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Chapter 1

By : Kebby NG


Th£ shrill!ng of th£ alarm woke me up, still feel!ng drowsy from not hav!ng enough sleep, I switch£d off th£ alarm.

Th£ door to my room opened and my mom walked !n.

“Get up Emily or you will be late for work.” $h£ said as $h£ opened up th£ w!ndow,lett!ng th£ sun drift !nto th£ room.

“Can’t I j√$t sleep a bit m©r£, j√$t a few m©r£ m!nutes mom,a few.” I begged as I turned to sleep aga!n

“Stop be!ng lazy and get up, didn’t you say that you had a pres£ntation today?”$h£ asked and that got me ©vt of b£d.

“Oh no! th£ pres£ntation, I won’t make it on time”I said as I da$h£d off to th£ bath room to take my bath£.

My colleagues and I have been work!ng on th*s pres£ntation for days now.

I often come late from work j√$t because of it and now that th£ day is f!nally h*re, i had to wake up late, I thought as I put on my shoes and ran straight d©wΠ stairs.

“Why are you !n a hurry dear?”my dad asked as I hurriedly gulped d©wΠ th£ fruit juice mom had made for me.

“$h£ woke up late and today is th£ day for h*r pres£ntation at work” my mom answered !n my stead.

“Good bye mom, goodbye dad”I said as I waved off to th£ both of th£m and th£n I left th£ house.

I couldn’t afford to wait for th£ bus so I took a taxi.

Some oth*r day,I might berate myself for go!ng to work late but now,I will j√$t have to get to work early.

h£ drove through th£ busy streets of los Angeles.

While h£ did h*s th!ng, I brought ©vt my laptop and began to f!nish th£ set up to th£ pres£ntation.

“We are h*re miss”h£ said to me and quickly I paid h*m and got ©vt of th£ taxi.

As If be!ng late wasn’t enough, I had to bump !nto some one and that made my laptop f@||.

“Oh no! Oh no!”I said as I knelt !n front of th£ broken laptop to pick it up.

I tried to turn it on only to see that it wouldn’t turn on and if th£ laptop develop some problem, th£n th£ pres£ntation will j√$t have to be del@yed because all th£ work we did is on it.

“Are you okay miss” Th£ guy who I had bumped !nto asked.

“Okay! Is th*s be!ng okay?” I asked as I showed h*m th£ broken laptop

“I didn’t mean to bump !nto you and you should have watch wh*re you were go!ng”h£ said and I felt like punch!ng h*s face.

“I was gett!ng ©vt of a taxi and you were walk!ng on th£ free street, don’t I have a right to get mad at you!”I yelled at h*m.


miss, I have to get to an appo!ntment soon and you do!ng th*s will del@y me”h£ said as h£ stared at h*s watch.
“Why don’t we j√$t do th*s! I will give you my number, you can call me later and make any compla!nt ab©vt your laptop and i will settle you h@nd somely but right now I have to get to that appo!ntment”h£ added as h£ turned to leave.

Quickly I obstruct h*s path mak!ng h*m stop.

“Miss!” h£ called a bit m©r£ impatient.

“Mr! I didn’t do all th*s to get your stupid money or to call you, as you must know,am also go!ng to a very important meet!ng and all I had was !n th*s laptop and………..”

“Okay you need th£ money now right,Well wait!”h£ said br!ng!ng ©vt some notes from h*s wallet and th£n h£ took my h@nd and pressed th£ notes !nto it.

“Th*s is all I have with me, if you had called me later on, I would have given you m©r£ than th*s, so now, we have even th£ score”h£ said as h£ m©v£d past me aga!n.

Angryily I went after h*m and wh£n i got to h*s front, I ₱v$h£d h*m so h@rd that h£ lost h*s balance and fell on th£ floor.

“Are you crazy miss!” h£ asked look!ng quite furious.

” You th!nk your damn money is every th!ng right! A simple sorry would have done th£ th!ng yet you kept on be!ng arrogant through and through, j√$t how much do you posess that you flaunt it @r0vnd”I asked feel!ng so very angry

“Your money wouldn’t do it Mr! so have it b@¢k,I th!nk you need it m©r£ than i do, to h£lp wash off your damn arrogance”I said as I threw th£ money on h*m.


dare you?”
“No how dare you,j√$t who do you th!nk you are! Or no I know who you are, you are noth!ng but a mannerless je.rk, your parents didn’t tra!n you properly”

“Watch your wo……….”

“You haven’t been told th*s before right! Well I j√$t did, that will give you some th!ng to th!nk ab©vt, you arrogant jerk”I said as I left h*m sitt!ng on th£ floor.

Serves h*m right, I thought as I took th£ lift that will take me straight to my quaters.

As soon as I got th*re,I was crowded by my colleague.

“Emily what took you so long”Gracie asked as we all began to go to th£ pres£ntation room.

“Some th!ng occurred”I said as I set my laptop on th£ table and plugged !n th£ charger to make it turn on and fortunately it did

“You look worried? Is some th!ng wrong with th£ pres£ntation that we made”Mich£al who is also part of us asked.

“I j√$t happen to bump !nto an arrogant idiot but its noth!ng and our pres£ntation is ready, all its j√$t wait!ng for is th£ owner to see it”I said.

“Is Emily h*re?” Our boss asked as $h£ walked !nto th£ pres£ntation room.

“Yes I am boss”I replied and swiftly $h£ was at my side.

“Why were you late! was it your !ntention for us to lose th*s contract?”$h£ asked a bit impatient.

“It wasn’t and I j√$t had a problem with some one”I said.

“I don’t want to know th£ problem you have, all I know is that I want you to give your best for th£ pres£ntation, we must get that contract, it’s th£ biggest one that th*s agency have ever had okay, i don’t want any mistakes !” $h£ said and we all nodded.

“Have you look !nto th£ h*s profile,You know that to make an advert for h*s company, we need to show h*m that we know m©r£ ab©vt h*m”$h£ said to Gracie.

“Well I did try to ch£ck h*m up on l!ne but noth!ng came, all we know is that h£ is a rich billionaire and noth!ng m©r£, It’s like h£ wants to keep h*s life a mystery” Gracie replied.

“You are not do!ng your work properly Gracie,I had told you to f!nd ©vt some th!ng ab©vt h*m!”$h£ yelled at h*r

“But I ……….”

“Enough! You all will make me old and wr!nkled before my 50th birthday, i better go and take a rest, Emily take over “$h£ said as $h£ left th£ office.


all will make me old and wr!nkled before my 50th birthday” Gracie mimicked as $h£ walked off.
“$h£ still calls h*rself young wh£n $h£ will be 49th th*s year” Mich£al added

“You will get so old and wr!nkled that no guy will marry you”Gracie’s added and I had to laugh.

Our boss Rose Brighton have always been rude and bossy, but wh£n it comes to our salary, $h£ is very generous.

Some times $h£ nags all th£ time and some times $h£ jokes @r0vnd with us.

Every one is on edge because of th£ pres£ntation.

Our advertis!ng agency is j√$t a beg!nner, if we can manage to get th£ Callaghan contract th£n we will be well known and it will open a lot of doors for us.

That’s why we are all on edge, if th*s cade Callaghan doesn’t approve of our pres£ntation th£n we will lose a very big contract and that’s what we are s¢ar£d off.

“Have you prepared your self for th£ last part of th£ pres£ntation”Mich£al asked

“Th£ part wh*re I dance?”I asked

“Yes,You know it’s a must that we show h*m that part”Gracie added

“Sure,I prepared that part myself and so I will do th£ danc!ng”I said .

“Guys! Guys ! Guys,Th£y are h*re,Th£y are h*re”Mary th£ receptionist said as $h£ ran !n.

While Gracie and Mich£al went to welcome th£ guest.

I f!ni$h£d sett!ng up th£ pres£ntation room,A cord was let loose on th£ floor and while I bent to retrieve it, i could h£ar Gracie direct!ng th£m !n.

“Come !n sir?”$h£ said

“Th*s better be worth my while.” I h£ard th£ voice and am sure that have h£ard th£ voice some wh*re before.

“Emily!”Gracie sh©vted.

I stood up only to be shocked by see!ng th£ person stand!ng th*re.

It was th£ rude guy from earlier.

“Emily meet Cade Callaghan,Th£ owner of Callaghan empire.” Gracie said and my m©vth fell open.


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