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Chapter 12

I stood by th£ w!ndow star!ng ©vt at th£ beauty of Ca!n island.

Th*s is th£ only th!ng I can th!nk of to h£lp me forget what happened a while ago.

I don’t know why but Ca!n island makes me feel wh0l£ and somehow it makes me feel that I have been h*re before.

I have known th*s place all my life and that’s what surprised me th£ most.

Why do I feel th*s way ab©vt a place that I have j√$t seen for th£ first time? I thought as I hugged myself.

Th*re was a brief knock on th£ door and a girl dressed !n th£ maid uniform walk !n

“Good day Mrs Callaghan, am Tracy, your personal maid ” $h£ said

“I don’t need a personal maid, I can do th!ngs myself “I said

“Please ma’am please accept me, don’t s£nd me away, if you don’t accept me, I will be fired and I need th*s job “$h£ said as knelt !n front of me

“Why will you be fired?”I asked

“It’s j√$t that I happen to be on trial, for all th£ time that have been work!ng h*re, have been on a trial, someth!ng that I did got th£ madam angry and $h£ fired me but th*s is th£ only place on th*s island that pays well and it have always been my dream to work !n th*s place, so please Mrs Callaghan, accept me to be your personal maid, you are my last hope” $h£ begged

I wanted my privacy to be for me alone but it turns ©vt that that will not be happen!ng now.


might not know th*s girl but I felt pity towards h*r and I might as well have a company, $h£ can fill me !n on Cade family and also on th£ island.
“F!ne th£n, I accept you to be my maid”I said feel!ng like royalty.

If someone had told me that I will be liv!ng !n a mansion and that I will be waited on by a maid, I would never have believed it.

But now thanks to a deal am h*re now,I thought sadly

“Why don’t I h£lp you put up your cloth£”Tracy said as $h£ took it from me

I went !nto th£ bathroom to run a bath only for Tracy to take it from me.

Th*s is quite new to me, I have always been do!ng all th*s for myself and hav!ng someone to do it now only makes me feel restless.

I went b@¢k to th£ b£d room to arrange th£ $h£ets and I was do!ng that quite peacefvlly until Tracy came to me ready to h£lp

“You are do!ng a lot of work already, let me do th*s one, you see am not used to be!ng idle”I said

“But that’s my work you will be do!ng Mrs” $h£ said

“I can do it Tracy, okay why don’t we do th*s, go and get me some th!ng to eat”I said giv!ng h*r someth!ng else to do so I can do some oth*r th!ngs for a while

“F!ne Mrs, I will be right b@¢k”$h£ said as $h£ left th£ room.

F!nally! I thought as I sat on th£ b£d.

Th£ door opened suddenly and Cade’s moth*r walked !n.

I didn’t expect our meet!ng aga!n to be so soon

“h£llo ma’am”I said

“It’s madam, MADAM!!!!!!!”$h£ said and I corrected myself

“You must be quite glad that you have hooked my son but let me tell you that it won’t be for long” $h£ said

“Why do you say that ?”I found myself ask!ng

“Do you th!nk I will tell you why? You must really be a fool” $h£ said

“Madam, I know that you don’t like me but can we at least be civil to one anoth*r?” I asked, want!ng to create peace for th£ time I will be spend!ng h*re.

” Never! I don’t like you, j√$t th£ mere sight of you rem!nds me of someone that I hate so much and I don’t like you for my son,I never will”$h£ said

“Th£n you have no option Madam, I love Cade and I won’t leave h*m j√$t because you say so”I retorted

“You even have th£ guts to talk b@¢k to me, how dare you”$h£ said lift!ng up h*r h@nd to slap my face, I turned expect!ng a lash of h*r wrist but It never came.

“What are you do!ng Cade?”$h£ yelled suddenly

I looked up only to see Cade hold!ng h*s mom h@nd

“I didn’t br!ng my wife h*re to be slapped by you “h£ said as h£ ₱v$h£d h*r h@nd away

“What has gotten over you Cade, what does th£ girl have that Isabel doesn’t have?”$h£ yelled at h*m

“You better stop th*s mom, dad have accepted Emily, so you better accept h*r too or I will leave th*s place and never come b@¢k”

“F!ne th£n, you w!n, I accept your darn wife but don’t expect me to be civil to h*r, that is th£ one th!ng that I will never do” $h£ said as $h£ left th£ room

Cade went to close th£ door and I sat d©wΠ on th£ b£d feel!ng tired.

“If I hadn’t come !n, you would have let h*r hit you!”h£ yelled at me

“Cade th*s is all a mess”I said

“Is that all you can say?”h£ asked

“Let’s end it before it becomes worse, your mom hates me, I can feel it with every glare $h£ s£nds my way and though your fath*r is sweet and accepts me, I don’t feel comfortable ly!ng to h*m and th*re is Isabel, that girl loves you, j√$t by th£ way $h£ has put up with you hav!ng mistress and leav!ng h*r h*re on h*r own, $h£ truly loves you, I on th£ oth*r h@nd can tell you that if you did th£ same th!ng to me, I will certa!nly leave you, Cade let me go and marry someone that loves you”I added hop!ng that I can get to h*m somehow

“You are really gett!ng me angry!”h£ said

“And am gett!ng sick of th*s already, it’s only been a few hours h*re and It’s been unbearable”I yelled at h*m

“What has been unbearable uh?”

“You and your family, I don’t th!nk I can cope with th*s, take me b@¢k to th£ city”I said

“Don’t be ridiculous, we both signed a contract?’ ”

“To h£ck with th£ contract Cade, If I should live h*re, my life will certa!nly never be th£ same aga!n” I said

h£ walked towards me and ₱v||ed me by my arm

“You have no choice !n th*s Emily and let me make it clear to you that as you long as you are on th*s island, you will never leave ” h£ said


“You came h*re for th£ deal and you will leave that deal is over”h£ said

“You can’t do th*s to me Cade, am will!ng to go to jail, s£nd me to jail and end th*s”I said

“Never, have come th*s far Emily and i won’t let you destroy it”

“F!ne th£n, I will j√$t tell your family th£ wh0l£ truth and who knows your fath*r might h£lp me leave”I said as I began to walk ©vt of th£ door

“One m©r£ step Emily and you will never see your parents aga!n”h£ said and i stopped

“What?” I asked as I turned to look at h*m

“You h£ard me right”h£ said

“What do you plan on do!ng to my parent?”I asked

“Don’t worry my love, I won’t kill th£m if that is what you are th!nk!ng”h£ said, gett!ng me m©r£ s¢ar£d.

I went b@¢k to h*m and ₱v|| h*m by h*s collar

“What are you go!ng to do to my parents” I asked

“Have booked a plane ticket for th£m, to th£m it’s like an holiday and it will keep on be!ng one, only that you have to make a decision ab©vt it , if you walk ©vt of that door and tell th£m th£ wh0l£ truth, I will make it so that you will never see your parents aga!n, as soon as th£y get to th£ir dest!nation, I will make sure that th£y stay !n that particular place forever with©vt any hope of return and you will never get to see th£m aga!n.”

“If you choose to stay h*re and keep up with th£ deal, th£y will return from th£ir trip and who knows, I might even !nvite th£m to th£ Island to see you, so what do you say Emily, Be on bad terms with me and regret it or be on good terms with me and live with no worries” h£ asked.


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