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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 68




Am I attracted to Nick?
Of course not. I’m not, I just happen to have some weird body language with him.
I’m sure it’s nothing like getting attracted to him.
Stephanie must be crazy to have said something like that.
Yeah, she’s definitely crazy.

“I’m still surprised about this whole thing though but what was the main reason he asked you to come out, how did he even knew you are staying here now? ”
Stephanie asks and I sigh before closing my eyes and reopening then again.

“He knew I am here because he followed me a day. I don’t know when but he told me and he came here because he wants me to go to his mother’s place with him. ”

“Fuck no! I’m sure you declined, right? ”
Steph arches her brows at me and I shake my head, indicating that I didn’t.
Should I have?

“Are you fucking crazy? Why the hell would you agreed to go to his mother’s place with him, I thought you said him and Ryder are stepbrothers. What if Ryder sees you there?! ”
Bianca starts yelling and I shake my head.

“I just couldn’t decline it. He said his mother wanted me to come, don’t you think it would have been disrespectful of me to have just declined it? ”
I raise my brows and she shakes her head.

“And it seems his mother wants you with his son.
I mean why other reason would she ask you to come and by agreeing to go, you’re giving them hope. ”
Stephanie roll her eyes arvd stand up, walking towards the kitchen while I sigh and rest against the couch.

“I don’t know Roxy but I think Stephanie is kinda right on this one. ”

“I’m not kinda right. I’m right, have you two even been living in reality?
That’s what is gonna happen expect you can handle been with the both of us.
Go for it, fucking two guys is never too much. ”
And she’s back to her playful mood.

“Stop it. ”
I roll my eyes and she chuckles before plopping down in the bed.

“I actually wanted to take to the both of you before this talk about Roxy being stuck between two hot stepbrothers cane up. ”
She winks at me again avd I roll my eyes at her before looking at Bianca who shrugs meaning she doesn’t know what she’s gonna talk about either.

“So anyways. I was thinking, been at home all alone really bores me which is why I’m always here and since I spend most of the times here… ”
I don’t know why I have a weird feeling that I already know what she’s gonna say.
She is staying here.

“I thought why not move in with you guys, anyways?
Um, don’t worry about the bulls. I will be paying so dong worry.
What do you guys think? Us there in this huge. ”
I knew she was gonna say that.
She grins and I look at Bianca who smiles at me before looking at Stephanie.

“Well, I think it’s great as well. It will be fun having you here. ”

“As long as you don’t cause me troubles like you always do and you keep your hand off my things!”
I groan and grab my phone from her hand and she chuckles.

“So it’s a deal then, I can stay with you guys? ‘
She arched her brows.

“I don’t think there’s gonna be a difference, you spend most of your time here anyways. ”
I roll my eye before standing up and walking over to the kitchen.
I totally forgot about what I was cooking.

“Okay ma’am. I hope you get ready for your visit to his mother’s place. ”
She smirks at me and I roll my eyes.

There’s nothing wrong in going, right?


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