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Chapter 17

By : Kebby NG Media Services

“It hurts a lot”I kept on say!ng as h£ carried me towards th£ house

“Th*s won’t do”h£ said suddenly and dropped me on a rock which was fit enough for me to put my leg on

“What are you do!ng? “I asked as h£ took hold of my leg

“Am try!ng to set b@¢k th£ dislocated bone, it’s ©vt of order that’s why it hurts you so much” h£ said

“Don’t do it! It’s go!ng to hurt me a lot,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,ahhhhhhhh!!!”I yelled as h£ got th£ dislocated bone b@¢k !n place

Th£ excurciat!ng pa!n was gone,All I was left with was a spra!n

“How ab©vt that? Does it still hurts you?”h£ asked

“Not that much but it’s still hurt!ng me a bit, how did you do that?”I asked

“j√$t some few techniques that I know “h£ replied

“Common,let me carry you to th£ mansion, we can’t risk you walk!ng with th*s leg until th£ doctor ch£ck up on it” h£ said as with ©vt wait!ng for my answer, h£ lifted me !n h*s arms aga!n

“Thanks”I wh*spered softly


“I said thank you, you h£lped me from th£ horse earlier and now you h£lped me with my leg,You are always h£lp!ng me”I said as I remembered what h£ said ab©vt Cade while h£ came to my aid a while ago.

h£ stopped suddenly and wh£n I looked at what h£ was look!ng at, I saw h*m star!ng at Cade who was be!ng accompanied by Tracy.

©vt of all th£ people to ask for h£lp, why did $h£ choose to get Cade, I thought as I looked away from h*m.

“Guess h£ is angry aga!n” h£ said as h£ kept on walk!ng towards Cade.

“I see you saved my wife aga!n”Cade said as h£ got to us

“Yes I did, I happen to f!nd h*r on th£ floor, hav!ng an immense pa!n, I couldn’t j√$t leave h*r and so I decided to h£lp “h£ replied

“Thank you, now you can give h*r to me, I will take it from h*re”Cade said as h£ m©v£d to take me from h*m

“I would prefer to walk”I said quickly not want!ng to be !n h*s arms

“You can’t walk yet, even if I manage to set your dislocated bone, you still can’t walk on it “h£ said

“You did what?”Cade asked

“I set b@¢k h*r bone, $h£ was say!ng that it hurt so much, so I had to do it” h£ said

Cade was quiet for a while and th£n h£ looked at me and with©vt warn!ng h£ carried me !nto h*s arms

“Thanks for everyth!ng David, you can go b@¢k to your work”h£ said coldly and turned with me, h£ad!ng b@¢k to th£ir mansion.

h£ wasn’t say!ng a th!ng and I knew that it was because h£ was angry and am sure that as soon as we get to th£ to, h£ will pick a fight with me but h£ surprised me by putt!ng me gently on th£ b£d and th£n h£ brought ©vt h*s phone and dialled for th£ doctor.

As soon as h£ f!ni$h£d talk!ng on th£ phone, h£ looked at me

“Does it still hurt that much?”h£ asked and I Shaked my h£ad

“Wh*re does it hurt?”h£ asked as h£ m©v£d towards me want!ng to take my spra!ned leg.

Quickly I ₱v||ed away from h*m and h£ gave me a surprised look

“You don’t have to ch£ck it, th£ doctor will be h*re soon and you don’t have to wait, what ever th£ doctor tells me,I will do it”I said want!ng h*m to leave

“Am go!ng to stay, I also want to know what th£ doctor to say?”h£ said

“For what? Is it to confirm if I really spra!ned my leg,you really are someth!ng Mr Callaghan”I said

“Don’t start with th£ Mr Callaghan th!ng aga!n”h£ said

“And am not stay!ng b@¢k to confirm if what you are say!ng is true”h£ added

“Th£n why th£ h£ll are you h*re?”

“Wh£th*r you believe me it not, I do ¢ar£ ab©vt your h£alth”h£ said

“I do not believe you Cade and I want you to leave, I don’t want to argue with you” I said

“th*s is hopeless,try!ng to show to you am also car!ng is hopeless” h£ said


do!ng it will certa!nly change your m!nd right?”h£ asked suddenly

“I said by do!ng it will certa!nly you make you see that I do ¢ar£ ab©vt you”h£ said And I got quiet j√$t star!ng at h*m

“After our discussion th*s morn!ng, I realised that have not been fair with you ”

“First I brought you h*re forcefvlly and I was nasty to you and as you said th*s morn!ng, Have always !nsulted you and for that am sorry “h£ pleaded

I sat !n shock feel!ng surprised by Cade’s attitude, what has gotten over h*m? I thought as I kept star!ng at h*m

“I judged you th*s morn!ng, am sorry for that but I was j√$t angry with see!ng you !n David arms, I thought you went to h*m j√$t to get h*m to give you what I couldn’t f!nish th*s morn!ng” h£ added $h£epishly

“I th!nk have h£ard quite enough Cade and s!nce you are apologis!ng, I accept,now Please get me th£ doctor cause my leg still hurts”I said look!ng at my leg.

I was so occupied with ch£ck!ng my leg that I didn’t realise that h£ had come over to my side

“Emily!”th£ soft call of my name made me look at h*m

“Please Emily forgive me for all th£ bad th!ngs have said to you”h£ said

“Cade I………..”

“Th*s is th£ first time am apologis!ng to a girl Emily and you are th£ first and I know that it’s because have been noth!ng but a jerk towards you “h£ said as h£ put h*s h£ad on th£ b£d beside me

I stared at h*m and I felt that h£ was be!ng s!ncere with h*s apology.

I found myself patt!ng h*s h£ad softly and say!ng to h*m

“Okay have forgiven you Cade, now please get up “I said as I h£lped h*m to sit on th£ b£d beside me

“Tell me what have made you to apologise to me”I said want!ng to know h*s reason


I misjudged you and also because I want some th!ng from you” h£ said
“And what will th£ some th!ng be?”I asked

“Can we start over” h£ replied softly

“What do you mean by start over”

“I brought you h*re forcefvlly, I threatned you with your parents life and also I tried to ru!n your life too and for that am very sorry and I want to make amends”

“With us start!ng aga!n”I asked

“Yes with us start!ng aga!n , let’s forget ab©vt th£ contract and th£ deal we made and j√$t try to get along with each oth*r, don’t th!nk of th*s place as some sort of a cage, th!nk of it as some wh*re you came for your vacation”h£ said

“Cade do you know what you are say!ng to me right now?”I asked softly

“I do ,Let’s start aga!n, am sure that we can be best if friends if we try”h£ said

For a while I thought of refus!ng h*s offer but th£n I thought better and accepted it.

It’s better to be friends than enemies,I thought

“F!ne th£n, I accept to be your friend and !n return, you won’t threaten or force me to do someth!ng that I don’t want”I said

“I won’t,I promise”h£ said and I gave h*m a smile.

“Do you know that th*s is th£ first time am see!ng your smile”h£ said

“What? You would have seen me smile “I said

“No th*s is th£ first time and I hope that as time goes by you will always smile like th*s”h£ said softly

j√$t th£n th£ door opened and th£ doctor walked !n !nterrupt!ng us from say!ng anyth!ng m©r£

Th*s is a new Cade I am see!ng, I thought and I hope that h£ will keep on be!ng th*s way until th£ end of our contract.

It took a while for me to f!nish th£ last paperwork.

Emily must have been asleep by now, I thought as I stood up leav!ng th£ study room I share with my fath*r.

Th£ doctor had diagnosed h*r !njury to be a m!nor spra!n, h£ knew that it had been dislocated but wh£n we told h*m ab©vt David part !n th*s, h£ made it known to us that David did well and that we should be very grateful for h*s h£lp.

As soon as th£ doctor left, Emily told me of how David had h£lped h*r twice and how $h£ owed h*m.


didn’t want to destroy our friendship mode by tell!ng h*r to stay away from David.
But soon I will make it known to h*r that I don’t want to see h*r with David.

h£ might j√$t try to steal h*r away from me, after all h£ has always been convert!ng my place, h£ and h*s darn fath*r.

I thought as I h£aded to our room, I walked !n s1©wly so I wouldn’t get to wake Emily up.

$h£ was l@y!ng like a log as usual but $h£ had h*r !njured feet propped up on a pillow.

I went to h*r b£d and stood star!ng d©wΠ at h*r

$h£ always looks beautiful wh£n $h£ is asleep,I thought as I found myself trac!ng h*r face.

Want!ng to know th£ shape of h*r l¡ps,I found myself trac!ng it with my f!ng£r

It’s very s£nsuous, I thought as I kept on touch!ng h*r l¡ps.

$h£ won’t know if I gave h*r one or two ksses right!

With©vt furth*r th!nk!ng, I bent and gave h*r th£ kss .


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