng on.

“Are you suddenly worried ab©vt h*r?”David asked

I had totally forgot that h£ was !n th£ wait!ng room too, for th£ past one hour that we have been !n th£ hospital , My thoughts have been preoccupied by Emily.

“j√$t leave! You never ¢ar£d ab©vt h*r,am sure that $h£ got on that horse th!nk!ng ab©vt you”h£ said

“Emily was rid!ng a horse?”I asked surprised by that $h£ even knew how to ride a horse.

“Surprised right? You didn’t ¢ar£ enough to know that $h£ had decided to learn how to ride a horse to get h*r m!nd off th!ngs and also because $h£ had th*s thought that some day th£ both of you will be able to ride side by side. $h£ knows that you like horses and that’s why $h£ was determ!ned to learn how to ride to one but $h£ had to get hurt and that is your fault”h£ said mak!ng me aware that th£ accident is my fault.

“I had no idea!”I said as I felt m©r£ guilty than ever

“Now you have an idea and I hope that you will do th£ right th!ng with Emily”h£ said

“What do you mean ?”I asked starr!ng at h*m

“We both know that what you did !n th£ past won’t ever make you happy, so why make h*r unhappy, as soon as $h£ wakes up, s£nd h*r b@¢k, $h£ doesn’t deserve to be with some one like you”h£ said

“Stop it David!”Stephanie said as $h£ walked towards us

“It’s so good to see your mistress defend!ng you”David said

“You don’t know what Cade is go!ng through,so stop be!ng a jerk and scram”$h£ said


should be th£ one to scram, how can you sleep with h*m know!ng that h£ has a wife, you are noth!ng but a………..”
“Shut up you two, j√$t stop it okay, th£ only th!ng important to me right now is Emily be!ng safe “I said angrily

“So you can keep on be!ng cruel to h*r, so you can roam @r0vnd with your mistress while $h£ suffer watch!ng th£ two of you?”David cont!nued

Greet!ng angry I ₱v||ed h*m by h*s shirt and would have smack h*s face.

“Stop gett!ng on my Nerves, I know already that I don’t deserve h*r and that’s why I told h*r to leave but $h£ wont , I know that my !ndifference towards h*r caused th*s accident, am to be blamed for h*r accident and also for what happened !n th£ past, so quit it before I lose it and hit you”I said and j√$t th£n th£ nurse arrived

“Please th*s is an hospital, Oth*r patients are try!ng to get some sleep,can you please tune it d©wΠ”$h£ said

“Don’t worry, we will try to keep it d©wΠ”Stephanie apologised on our behalf.

I let go of David and went to seat d©wΠ. it’s been two hours already and th£ operation isn’t done yet, each time th£ clocks tick, I get s¢ar£d, will Emily make it ©vt alive? Will I be able to get th£ chance to show h*r that I love h*r too as much as $h£ loves me? Will I get to h£ar h*r tell me that $h£ loves me ?.

Why did I have to let th£ past come b£tweeΠ us, each time I get !nto a relationship, I have always thought of what happened !n th£ past and that’s why have managed to end one relationship and jump to th£ oth*r but I never did that with Emily.


arrangement itself was fake from th£ beg!nn!ng, I felt noth!ng for h*r and $h£ did and maybe that was why I let my guard d©wΠ @r0vnd h*r, It was too late to stop myself from f@||!ng and it was too late for h*r to stop h*rself from f@||!ng for me.
As soon as $h£ wake up,I will show h*r how much I love h*r too.

“You have to wake up Emily, I still have to let you know ab©vt my feel!ng”I wh*spered to myself.


I ran !nto th£ darkness, feel!ng s¢ar£d, wish!ng that th£ person pursu!ng me would stop but h£ didn’t.

I knew that if h£ catch up to me, h£ would do some th!ng that will ru!n me and I didn’t want that

“Come b@¢k h*re!”h£ kept on call!ng and I kept on runn!ng and j√$t th£n I stumbled and I looked up only to see th£ house ah£ad.

Feel!ng that I will be !n safety soon, I stood up and kept on runn!ng and wh£n I made it to th£ door, I opened it ab©vt to get !n wh£n h£ th£ person pursu!ng me ₱v||ed me by my hair.

“You aren’t go!ng to get away from me, have been patient enough, I won’t be anym©r£” h£ said as h£ ₱v||ed me to h*m and though I tried to ₱vsh h*m off h£ was strong.

“Your mom is at th£ party right? Why don’t we use h*r abs£nce to have a bit fun”h£ said ₱vsh!ng me !n..

I couldn’t get to know what happened because I woke up and it was due to some one who kept on yell!ng my name.

I opened my eyes to see Cade starr!ng d©wΠ at me look!ng worried.

“Can you h£ar me? Answer me Emily”h£ said look!ng so angui$h£d

I nodded s1©wly and quickly h£ left th£ room only to come b@¢k with th£ doctors.

“Well it’s a success, your wife got ©vt of it saved but $h£ still have to stay !n b£d, th£ cut $h£ suffered on h*r h£ad will h£al quickly and s!nce $h£ has woken up, th*re is no m©r£ danger” th£ doctor said and as soon as Cade thanked h*m, h£ left th£ room.

“What happen?”I asked Cade who stood starr!ng d©wΠ at me with tenderness

“You fell from your horse and you have been Unconscious for three days”h£ answered

“Three days?”I asked surprised by how long have !n b£d.


replied starr!ng at me weirdly
“Why are you starr!ng at me like that”I asked softly

“What dream were you Hav!ng, you called ©vt my name”h£ said

“I what?”

“You called my name !n your sleep, was I th*re or some th!ng?”h£ asked and I kept on th!nk!ng ab©vt what h£ said.

Th£ dream I had was of some one pursu!ng me but I never called ©vt a name but Cade is say!ng that I did.

What does it mean?, I thought still th!nk!ng ab©vt it.


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