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Chapter 30

By : Kebby NG Media Services



I stood along with Cade and h*s parents and all th£ workers starr!ng at th£ resort.

A month of work!ng on it really payed off, th£ house that had looked old and shackled now looks lively and am sure that with th£ right people,It would be a perfect resort.

“I can’t believe that th£ resort will be opened once aga!n”Cade moth*r said as we kept on starr!ng at it

“You better believe it because it will be open soon” Cade fath*r replied

“All we have to do now is to get people to come to th£ resort”Cade said and th£y all looked at me

“Am gett!ng that ready, you don’t have to worry”I replied

“That’s good th£n,we will be trust!ng you on that part”Cade fath*r said and th£n h£ left along with Cade’s mom.

Th£ workers began to leave for th£ir work, leav!ng Cade, Stephanie and I.

Stephanie had been th£ one who did th£ !nterior design and $h£ had done it wh0l£ be!ng Cade mistress.

It’s been a week and Cade keeps on distanc!ng h*mself from me, h£ had avoided me and have always been with Stephanie.

Though I feel hurt by h*s !ndifference,I didn’t let it show and have been try!ng my best to stop th*s feel!ng but it only gets worse.

I keep on lov!ng h*m, even though h£ has been do!ng h*s best to show me that h£ will never feel th£ same way.

“It’s been a great job so far, nice work Emily”Stephanie said

“You don’t have to give me praise, th£ workers were th£ one who did it, am j√$t ab©vt to start my part “I returned cooly

“If some one is giv!ng you praise th£n you should at least accept it” Cade said

“Not wh£n it is com!ng from your mistress, I won’t accept it”

“You know what! , am tired of you address!ng Stephanie as my mistress, don’t forget that you are not my wife, we never really got married”h£ said

“You shouldn’t be say!ng that ©vt h*re,people might h£ar you “Stephanie said hold!ng h*s arm

“Th£n you should tell Emily h*re that $h£ should stop delud!ng h*rself, i told h*r to leave but s!nce $h£ won’t do that, $h£ should stay ©vt of my life !nstead”h£ said as h£ walked off

Not want!ng th£ conversation to end !n that way, I went after h*m.

h£ had almost got to th£ house wh£n I caught up with h*m

“You have rejected me and also th£ love I have for you, are you also go!ng to reject my h£lp, we both made a deal and I plan on fulfill!ng it”

“So wh£n we are ©vt side be civil towards me because your parents are suspect!ng, you are always with Stephanie and th£y keep on talk!ng, you wouldn’t want that for yourself right?” I asked

“I Have told you Emily, If it’s th£ deal,I will deal with that, j√$t leave!”

“I won’t leave okay, as I have said I have a reason to stay and I won’t leave until I f!nd that reason ©vt”I said

“You keep on say!ng you have a reason, yet you won’t tell me what it is, how do you expect me to believe you?” h£ asked

“Wh£th*r you believe me or not is your own bus!ness, all I know is that I won’t leave until my quest is over, so stop be!ng a jerk towards me, as have said I won’t pressure you with my feel!ngs, I promise”I said and walked off.

Try!ng to know th£ truth is all an excuse, th£ picture of my parents are th£ clue have got and though have tried my best to learn m©r£, noth!ng have come.

Even th£ memories I counted on never came b@¢k to haunt me.

I should have leave Ca!n island but th£ thought of not see!ng Cade aga!n made me stay.

And even though h£ is be!ng a jerk now, I know that someday my effort will pay and h£ will love me.

I went to th£ stables to see David, h£ has be teach!ng me how to ride a horse.

Rid!ng is th£ only th!ng that makes me to forget my worries.

And that is what I need to do now, I dont want to cry, not aga!n.

Cade has been hurt!ng me with all h*s actions and have been cry!ng a lot

I don’t want to do that now and I don’t want to give th£m th£ $@t!$faction of see!ng my eyes red and puffy from tears.

“Are you h*re to ride ?”Mr Silas, David fath*r asked as h£ saw me go!ng to th£ stables

“Yes sir, I j√$t need to relax a bit”I replied

“Well you will have to wait for a while, David j√$t went to run an £rr@nd”h£ said

h£ that David is my mentor and with ©vt h*m follow!ng me,I can’t be left alone with th£ horse.

“Don’t worry Mr Silas,I will j√$t get some one else to come with me”I replied

“Why don’t you wait for David?”h£ said

“Don’t let me count on David too much sir, h£ is off duty today”I said as I waved h*m off and went to f!nd my horse.

Th£ horse itself is very beautiful and its th£ only horse that welcome me well on my first day that is why I chose it and also named it after myself.

“Why don’t we go for a little ride today Emily?”I cooed softly and tak!ng hold of h*s rope, I ₱v||ed it ©vt of its Cage.

As soon as it was ready I hop on it like David taught me and ride it ©vt of th£ stables !nto th£ field.

I found myself tak!ng th£ r©vte to th£ house which is at th£ b@¢k.

Though Cade have warned me to stay away from th£ house, I j√$t can’t do it.

I know that th*re is some th!ng ab©vt th£ house that ₱v||s me to want to unravel m©r£ of it

Could it be that it’s th£ house my parents lived !n while th£y were work!ng at th£ resort.

I haven’t been able to get through to my parents, seems like th£y are still hav!ng th£ fun of th£ir life.

j√$t th£n a gun was sh°t from afar and it got th£ horse s¢ar£d.

It began to wh!ne and it wouldn’t listen to any of my !nstructions.

I began to get s¢ar£d and I h£ld th£ re!n t!ghtly and at th£ same time,I kept on wh*sper!ng to th£ horse want!ng it to calm d©wΠ a bit but aga!n a gun was sh°t and th£ began to run f*st

Feel!ng s¢ar£d I h£ld onto its neck and prayed that noth!ng bad will happen.

It rode me past th£ house and I could h£ar some yell!ng ©vt my name.

I was so s¢ar£d that I didn’t even look b@¢k to see who had called me.

It got to a po!nt that th£ horse stopped and rose up, I fell d©wΠ and due to th£ impact and I was sure that I had f@||en on a rock.

Th£ pa!n from my h£ad was too much and my b©dy hurt too.

j√$t th£n I h£ard th£ sound of a horse and a while later David was beside me.

“Emily! Emily ! Are you okay?”h£ asked as h£ lift me up !n h*s arms and took me to h*s car.


“Aren’t you be!ng h@rd on h*r?”Stephanie asked as we both stood by th£ patio gaz!ng ©vt at th£ field and surround!ng

“Don’t start Right now, I don’t want to talk”I said

“But I want to! You are be!ng h@rd on Emily, very soon I will be leav!ng, you won’t have any one to h£lp you lie aga!n, what will you do th£n?”$h£ asked

“Don’t worry Stephanie, I will make sure $h£ leaves on th£ day you leave”I said try!ng to conv!nce myself that s£nd!ng h*r away is th£ best th!ng.

It’s been a week now and have been try!ng my best to get h*r to leave but $h£ wouldn’t budge.

$h£ keeps on say!ng that $h£ is wait!ng for anoth*r reason but I don’t buy it , I know that $h£ is wait!ng for me to change my m!nd and that will not happen.

Not wh£n I still have th*s secret haunt!ng me all th£ time, I won’t let h*r life be ru!ned by some one like me.

“Why do you keep on persist!ng that $h£ leaves wh£n you know that you don’t want h*r to, you know that wh£n $h£ leaves $h£ will be tak!ng a part of you “$h£ asked

“Stop your analysis Stephanie, have made my decision and that is it?”

“Okay j√$t a question, th£ last one, if Emily and I was !n danger, who will you save first?”$h£ asked and I didn’t get to answer th£ question because we h£ard David call!ng ©vt for h£lp

Still stand!ng upstairs we saw h*m Arrive with Emily !n arms and $h£ was Unconscious.


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