TOXIC … (18+) … Part 1

I groan and open my eyes, the bright ray light from the sun connecting with my eye.
I sit up on the bed and stretch my arms. It’s another bright day. Another bright day for my parents to lecture me.. Again.

I get up from the bed and my eyes quickly glanced over at the clock. It’s just seven.

I have to be at the job interview at exactly eight.
I hope it goes well, it’s the first interview I would be at since I graduated from college and I hope it pulls through. I can’t handle my parents lectures anymore. Especially mom’s.

I graduated from college two years ago and yes, I know. What am I still doing sitting around home?
My parents said the same thing to me but I just didn’t want to rush into things.
I like planning everything ahead so it won’t result in a disaster.

I head towards the bathroom after pulling off my clothes.
After two years, I finally decide to go ahead. Move forward.
I’ve had everything planned. I would work as a secretary or personal assistant. Which ever comes first.
I wanted to actually go with being a publisher but I think being a secretary will be so much easier.
I’m going for a interview at Queens global. The company is one of the best here in Orlando and I’m looking forward to working there.
I know I will get the job anyways, my qualifications speaks for me but still, I can’t help with the anxiety.

I turn on the shower and let the water cool down my nerves which actually helps a lot.

Almost using half of my time there, I wrap a towel round my body and step out of the shower. My feet leaving a trace of water everywhere I step.

“Roxanne! ”
That’s my mother’s voice from downstairs. I slightly roll my eyes and go through my closet.
I don’t really have anything appropriate to wear to the interview. My wardrobe is filled with student’s clothes.
I will have to go shopping when I return, I need it.

“Roxanne, won’t you get your ass off that bed and finally go do something good since the last two years! ”
Here she goes again.

“I’m up already,!”
I yell back, putting on my white shirt and a Jean.

“Roxanne! ”
She shouts again and I ignore her, rolling my hair into a bun.

I grab my handbag and stuff it with my things. Phone, wallet, lipstick, tampons (I don’t know why i pick that, just a habit I guess) and a whole load of unnecessary shit.
I’m just too nervous. It’s my first interview.
What will they ask?

“Roxanne. You are running late! ”
This time, it’s dad’s voice I hear as i walk down the stairs.

They were already at the table and by they, I mean my parents and my nosey sister Sophia.

“Look who finally decided to come out and do something with her life.. ”
A small smile plays on Sophia’s lips as she took a bit out of her pancake.

She hates me and when I say she hates me, I mean despise me and I don’t even know why.
She’s always trying to get me in trouble with my parents and at school.

During sophomore year in high school, Sophia spread glue all over a teacher’s chair and she had me take the blame threatening me that if I didn’t, she would tell on me for sneaking to a sleepover the night before.
So yea, she isn’t your typical best big sister ever.
She’s older than me by a year but I respect her despite everything she made me go through.

I take a seat next to her and spread syrup over my pancakes.

“So Roxanne, you said you’re going to Queens global for an interview but you never said what job. ”
I look up at dad after swallowing my pancake.

“Secretary or personal assistant if I’m chanced. ”
I shrug and face my pancake which is extremely good.

“Queens global. Oh please, you aren’t getting any job there. I tried but I couldn’t so what makes you think you would?
I will give you a piece of advice and have you try for Carter cooperate.”
Sophia smiles. What?

Carter cooperate is one of the ineffective company here (sorry to say) and she knows that. Why would she want to go there?

‘Cause she hates you and do not want anything good for you ‘
My subconscious reminds me.

“What? I can’t do that. ”
I drop my fork, staring at Sophia.

“Roxanne, Sophia is your elder sister and she knows what’s good for you. If she says you shouldn’t go to Queens global then you should listen to her and don’t. ”
That’s from mom. Of course she’ll always support her.

I look over at dad for help and he sighs.

“I think your sister wants the best for you. ”
What? What in the hell is wrong with them?
It’s like she placed them under a spell or something. They always listen to whatever she says and force me to do too but not this time.
No, this is way beyond them.
“No, I won’t! ”
I snap, standing up. “You can’t just expect me to listen to every nonsense that comes out of her mouth! ”

“Roxanne! You don’t speak to your sister like that! ”
Mother yells at me and I gulp in to look at Sophia who is obviously enjoying this.

“I’m sorry mom, dad but this time I’m not gonna back down. I’m going to that interview and I’m gonna get the job cause my qualifications speaks for me. ”
I stop and turn to Sophia. “You know, when you knew you wanted to work at such a big company. You should have paid more attention to your studies instead of partying around. ”
I grab my bag before they could say anything else and storm out of the house.

I’m gonna show them. Everyone of them especially her. I’m gonna get accepted to Queens global.
How bad could it be anyways?


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