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Chapter 2

By : Kebby NG

“Emily!” Gracie called and I got ©vt of my reverie

“Oh yes,Mr Callaghan, It’s nice to f!nally meet you”I said, mov!ng b@¢k to be!ng professional.

I walked towards h*m and stretch£d forth my h@nd for a h@nd shake.

h£ stared at my h@nd at first and th£n h£ smiled and Shaked it.

I would have ₱v||ed my h@nd ©vt immediately but h£ stopped me and ₱v||ed my h@nd to h*s l¡ps and th£n h£ kssed it.

“Nice to meet you Miss Wilburn”h£ said and quickly I ₱v||ed my h@nd away from h*m.

“Oh Mr Callaghan” Our boss said as $h£ walked !n to give Cade a hug.

“Look at h*r! $h£ has started h*r OPERATION GETT!nG A HUSBAND ” Gracie wh*spered as $h£ stood beside me .

I couldn’t answer h*r because I was th!nk!ng ab©vt what happened earlier. Will it affect our work? What will happen to our pres£ntation?

I had been rude to h*m and I had even ₱v$h£d h*m,it won’t be a surprise if h£ decl!nes our pres£ntation,I thought, feel!ng s¢ar£d.

“Let’s get started “My boss said star!ng at me and quickly I went b@¢k to my laptop to beg!n th£ pres£ntation.

I j√$t hope that h£ wouldn’t use what I did aga!nst us and refuse to give us th*s contract.


A while later,I f!ni$h£d th£ pres£ntation giv!ng everyone a look,Most especially Cade Callaghan.

I !ntentionally didn’t add th£ danc!ng part,I didn’t want to look stupid danc!ng !n front of a stranger.

If h£ had been a total stranger to me, I might have done it but h£ is someone I met and !nsulted a while ago. I can’t do it, I thought as I fought h@rd to hide my nervousness.

“What do you th!nk Mr Callaghan?”Our boss asked h*m.

h£ stared at me and th£n at Rose aga!n.
“Th£ concept is to make th£ image of my company look good.”

“I won’t deny that I have been !ntroduced to a lot of concepts by oth*r companies and if you want me to tell you th£ truth,Th£se oth*r companies have done a lot better than you guys”h£ said.

“But we’ve put all our best !n th*s”Gracie said

“Your best isn’t j√$t enough,I want m©r£ and you wouldn’t give me that,Sorry but I will j√$t pick a different agency”h£ said as h£ stood up.

“But Mr Callaghan,Can’t you give us anoth*r chance” our boss begged.

“Sorry but once i’m f!ni$h£d with someone,I don’t tend to accept th£m aga!n”h£ said th*s look!ng at me directly.

“So th£n have a lovely day,You all”h£ added and th£n left with h*s secretary.

“That was our only chance at becom!ng known,”Our boss said.

“But we really did put !n our best th*s time”Gracie said aga!n

“I guess we’ll j√$t have to forget ab©vt th*s project, ”Mich£al added sadly.

I stood listen!ng to th£m and it made me feel guilty.

Th*s is all because of what I did. Th£ pres£ntation was good itself but h£ refused because of what I did,I thought sadly.

I can’t let us lose th*s opportunity,I can’t let th*s happen because of me.

“We won’t be los!ng th*s contract”I said to th£m and quickly I ran after h*m.

Tak!ng th£ lift,I got d©wΠ stairs as quickly as I could and I ran ©vt of th£ build!ng only to see h*m ab©vt to get !nto h*s car.

Quickly I ran to h*m and h£ld h*m by h*s arm.

“What happen?”h£ asked as h£ stared at me

“I need to talk to you,”I said to h*m.

“Have already told you what I have to tell you, th*re is noth!ng m©r£ for us to say to each oth*r”h£ said as h£ gently ₱v||ed off h*s arm.

“Please Mr Callaghan j√$t give me a while”I begged and h£ turned to stare at me.

“What do you want to say to me?”h£ asked

“That pres£ntation was good enough, My colleague and I spent a lot of hour and time j√$t to prepare that pres£ntation”

“Don’t turn It d©wΠ because of me”I said.

“And why would I turn it d©wΠ because of you”h£ asked

“Because of what I did earlier”I said

“And what did you do earlier?”h£ asked

“Look am sorry,Am sorry for hav!ng ₱v$h£d you and of hav!ng been rude to you”I apologised and it’s only for th£ sake of Rose and th£ oth*rs who feel disappo!nted, that I decided to do th*s.

“Me reject!ng your contract is not because of what you did earlier,I simply don’t f!nd it good enough for me”

“Th£n give us anoth*r chance, give us anoth*r chance to prepare anoth*r pres£ntation”I begged.

“By giv!ng you anoth*r chance I will be wast!ng my time”h£ said.

“You won’t sir, I promise you that”I said.

“Am sorry but it’s a no,I don’t want your advertis!ng agency,You are now off my list”

“Please Mr Callaghan”I begged aga!n.

“Sorry Miss Wilburn,have already made my decision, you are now off th£ list”h£ said and got !nto h*s car and it drove off.

I stood watch!ng h*s car leave and I knew that I blew th*s chance up because of what I did.

” Welcome b@¢k Sir”My secretary greeted me as I walked !nto my office.

“Any message for me?”I asked.

“Well th*re is, Your moth*r called and also Miss Jessica is !n your office”$h£ said.

“What? Why is Jessica !n my office”I asked.

“$h£ said you were wait!ng for h*r”.

“F!ne,I will go and see what $h£ wants” I said as I went to my office.

As soon as I got !n,Jessica came to hug me.

“My love,You are b@¢k”$h£ said

“Why are you h*re Jessica ?”I asked as I ₱v$h£d h*r away

“I came to see you” $h£ said

“Didn’t you receive my flowers and letter yesterday” I asked as I went to my seat

” I received th£m and I am tell!ng you right h*re,right now that I won’t accept it ”

“You only give those flowers to your mistress if you are break!ng up with th£m and am not ab©vt to lose you”$h£ said

“I made it clear to you before our relationship started,I told you that am only look!ng for a b£d partner not a life partner”I said

“Because of that girl, th£ one on that island who is supposed to be your wife” $h£ asked.

“I made everyth!ng clear to you Jessica,so don’t make a fuss ab©vt it”I said .

“But you don’t have to leave me Cade, we can cont!nue our secret !ntimacy while you make that island girl happy, $h£ need not know that you have me as a mistress”Jessica said.

“Would you be happy if th£ same th!ng was done to you?”I asked, gett!ng angry.

“Th*s isn’t ab©vt me, don’t try to change th£ subject, j√$t keep on hav!ng me as your mistress”$h£ begged.

“Sorry but your time is due, i will try to remember what we shared togeth*r”i said and that f!nally made h*r explode.

“Th£y were right ab©vt you, I should have never gotten !nvolved with a womaniser like you” $h£ yelled at me.

“Whatever Jessica,you only got !nvolved with me for my money and now that I am lett!ng you go,you are angry because you won’t be receiv!ng anyth!ng aga!n right?” I asked.

“You bastard,I hope you rot !n h£ll”$h£ said and left th£ office.

I sigh£d as I sat on my chair, one mistress gone,I thought with $@t!$faction.

Each time I take a mistress,I always make it clear to th£m that I already have a fiance and that I won’t be stay!ng long with th£m and th£y all accept.

But wh£n it’s time to break it off,th£y start to get cl!ngy and that’s because th£y don’t want to lose what I always give th£m.

With my money and liv!ng !n luxury, Jessica and I have been hav!ng an affair for a while now and I won’t deny that $h£ has been a great b£d partner for months but wh£n I start to get bored, I get bored completely.

Jessica started to make me see that $h£ wanted m©r£ ©vt of our relationship and am someone who has decided not to get married.

Have watch£d my parents togeth*r and I know that marriage and love doesn’t last and so I won’t be a victim of it, no mistress of m!ne and certa!nly not my fiancee who is wait!ng at th£ island for me will make me f@|| !nto it.

j√$t th£n my phone rang and it was my secretary.

“Sir, Miss Wilburn is h*re to see you”$h£ said.

“Wilburn,”I asked surprised.

I only met one Wilburn today and it was that rude girl from earlier.

Have made it clear to h*r that I don’t want th£m and if $h£ is h*re to persuade me, I am not go!ng to accept.

“Tell h*r to……..”I stopped hav!ng a new thought ,I smiled to myself

“Tell h*r to come !n,”I said and cut th£ call.


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