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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 53




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 53
Girl: sorry oh! Bros em touch you?
Me: your sight go recession?
Girl: eyaaa… Na gutter I think say I pour am oh!
Me: I be gutter for your eyes?
Girl: shooo! Bros, no be so na, na water I pour, you no go just mind your business waka pass, sas the water touch you, eyaaa!!
Voice: Fejiro, na who you dey follow talk?
I adjusted my sight a little so I can see farther, behind the girl who poured me water.
I saw a fat balloon coming towards us, my five in one. With fat face, conclusively fat everything.
Some men can marry sha… She can’t be like this before marriage, it should be after, I wondered who is climbing who?
Fejiro: mama na one fine bobo, I pour am water but I don tell am sorry.
Fat woman: bros oh! Na wetin happen? She never settle you with sorry?
Me: aunty good afternoon..
I just left in peace because they looked like trouble-shooters, luckily for me Musa was at the gate handling chewing stick. No
He saw me and remained in that position he was standing leaning at the gate.
Me: Musa, come do your job?
Musa: oga me ko, kosi. me I nodey do am for me again.
Me: I no ask you to do, come open this gate, before thunder go roast your family members.
Musa: me no go ofina for gate por me, me thunder killam for my family ko? Thunfer fire am for my papa.
Me: amen, come open this gate.
Musa: thunder fry am for my mama.
Me: yes oh! Hallelujah.
Musa: me no go get am for peace.
Me: at all, come open this gate, I go report you to landlord oh!
He still opened the gate cursing himself while I helped him to make it a prayer point, I entered my apartment and headed to the bathroom.
Had my bath and a knock landed on my door with PHCN restoring power.
I rushed to the protector with just towel tied around my waist, I saw Beauty glowing with a sunshade at my doorstep.
Me: my angel, baby you are fine, too fine!
Beauty: please, stop flattering me. You refused to pick my calls, are you cheating on me? *so soon?*
Me: baby you are outside, can you come in lets talk about it?
She agreed with me with a nod, and we went inside together.
I brought my cream and she sat on the bed, she sat staring at me as I creamed myself, I am not those type of guys that walk around naked when their girlfriends is there.
Me: baby, please, can you apply cream on my back?
Beauty: sure, I will.
She rubbed the cream on her palm and rubbed it all over my back, she took her hands low to my front and kissed my neck, I felt my d*ck kicking the towel several times.
Beauty: f*ck me! *she whisper a command that my lower brain understand*
I dragged off my towel from my waist and flung it away, she offed her black t-shirt hurriedly, our lips met half-way as we drank from each others fountain of love.
I unhooked her bra and it fell off, I cupped the two br*asts and weighed them before picking the left n*pple to place my lips on.
I bent low and fed my lips on her er*cted nipple, rolling my tongue on it.
Beauty: aahhh! S*ck me hungrily and f*ck my ass really good, I want you in my b*tthole *which one is I want you in b*tthole again na?*
Me: beg for my d*ck!
Beauty: ahhh! Please, give it to me in the ass baby *I no understand this ass giving oh!*
She unbuttoned her trouser and I helped her out with it, she turned back and held the wall bending towards me.
She wore a g-string p*nt that could hardly be called a p*nt ’cause this one is just like let me wear to wear.
Abigail: shift the f*cking pant, and f*ck my ass *I no understand oh!*
I walked towards her with my pointing d*ck, shift her g-rope aside and placed my face in between her crack.
Stretched my tongue and tickled her cl*t from behind, her love juice started flooding down her flawless laps.
I stood up and readied my d*ck to thr*st in, when she turned around.
Beauty: anal, baby. *my d*ck fall*
Me: which anal, who and you wan anal?
Beauty: lets just try it, is very sweet baby.
Me: who and you wan try am?
Beauty: give it to me in the ass if you love me.
Me: you never ready for love, no love in anal, am no longer in the mood.
Beauty: what’s is wrong with you, Vic? I don’t need your pity, I can take good care of myself, all I asked you to do is to f*ck me in the ass.
Me: you see, that place is meant for shit alone, am not going in there.
Beauty: then f*ck off!
She started wearing her clothes looking at me briefly as I sat quietly on the bed watching her, she left when it is clear to her that I won’t change my stance.
I dressed up and picked my phone, I placed a call to my brother.
He picked the third ring..
Me: hello, bring my car come.
Victory: abeg na, my just use am f*ck one slayqueen, I go bring am tomorrow unfailingly.
Me: rod fall enter your sense… Hello… Helloo..
He ended the call, I started doing some office works and started preparing questions to ask.
I didn’t even have any accounting authority, I just had to ask them any question that entered my head tomorrow, later that night I logged in to whatsapp and Abigail was offline, only Beauty was online.
Me: my love *type and send*
Beauty: *no reply*
I sent several messages and love quotes, she was determined to force me into this anal s*x of thing, she is looking for who to kill, tell them am not an assassin.
A wicked idea entered my head, I uploaded Abigail’s picture as my profile picture.
She just appeared online…
Abigail: awwnn… Am blushing. *her message*
Beauty: my love, please change that profile picture, am sorry. *her message*


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.