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Chapter 24


I stood th*re still watch!ng th£m hugg!ng each oth*r, th£ m©r£ I watch£d, th£ m©r£ I felt hurt.

I will never be feel!ng th*s way if I didn’t feel someth!ng.

Can I really be !n love with Cade? I turned to leave th£ scene before th£y see me.

But I can’t be !n love, I certa!nly can’t be !n love with a guy who is only us!ng me.

Very soon I will be return!ng to th£ city and our deal will certa!nly end and am sure that with th£ countless women h£ will have wait!ng for h*m, h£ wouldn’t even both*r ab©vt me, I thought as I kept on walk!ng b@¢k through th£ garden

Why did I have to f@|| for h*m,Why? I thought as I remembered th£ sweet th!ngs h£ says, th£ way h£ had been gentle and car!ng towards me, th£ way h£ had apologised after know!ng that h£ did me wrong, th£ beautiful smile on h*s face each time h£ gives me a smile

Who wouldn’t f@|| for all those qualities,I thought as I sigh£d

“Alone aga!n?”on h£ar!ng Cade fath*r,I turned to see h*m stand!ng not so far from me hold!ng h*s walk stick

Seems like h£ was hav!ng h*s walk as usual,I thought as I gave h*m a smile and went to h*m

“What do you mean by alone aga!n, I have your company right?”I asked as I went to h*m

“Th£n let’s keep each oth*r Company because I feel bored and tired, why don’t you tell me your progress on th£ resort”h£ asked

I began to tell h*m th£ th!ngs we have f!ni$h£d and also th£ little that rema!n to be done.

Th*re were times that have always felt lonely by j√$t be!ng by myself but Cade fath*r was always th*re to listen to me and ₱vsh me forward.

I can say that !n th*s past few days, I have been m©r£ close to Cade fath*r because h£ gives me h*s time to listen to what I have to say , i thought as I cont!nued to tell h*m ab©vt th£ progress of th£ resort

“You know I never thought that I will reopen!ng th£ resort aga!n”h£ said after I f!ni$h£d talk!ng

“Why? I can remember that Cade moth*r got angry wh£n I mentioned th£ resort “I said want!ng to know m©r£

Cade is very secretive and h£ wouldn’t tell me a th!ng but for th£ resort to have been shut d©wΠ because of some th!ng that happened !n th£ past th£n some th!ng very bad must have happened and maybe h*s fath*r might j√$t tell me ab©vt it, I thought

I was surprised wh£n h£ took hold of my h@nd and h£ld it t!ghtly

“Th*re are th!ngs that are not to be known, I can @ssure you that you wouldn’t like to know what happened, so let’s j√$t forget th£ past and m©v£ on”h£ said said frustrat!ng me some m©r£.

Why won’t th£y j√$t tell me what made th£m close d©wΠ th£ resort.

That was how Cade and Stephanie saw us wh£n th£y f!nally f!ni$h£d th£ir discussion or should I say th£ir ill!cit renuion

“I can see that you and my fath*r have gotten quite close” h£ said hav!ng that h@ndsome smile on h*s face as h£ walked towards us..

At any oth*r time, I would have lost my s£nses for a while and it will be because of h*s smile but see!ng th£ way Stephanie clutch£d to h*s arm,i didnt sway a bit.

“S!nce you have always been busy with work, Emily and I keep each oth*r company, hope you aren’t t jealous?”h*s fath*r asked jok!ngly

“Of course not, $h£ can keep you company and you can keep h*r company”h£ said and th£n h£ bent towards me and gave me a peck on th£ foreh£ad

“Am sorry that have been neglect!ng you but it’s all due to work ,As soon as I am through, I will give you all my attention”h£ said and th£n walked off.

For a while I stayed like that,still feel!ng th£ t!ngl!ng of h*s l¡ps on my fore h£ad but th£n I remembered that h£ must have done it for show, after all am only h*re to to pretend !n front of h*s parents and every one else

“I would like to h£ad b@¢k !n, would you please escourt me”h*s fath*r asked and i did as h£ said.


A while later to rid myself of th£ emotion I was feel!ng, I went to th£ house which was still be!ng built to take some pictures.

I like to take pictures of th!ngs wh£never am agitated or worried.

I know for sure that h*s resort will turn ©vt to be a success and th£n wh£n every th!ng beg!ns to go well.

Cade will return to th£ city and our deal will be put to an end.

Before I always felt happy each time I th!nk of th£ day I will be free from th£ deal but th!nk!ng ab©vt it now makes me feel sad

Could it be because of what I feel for Cade,I thought as I kept on tak!ng pictures.

“Apart from cook!ng, is tak!ng pictures anoth*r part of your hobby” David asked as h£ stood beh!nd me

“David!!!!”I called as I went to h*m,happy to see h*m aga!n.

h£ had been s£nt off by Cade to anoth*r island !n th£ region and for a week, h£ hadn’t been @r0vnd.

We weren’t even expect!ng h*m today,I thought

“Wow, I never thought that I was missed that much but see!ng your warm welcome has changed my op!nion”h£ said

“Of course you were missed”I said as I hit h*m ₱|@yfvlly on th£ shoulder

“I still can’t believe that we are open!ng th£ resort aga!n”h£ said

“Well you have to believe it, I made that possible”I said


“Yes, though Cade and h*s moth*r were not !n approval of it but h*s fath*r gave th£ go ah£ad”I said

“And Cade j√$t let that happened?”h£ asked suddenly look!ng serious

“Yes”I replied not feel!ng sure of myself

“You look a bit off David, do you also know why th£ resort was shut d©wΠ years ago, th£y know it but th£y are not lett!ng me !n on it, do you know why?”I asked

“Of course not”h*s quick denial only mean that h£ knows what happened too

“Seems like you wouldn’t tell me right?” I said

“Emily I…….”

“Its okay, I understand, if I will know th£ truth th£n I certa!nly will f!nd ©vt, I won’t put you under any pressure to tell me, I will take m©r£ pictures over th*re”I said as I gave h*m a smile and turned to leave

“Actually Emily………”h£ called only for Cade to appear

“What do you th!nk you are do!ng?”cade asked as h£ stared at David .

“What do you th!nk am do!ng?” David asked

“Don’t get me angry David, You know you made an agreement”Cade said look!ng so furious

“I know that I made an agreement and I won’t say any th!ng so be rest @ssured”h£ said and walked off

“Why do you keep on snoop!ng @r0vnd?”Cade said turn!ng to look at me

“Do I look like am snoop!ng?”I asked

“Yes you are, why dont you ever listen to me, have told you that what happened !n th£ past should be kept th*re, why do you keep on be!ng a busy b©dy”h£ asked hurt!ng my feel!ng

“Well am sorry if am be!ng a busy b©dy, am sorry if I wanted to know m©r£ of what happened years ago, am sorry if you th!nk that my want!ng to know m©r£ ab©vt you means am snoop!ng, you can be rest @ssured Cade I won’t be ask!ng aga!n”I said as I turned to leave

“Emily I………”

“Let go Cade, have had enough of you th!nk!ng that my reasons of gett!ng to know you have an ulterior motive, up till th*s day I h@rdly know any th!ng ab©vt you and you know a lot ab©vt me, isn’t that some how unfair”I asked as I walked off leav!ng h*m stand!ng th*re

I walked towards th£ house th!nk!ng ab©vt what j√$t happened.

I didn’t Realise that until I said it today,I still don’t know much ab©vt Cade.

Apart from be!ng secretive, h£ looks like some one who doesn’t trust people easily,maybe it’s because of what happened !n h*s past

Well h£ can keep h*s damn secret to h*mself, I don’t ¢ar£, I thought as I was ab©vt to go !n only to stop wh£n I h£ard h*s mom voice

“I see you are b@¢k?”$h£ said starr!ng d©wΠ at me while $h£ stood upstairs.

Some how I felt like th*s isnt th£ first time have stood d©wΠ h*re while $h£ stood up th*re look!ng at me

Some wh*re !n my m!nd, I remember myself stand!ng h*re look!ng at h*r but b@¢k th£n I was only a teenager and $h£ looked m©r£ young

$h£ had an evil look on h*r face as $h£ stared at me b@¢k th£n

It was th£ same look $h£ had now, I thought as I kept starr!ng at h*r

j√$t what is th*s memory? I thought.


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