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Chapter 3

By : Kebby NG


I stood by th£ w!ndow wait!ng for h*r to get to my office.

I wonder why $h£ came all th£ way to my company.

Is it to conv!nce me to use th£ir company as our advertis!ng agency? I thought as I stared !nto th£ busy streets of London.

I won’t deny that th£ir pres£ntation was good and me refus!ng it, is only because of what Emily did and also because I f!nd th£ pres£ntation to be lack!ng someth!ng.

Th*re was a knock on th£ door and with my command,Th£ door opened and $h£ walked !n.

Still dressed !n h*r simple pla!n shirt and trousers,$h£ looked beautiful.

I wouldn’t deny that I f!nd h*r to be beautiful, with j√$t a little bit of makeup and all.$h£ will look m©r£ beautiful, I thought as I kept on star!ng at h*r.

“Have a seat miss willburn” I said softly and $h£ sat d©wΠ while I stood up star!ng at h*r.

“You must have chased me as soon as I left your company,”I said.

“I had to,I j√$t can’t let it go” $h£ said look!ng determ!ned.

“But you seemed resigned wh£n I told you that I didn’t want your company, what changed your m!nd?”I asked.

“My family, my colleagues and boss and my job,I pursued you h*re only to make you give us anoth*r chance” $h£ said.

“Really! After pres£nt!ng me with someth!ng that I don’t like, what makes you th!nk that I will give you anoth*r chance?” I asked

“Because I know that you are a fair person” $h£ said and i laugh£d

“Fair? Did you j√$t say that I am a fair person?”I asked .

“Am a good judge of character Mr Callaghan ” $h£ added crisply.

“Well you judged wrongly th*s time, am not a fair person Miss Wilburn, I am someone who ₱|@ys dirty wh£n it comes to gett!ng what I want”I said

“Dirty, as !n illegal stuff?” $h£ asked.

“Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I ₱|@y dirty but I don’t do illegal th!ngs, I do my th!ngs cleanly”I said and that made h*r smile.

Th£ first smile I see on h*r face and I won’t deny that $h£ looks beautiful.

“What can I do to get you to give us a second chance?”$h£ asked suddenly.

Is $h£ crazy? Why would $h£ ask a man that sort of question, doesn’t $h£ know that it will get th£m to ask someth!ng big !n return for h*r request to be fulfilled.

“I didn’t mean that I will give myself to you so you can give us a second chance, that is th£ last th!ng I will ever do”$h£ said, mak!ng it known to me that $h£ doesn’t f!nd me attractive and that’s a first for me.

Th£ girls have all f@||en for me !n an !nstant, why is $h£ different,I thought as I kept on star!ng at h*r with !ntrigue.

I was ab©vt to give h*r a response wh£n my secretary barged !n with©vt knock!ng.

“Am sorry boss but your mom is on th£ l!ne and $h£ said that you should pick up h*r call or $h£ will take th£ next available flight”$h£ said.

Know!ng that my mom always fulfills h*r threats I quickly picked up my call not both*r!ng to consider Emily who was still !n th£ office.

“h£llo Mom”

“F!nally you picked, after your secretary told you of my threats right?”

“Mom am !n a very important meet!ng right now,can y………”,

“j√$t hold it right th*re,what I have to say to you is very important too and you are not go!ng to leave me hang!ng until I f!nish it”$h£ said as $h£ !nterrupted me.

“What now mom?”I asked.

“Come b@¢k home, your bride can’t tolerate th£ wait!ng any m©r£” $h£ said.

“I’m not ready for that yet!”I said.

“Why! Why aren’t you ready ? It’s been three years s!nce you have put a r!ng on h*r f!ng£r, you rarely come b@¢k home to see h*r and wh£n you do, you never treat h*r like your fiance”$h£ said.

“That’s because I don’t want h*r! you have known all along that I never wanted h*r”I yelled !nto th£ phone angrily totally forgett!ng that Emily was still !n th£ office.

“But $h£ is your fiancee and you know that you are what you are today because of h*r fath*r, you respect h*m and you treat h*m like your real fath*r even though you treat me your Mom like your enemy”$h£ said


use h*m as a reason!”I said
“I will use h*m, that man that you are reject!ng h*s daughter gave you h*s kidney wh£n you were ab©vt to die, h£ enrolled you !n one of th£ best schools and made you what you are today and j√$t a little request that h£ asked from you, you refuse? How ungrateful are you?” $h£ yelled !nto th£ cell phone.

“I love and respect h*m as my dad and I will forever be grateful to h*m but ……..”

“But what Cade? What is stopp!ng you from do!ng so? Gett!ng married to h*s daughter?”$h£ asked.

“If you don’t have a reason, th£n get d©wΠ to th£ island and do your duty to h*s daughter, you owe h*m that” $h£ added wh£n I wasn’t say!ng a th!ng

“Well I do have a reason mom and that reason is that I have someone okay,I love someone else ” I said with©vt th!nk!ng.

“You what? That’s a darn lie, you have always told me that you will never love anyone , so how come?”

“I found h*r and $h£ j√$t melted me, $h£ changed me and turned me !nto someone different.I love h*r and am go!ng to get married to h*r and as soon as I can, I will take h*r b@¢k to th£ island with me” I said.

“You have gone !nsane Cade! I won’t let th*s end, I won’t let you marry someone who is not fit to be a Callaghan”$h£ s¢r**med at me

“Do whatever you want mom,I don’t give a damn”I added and cut th£ call

It wasn’t until I h£ard h*r voice that I realised $h£ was still h*re.


you okay!”
“Were you listen!ng to my conversation?”I asked, still feel!ng angry.

“Am sorry but s!nce you didn’t ask me to go ©vt,I was !n h*re till th£ call was ended”$h£ said

“And so you h£ard it all right”I asked

“If you want I can pretend that I never h£ard a th!ng, am really good at that” $h£ said

I stood th!nk!ng ab©vt what $h£ said and j√$t th£n I remembered someth!ng I said to my mom !n a fit of rage.

“Well I do have a reason mom and that reason is that I have someone okay,I love someone else”

“I found h*r and $h£ j√$t melted me,$h£ changed me and turned me !nto someone different,I love h*r and am go!ng to get married to h*r and as soon as I can,I will take h*r b@¢k to th£ island with me”

j√$t remember!ng what I said made me sit b@¢k !n shock.

What mess have I gotten myself !nto! How will I get ©vt of th*s one now?

I will be h£ad!ng b@¢k to th£ island !n a few days and have got to show my wife to my parents. If I am not with h*r, th£y will certa!nly make me marry Isabel.

Though I am very grateful for what Isabel’s fath*r did for me, I am not will!ng to marry h*s daughter j√$t because of th£ gratitude that I feel towards h*m.

‘`Is anyth!ng wrong?”$h£ asked and I stared at h*r.

Why am I feel!ng so agitated wh£n I have th*s beautiful lady h*re, I thought.

$h£ will certa!nly do what I want and !n exchange I will give h*r company th£ contract, after all that is what $h£ wants,I thought as I kept on star!ng at h*r.

“Have a seat Emily, you and I have to talk ab©vt a lot of th!ngs”I said and $h£ eyed me weirdly before do!ng as I asked h*r .

I sat d©wΠ feel!ng uneasy ab©vt what h£ wanted to say to me.

From what I h£ard ab©vt h*s conversation with h*s mom,I know that h£ loves someone and h£ !ntends to marry h*r.

Th*s is com!ng as a shock to me because from what I have h£ard from th£ oth*rs, th£y said h£ is a well known womaniser and on my way to h*s office, I met a beautiful brunette and I am sure that $h£ came to see h*m.

“What do you want to talk ab©vt sir?”I asked.


giv!ng you that second chance you’ve asked for,” h£ said.
” Really? Are you will!ng to give us th£ second chance ?”I asked

“Yes I am”h£ replied

“But tell me someth!ng, are you s!ngle?”h£ asked


“Are you s!ngle?”h£ asked aga!n.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because I need you to h£lp me with someth!ng and !n exchange I will give you th£ contract “h£ said .

“And what will that be?”I asked, know!ng that what h£ was go!ng to tell me would be someth!ng that I don’t like.


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