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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 44




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 44
Me: when did you do this?
Beauty: some days ago… *hope Valentine day no follow oh*
I started reflecting on what I did few days ago, my brain just abandoned me like someone who has not read for an exam and entered the hall to write.
My kid sister she disappeared the moment she understood what was happening, I just stayed on the sofa staring at Beauty who was busy watching whatever she was streaming.
I would not have given her my house key, I just forgot she is not the only one am dating.
I rubbed my sweaty palms together, I started practicing how to ‘say sorry’ or lies that I will chirp in if she find anything incriminating.
While streaming she raised her head momentarily studying me and continued.
Her face became remorseful the moment she was done, I knew she might have done that two days ago. I breathed and fumed like someone who was angry.
She stood up and walked to were I’m and sat beside me, she looked at me with her remorseful face.
Me: you don’t trust me?
Beauty: am sorry, please forgive me *she rest her head on my shoulder and start sobbing*
Umashi: daddy, please forgive her na *she start sobbing with Beauty, birbery and corruption*
Me: why do you think am cheating on you?
Beauty: baby, am sorry.
She moved my face to face her’s, she placed her irresistible lips on mine, and both lips danced in harmony and my anger melted away all of a sudden as if I was angry, lol.
That is how we settled, Beauty was all fun that day, she was all over me being a sweet girlfriend she is.
We went to the kitchen and we messed the whole place up, she asked me to teach her how to cook. She was scared of fire, I wondered why.
Me: why do you say you will get burnt if you get close to fire? *she laugh like a silly person*
Beauty: *tears tickle down her eyes* I lost my older sister to fire accident.
Me: *I hug her tight, she must have loved that person so much* am sorry.
Beauty: for?
Me: for burning a member of your family on behalf of mr fire.
Beauty: *laughing* you are just too crazy, I love you baby.
Me: I love you more.
Umashi: I go love oohh! *is my ear paining me*
Me: will you keep quiet there! No be your mate dey shout I go get admission oh! I go read oh! You dey here dey shout I go love oh!! The food wey you dey chop dey make your brain no stable, I go soon conduct fasting.
She disappeared from the kitchen immediately, I must watched this small girl like eagle before one thing one thing ehnn… According to Rema, Beauty and I moved out of the kitchen after she helped me prepared a delicious egusi soup, she went into the bathroom and had her bath.
She came out looking gorgeous.
Beauty: close your eyes *I was over staring*
Me: why na?
Beauty: do you want to see me naked? *as if I never see am*
Me: Umashi, close your eyes.
Umashi: daddy, am watching television is you that was looking aunty *is this girl not ogbanje or wetin be this?*
Me: na your food you dey reduce oh!!
Umashi: daddy, i have close eyes oh!! *better, we shall not see*
I did not close eyes anyways, I pretended to have done so but I was watching her nakedness, and I came to the conclusion that am very lucky to have such a beautiful boss lady as my girlfriend, don’t forget am now a boss oh!
When she was done dressed up…
Beauty: am done.
Me: let me walk you, baby.
Umashi: aunty bye bye *she start standing up*
Me: where you wan go?
Umashi: to escort aunty, is she not leaving?
The way I eyed her she just sat back on the floor and faced the screen, I walked my baby to the gate gisting with her.
Ikenna: brother Vic good evening.
Me: Ikenna, you don visit us today, how school na?
Ikenna: *he stare at Beauty for long* fine oh, aunty good evening.
Beauty: *Ikenna left* why was he looking at me like that?
Me: he has never seen someone as beautiful as you are *we start laughing, all these yard people sabi amebo oh*
Ikenna is one of my neighbor brother who usually visit for a day or two and leave for school, a level 100 undergraduate.
Beauty and I kissed for awhile before she drove out, I returned back and the whole night gave in to day without any remarkable event.
I got to office that day, to see loads of applications files on my desk.
Me: wetin be this?
Secretary: sir, those are the application letters for the vacancy you asked us to advertise.
Me: na only one position them dey apply for?
Secretary: yes, sir *na wa oh, that sir sound so new*
Me: get a team of accountant, they should oversee a test for the applicants, I will handle the interview personally.
Secretary: that will be done, sir *this sir sound sweeter*
After my secretary left my office, I started walking around the industry. Checking on the works being done, I went to the marketing section and saw one of the employee, well sitted with a pen in his hand, a paper on the desk which he was writing on. He was looking at nothingness, he did not even notice my presence.
Me: mr. Dan!
Mr. Dan: sir… Good mor… Afternoon, sir!
Me: meet me in my office, right away.
I went to my office and settled down waiting for him to join me, he opened the door looking scared.
Me: you look miserable, wetin happen? Please have a seat. *he sit*
Mr. Dan: is family issues.
Me: na you wan kill yourself, family issues dey finish?
Mr. Dan: I cheated on my wife.
Me: *I start laughing, as you wan die like this? You still dey fine young girls to kill you* that is not a problem.
Mr Dan.: my wife caught me.
Me: that is now a problem, wait oh! Why you even cheat sef?
Mr. Dan: sir ehnn… We have lots of beautiful girls, and they all have something special to offer. Some have gorgeous br*asts and some wonderful asses, some are very hot. You cannot get all the packages in one, na em make oh! *I did not realize my mouth was ajar*
Me: you can have a day off, settle your family issues.
Mr. Dan: thank you sir.
I looked at him and shook my head, all these two minutes men will not keep their d*cks one place.
After the work that day, I returned home and met my sister with Ikenna talking and laughing at my frontage, Jesus Christ!
Umashi: *smiling* daddy, welcome.
Ikenna: brother Vic, good afternoon. See her mouth like daddy welcome.
Umashi: leave me jor *in my front!?*
Me: afternoon, so Ikenna when are you travelling back to school?
Ikenna: I am not going back to school compound for now… *what is this one saying?*


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.