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Chapter 19

By : Kebby NG Media Services


I watch£d as Emily limped towards David who was still surprised at see!ng us at th£ kitch£n

“It’s you!”$h£ said as $h£ gave h*m a bright smile

“I couldn’t thank you properly for what you did yesterday” $h£ said

“Oh no,it’s alright, I did it ©vt of good faith”h£ said starr!ng at me.

“I doubt that ,you don’t look like some one who would h£lp some one ©vt of good faith” $h£ said

“Ahhhhhhh…… what do I look like?”David asked and from th£ smile curv!ng on h*s l¡ps,I knew h£ was enjoy!ng th£ conversation b£tweeΠ th£ two of th£m and some how that made me furious

“You look m©r£ like th£ h£lp th£m so you wouldn’t feel guilty ab©vt it later on”Emily said and h£ smiled

“But am glad that you decided to h£lp me, twice at th£ most, let me some how repay you by giv!ng you some th!ng to eat, you see am k!nd of mak!ng breakf*st” Emily said

“Well am not sure, I don’t th!nk th£ boss will want me to share your food”h£ said th*s look!ng at me

“Cade,it’s only to say thank you” Emily said and suddenly see!ng h*r sad face got me feel!ng some how

“F!ne h£ can jo!n us”I said

“Great th£n,you can have your seat while I f!nish with what am do!ng” $h£ said to David who went to sit !n th£ kitch£n little d!nn!ng table and chair.

It had been made !n thought of th£ workers who have to rush th£ir food some times so th£y wouldn’t be late for work

“Why don’t you j√$t jo!n h*m, you have been stand!ng for a while now”Emily said to me

“You should worry ab©vt yourself, you are not suppose to walk on that leg ” i said as I went to h*r

“I will be f!ne Cade, j√$t have your seat”$h£ said and reluctantly I went to sit at an empty chair

“Seems like you got a lucky wife, beautiful, judg!ng from h*r brightness, $h£ must be smart too and $h£ can even cook “David said softly

“Yes I got a lucky one”I replied

“Does $h£ know th£ relationship we have togeth*r”h£ asked

“Forget I asked that question, If $h£ had known ,$h£ wouldn’t have asked me to jo!n you for breakf*st”h£ said

“j√$t eat and leave”i said

“Why? It’s been so long s!nce we have catch up on each oth*r”h£ said

“I have noth!ng to catch up on with you and what I will ask you to do right now is to stay away from my wife,You shouldn’t go near h*r”I said

“Why shouldn’t I?”h£ asked

“You have been warned David, stay away from my wife”I said

“You didn’t do th£ same th!ng, why should I listen to you now”h£ asked

“Are we talk!ng ab©vt Isabel h*re?”I

“You very well know that I like h*r, I love h*r, but still you got engaged with h*r and put h*r hopes up”

“But I left and you had th£ chance to woo h*r yet you stood b@¢k be!ng a coward, you still are” I said to h*m

“I did went after h*r but $h£ had no eyes for anyone else, h*r only dream was to wait for your return and yet wh£n you came b@¢k , you brought h*r h*re”h£ said look!ng at Emily

“I fell !n love with h*r and I never put any one hopes up, Isabel knew perfectly well that I did not love h*r “I said

“But yet you got engaged, you should have sticked to your word but yet you got engaged and th£n let h*r d©wΠ, isnt that be!ng selfish, you have always been selfish”David said with a lot of feel!ng

“And what ab©vt you,if have always been selfish, what should I call a b@¢k stabb!ng friend like you”I asked

“What…………”h£ couldn’t complete h*s words because Emily came to us and set th£ food on th£ table.

“What are you wait!ng for dig !n”$h£ said to th£ both of us.

With David appearance I had lost my appetite and not want!ng Emily to feel bad, I began to eat .

“Th*s is great don’t you th!nk so boss”h£ asked starr!ng at me

“So David you have worked h*re for a long time right?”Emily said as $h£ sat beside me to eat h*r own food


I have, you see my boss and I have been best of friends s!nce we were little, we went to th£ same highschool and if it werent that I decided not to furth*r my education we would have studied !n th£ same college too”David said
“I have never seen a friendship that last that long”Emily said

“We are no longer friends”I said starr!ng at David

“Really?”Emily asked

“You see it j√$t so happen that I got to know who my friend really is and I didn’t like what I knew”I said gett!ng th£ atmosph*re !ntense

“You shouldn’t have told your wife that boss”David said look!ng angry .

“Let’s eat” Emily said try!ng to calm th£ situation

“And we can talk ab©vt some th!ng else right, well for !nstance while I was tour!ng th£ house I saw a build!ng which had a lot of room, what was it used for” $h£ asked

I was glad that at least $h£ didn’t ask ab©vt th£ old ru!ned house.

“It was an h°tel”I said

“h°tel? Why was it shut d©wΠ” $h£ asked

“b@¢k th£n th£ mansion it and th£ surround!ng were always empty and fath*r didn’t like that, so h£ decided to make a part of h*s land a resort for tourist but as time went by it didn’t go well and so we shut it d©wΠ”I answered h*r question

“Why was it shut d©wΠ?”$h£ asked aga!n

“I th!nk only th£ boss will be able to answer that question because if th£ resort was shut d©wΠ,it was h*s fault”David said

“What happened Cade? Why was th£ resort shut d©wΠ”Emily asked

“We didn’t put much attention to it, so let’s j√$t forget ab©vt it”I said

“But I…….”

“Ma’ am we are sorry to disturb you but th£ food is still Cook!ng and you told us not to touch it ” Th£ maid said by th£ hall


com!ng”$h£ said as $h£ excused h*rself
“Wow, one th!ng I can never say that you fail !n is choos!ng your women, j√$t look at h*r curves”David said starr!ng at Emily as $h£ walked off

“Have told you not to mess with my wife”I said hitt!ng th£ table !n anger

“Sorry boss, all I was j√$t do!ng is giv!ng your wife a compliment ”

“Save your compliment for some one else”h
I said

“Why aren’t you tell!ng h*r th£ real reason for th£ resort gett!ng shut d©wΠ”David asked suddenly

“It’s none of your bus!ness”I replied

“Right! After all you wouldn’t want h*r to know th£ k!nd of man you were and what happened years ago, Well don’t be s¢ar£d, I won’t tell h*r a th!ng, after all I made a promise to your fath*r, now I will get b@¢k to work boss”h£ said giv!ng me a mock!ng bow before h£ left th£ kitch£n

“Wh*re is David?”Emily asked as $h£ limped b@¢k !n

“h£ has gone b@¢k to work, why don’t we go b@¢k to our room too?”I said look!ng at h*r b©dy through th£ night wear $h£ had on.

“But I……”

“Th*s won’t do?”I said as I ₱v||ed off my robe

“What are you do!ng”$h£ asked as $h£ stared at my nked b©dy

“Try!ng to cover you up,I don’t want you wear!ng th*s night mare,it’s too bad for my peace of M!nd”I said as I ₱v||ed h*r off

I j√$t don’t know why am feel!ng possessive of h*r b©dy.

Until yesterday I wouldn’t give a damn if h£ some one stared at h*r but now am very jealous and protective of h*r.

j√$t why am I feel!ng th*s way? I thought as we h£ad to th£ room


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.