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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 4



Episode 4
She laid on the bed her legs wide spread, I climbed the bed all fours. And positioned myself betwixt her legs, I grabbed my h+rd d+ck and thr+sted in, one thr+st I was deep inside her well of sweetness.
Me: hiaaa… This your thing wide oh
Ashawo: oga you sabi talk oh, your money go soon expire.
Me: I never c+m, you say when I c+m I go pay. *she nods*
Ashawo: as you dey f+ck, no touch my bre+sts, except you wan pay extra. Your d+ck big sha.. *you go soon beg*
I started moving my waist very fast, my d+ck was going in and out of her w+t p+ssy with motion, at first she refused to m+an.
when I f+cked her h+rder the chewing gum in her mouth dropped out.
Ashawo: aasshhh.. oohh! Oga easy na.
Me: umh.. ah ah ah, no…
Ashawo: my toto!! Ah ah ah *I increased my pace*
Me: oohh!! Aaahh!!! *I held her shoulder and laid on her, as I increased my sampling of her punani speed*
Ashawo: ahh oohh.. oga easy ahh!! Ooh!! Na 1k you pay na, aaahh *moaning louder*
45minutes later, our body was sweaty. And my waist was aching, I couldn’t move it effectively as before.
Ashawo: ah.. oga commot from my body, since that time you dey f+ck me, you never c+m. *she shouted at me*
Me: no vex na, I dey last well well for bed. Remain small, I go c+m *I begged, still moving my waist slowly*
Ashawo: oga, if you no get money to add, you go carry your h+rd prick go outside oh. *she threatened*
Me: like how much I go add *I couldn’t even move in and out of her again*
Ashawo: add one thousand naira again, we go change style.
Me: one thousand naira!! Ah ah, em too much na, na only 5h I get.
Ashawo: my pity you, all these slim boys sha.. them go dey carry big d+ck and tramadol come f+ck ashawo.
She asked me to sit aright, my back on the bed board. She sat on me, she held my h+rd d+ck that look very strong and agile for more f+cking.
She wrapped her hand on it and j+rked it violently.
Me: ah ah ah, easy aaahh!! You wan cut am? *I groaned in excitement*
She played with her br+asts as she j+rked me violently, she held my amu and positioned it in her loose punani hole. She allowed only the cap in, and started moving her p+ssy muscles and then swallow the whole length, she rose again and repeated the same action.
Me: ossshh ahhh.. for..gi..ve m..e *I groaned and confessed in sexual excitement*
Her eyes was shut, she started moving very fast on my h+Rd d+ck. Twenty minutes into the hot s+xual ride, sweet sensation flow inside my body.
Ashawo: yeeeaaaaa aaaahhh, am cummmminnnng baaaaaaabbby *God no go gree*
Me: ah ah! Aaaahhh!! *I shot loads of c+um inside the rubber, after she squirted*
We laid on the bed tired, after I caught my breathe. I wore my boxer and trouser, and my clothe ready to go. I brought out the five hundred naira from my pocket and kept it on her bed.
Ashawo: oga you wicked, you don damage my toto *with tired voice*
I couldn’t hold my laughter as I got to the pavement, one of the room. A man ran out with nakedness,
Ashawo 2: oga pay me my money *a loud shout from the room the man came out from*
A naked lady came out too and pursued the man, the other ashawos joined her and descend on the naked man. Konji is a bastard I cursed under my breathe, I got to the bar in the ashawo hotel and saw Biggy drinking beer and pepper soup.
I eyed the plate of pepper soup and the bottle of beer.
Me: hope say no be me go pay wetin you dey devour like wild animal o
Biggy: na you na, who else? na you carry me come here.
I quickly ordered for spoon and joined him before he will finish everything, after all am the one paying with my hard earned money, minutes later we were done. We stayed there a little while, and then decided to stroll home. It was already late when we came out of the brothel.
Me: guy, tramadol good oh, to use for ashawo.
Biggy: your father!
Me: he is handsome, why you dey pala na?
Biggy: come see how the ashawo pursue me commot from her body as I no get any money to add *I started laughing*
Biggy: the thing no funny oh, as I dey parade the hotel with my h+rd prick.
Me: how you come take c+m?
Biggy: I enter their bathroom do mojojo, my hand pain me ehnn before I manage c+m.
Me: no vex, I for give you 2k that time, bike…!!! *I flagged down a bikeman and we entered*
Some minutes later, we came down in my yard. We entered and saw someone on my doorpost from the yard entrance.
Biggy: who be that?


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