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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 47




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 47
Man: excuse me sir, we will like to share the word of God with you.
Me: if na food I go wait or money, shit dey catch me.
I rushed quickly to backyard, I turned in the backyard and used my backdoor and entered the house.
I placed a call to Beauty, she picked…
Me: baby, are you at home?
Beauty: yes, I am at home, will you come?
Me: yeah.. Am on my way.
Beauty: yaaaa!! Am waiting baby.
She and that little girl screamed down my eardrum, I had to end the call and walked to the kitchen.
I peeped from the kitchen window to check if our August visitors have gone.
I saw them talking and moving towards the gate, no one is interested to listen to them, and this yard people want to make heaven.
I waited for ten minutes to make sure they have left kpatakpata.
I kitted up and find my way outside the yard.
I came out of the gate and stood scanning the open street, one sweet sixteen with big *ss walked pass me without greeting me shaking her upcoming big bumbum.
Me: bia… You don’t see me or you no sabi good afternoon?
Girl: I don’t know you, why will I greet someone I don’t know?
Me: see this small girl, my pr*ck tall pass you, greet me joor!
Girl: I no be small girl oh, wetin I don chop pass that tortoritor wey dey in between your legs.
Me: ehhnnn! *I scream* as you small like that?
Girl: iffa catch you for bed two seconds you don release your akamu jehovah.
I screamed and opened my mouth in wonder, she hissed and walked away.
Look at this small girl saying what her great grand mother should be saying, I rubbed my groin to confirm if my d*ck is still intact.
I waved a taxi and entered, we moved for thirty minutes and stopped at a junction that I will take another taxi to Beauty’s house.
Voice: as you enter kpaaa! You release uwarrraarrraa, we get the ugombe medicine wey go make you climb your wife till she start to call you honey, your thing nodey stand gidigba! Our medicine go make your thing stand like iroko.
Or na water water sp*rm you dey release, we go give you better medicine wey go turn your sp*rm to akamu jehovah.
Visit us now, to be a man… Man wey nofit satisfy em wife no be man oh! Na woman em be, brother is not too late to increase the size of your carrot to cucumber, visit us now!!
Man1: this medicine go well…
Man2: I need am oh, em get one woman for our yard wey I wan show pepper.
I also decided to join them and buy, since am going to Beauty’s house. She might ask for s*x, then I will shock her with enough s*x.
I went towards were the speaker was sounding from, it was a sienna parked by the road side with loads of medicine loaded inside the sienna.
Me: oga, how much for the one wey go make person last well well for bed?
Oga: you mean to be a man? *I nod* that one na one thousand naira.
Me: I no understand, na the medicine go do the f*cking or wetin?
Oga: no be so, sha.. you fit price am.
Me: na five hundred I get oh, you wan sell am?
Oga: ah! Ahh!! Em too small, oga em no cost like that.
I started going my own, since he wants to sell what I don’t even know if it will work one million naira…
Oga: ehnn… Oga come back, come collect am for 5h.
Me: na now you come…
I paid and he gave me the medicine, I went towards the park and boarded a taxi, and the driver set the car in motion thirty minutes time, I requested to drop along the road to the final bus stop…
The driver parked and I came down, paid the taxi driver and he continued his journey of making money.
I brought out the medicine and emptied the container, the medicine was tasting like rotten orange. I had to close my eyes so that I could drink it all, I hope this works.
I went to the gate and knocked for two minutes before I heard a voice.
Voice: who is there? *the gateman ask angrily*
Me: open the gate, I wan see your madam *he open the gate and look at me like madman*
Gateman: bia… So na who you say you dey fine?
Me: I say I wan see your madam *he scan me from up till down*
Gateman: small madam or big madam? *raising his hand up and down*
Me: I don’t have time, give way I want to go in.
Gateman: lai! Lai! I nofit allow useless person enter here, I love my job.
Me: my call your madam.
I dialed her number, he peeped and saw my screen.
I placed a call to Beauty, as it was ringing the gateman ended the call…
Gateman: ah! Ahh!! Em never reach this level, you are welcome, sir!!
Me: that is my boy.
I entered the house and I was marveled by the small mansion she was living, the flower, the cars, the sparkling walls.
The house is in perfection with the numerous cars parked reflecting the sun.
A little heaven in GRA, I reasoned. I knew that Beauty was never my class, but who am I to reject God’s blessing.
I knocked on the door and someone that looks like Beauty, but smaller version appeared. She is too pretty for her age, my rod started moving in my boxer.
Girl: how may I help you?
Me: Annabel, is your mom in?
Girl: how do you know my name? Well… There is no mom here, wrong address. *who be this one again na?*
Me: wait, am here to see Beauty, is she not in?
Girl: hold on, who are you please? *all these big mouthed kids*
Me: tell her big rod is here?
Girl: *she look confuse* what do you mean? Is that the name your parents gave to you?
Voice: Annabel, who is that at the door?
Girl: is a young man here to see you.
Voice: what the f*ck Annabel, that is my boyfriend.
I heard faint-falls approaching the door, Beauty flung the door wide open and hugged me.
Beauty: baby, so you came? *beaming*
Me: yeah… I even come with my ghost.
Annabel: Sis, you better remove whatever you are cooking, the entire house is smoking.
Beauty: make yourself comfortable, am coming…
She ran off and Annabel rolled her eyes and walked away, I settled in a sofa and was surprised how my d*ck got erect without me feeling any arousal, I clamped my both legs as the bulge became obvious.
Annabel, came down with a book in hand, she sat opposite then stood up and carried the book directly to me.
Annabel: uncle, define biology? *i wonder what a kid like her wants to use the definition of biology for*
Me: you are too small to be asking such questions, you should be singing ABCD to Z *I start to sweat, as my d*ck start aching me*
Annabel: am not small, am a big girl, my sis tells me that, and everyone calls me big girl, except you, who cares *she roll her eyes*
Me: if you are a big girl, you should know how to define simple biology *all this small pikin can disgrace somebody, now that my brain is on holiday*
Annabel: I can define it, bio….
Beauty: Annabel leave my boyfriend alone, go and get yours and interview *I release hot breathe*
Annabel walked away, she took a route around the staircase landing and disappeared in view.
Beauty sat beside me, and I spread my legs. She saw the bulge and was surprised..
Beauty: how come?
Me: I don’t know, I need you badly.
Beauty: it will be a quickie, I don’t want my sister to know that am not a virgin, she is very curious individual *hahaha, virgin ke?*
Me: lets go to your room.
I was running upstairs as Beauty chuckled and giggled enjoying the condition I was, my d*ck was aching me badly.
I got to the top of the staircase while she was mid-way, taking her time climbing the staircase.
Me: where is your room?
Beauty: the second room at your left.
I ran inside the room and dragged, pulled off all my wears.
My d*ck was released from prison of clothe, I felt much better as all my veins shoot my d*ck straight like pole.
She opened the door and saw me naked, she got hold of my d*ck and j*rked it a little.
She knelt in between my legs and poke her tongue on my d*ck tip, immediately my sp*rm started running out like running tap.
Beauty looked at me like am sick or something is wrong with me, just 45seconds into the oral s*x, I spilled all my seeds.
Beauty: what is the meaning of this?*she scream at me*


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.