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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 37




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 37
Me: you see my brother?
Sam: you think am joking, right?
Me: you think am joking, right!
Sam: *he boil in anger* open this protector!! * shaking the protector*
Me: I dey craze? In case, you see my bro. Tell am say make em bring my wristwatch, thank you.
Sam: I will show you and your brother *shouting on top of his voice*
I just left him out side there, and went to lay on my bed. After several minutes of fruitless ranting behind the protector, he left.
I exhaled, is very tiring facing all these temptation successively, I took my phone and dialed my brother’s number, he picked in the second ring.
Me: wetin you do Ada husband?
Victory: nothing oh, Ada and her husband dey quarrel. Na so she tell her husband that he is not a man, say em nofit handle am the way I handle am.
Me: Jesus Christ! Hope say you dey prison now?
Victory: for where? I just park my things immediately, twuama… No joy oh!
Me: the man dey fine you oh, come with my watch too. When you dey come fight the last fight.
Victory: last fight ke, my two lmegs nodey near that compound again oh, ehnn.. The watch fit me well, just fashy am na.
Me: so who you keep to fight your last fight for you?
Victory: that man nofit do anything.
Me: for there you dey?
Victory: fear not, no mother force.
Me: before somebody mother force you, just carry my watch jeje come Biggy house, so that I go come collect am.
I ended the call immediately ’cause of an incoming call from Abigail, I picked the call immediately.
Me: baby, my love.
Abigail: ……
Me: hello hello…
She ended the call, I called her thrice but she did not pick and I exclaimed like a madman when I saw my phone calendar that it is February 14.
I quickly ran into the bathroom and took my bath, dress up quickly.
Wore a cap ’cause I could not comb my hair, no time to do that.
I flagged down a taxi and went for shopping, I bought a gold ring with almost all my savings.
And one leg chain, with a pair of heart necklace.
And a sorry frame, the write up was cool that is why I bought it.
After I was done buying everything, those guys that are double dating are trying oh! Is not easy.
I went home and hide everything, my plan was to breakup with Abigail and propose to Beauty.
Please adjust your face, I have repented. Am now ready to marry with body and soul, am not sure of one part of the body oh!
A knock landed on my protector, I was praying it should be Abigail and I will sin no more.
Luckily for me she was the one knocking, she was not looking happy but she still look effortlessly beautiful, some creature are just cheat.
I open the protector and let her in, she didn’t say a word, she just went inside the room hugging her handbag.
I locked the protector and went after her, she sat on my bed without saying a word.
I went to were I hid those things I bought and brought out the frame, I held it for her to read, she beamed after reading it.
Me: happy lovers day, am sorry Sweet. Please forgive me.
Abigail: aww.. Vic, am not upset. I was just worried, your phone have been switched off for days, what happe…
I shut her up with a kiss, I s*ck on her lower lips and she s*ck on my upper lips, I nudged her teeth open with my tongue.
And she granted me access, my tongue roam with joy in her mouth as she m*aned into my mouth.
The most sensitive part in Abigail’s body is her lips, while Beauty is her p*ssy. If you are looking for my own, don’t bother is my d*ck.
Everyone has that sensitive spot, I always make sure I find it in my partner.
We disengaged from the kiss, struggling to catch our breathe.
I brought out the double pair of heart necklace and gave it to her.
It was not costly but beautiful, she brought the two out and grinned from ear to ear.
Abigail: umhumm.. You are so sweet!
Me: na em make you love me.
Abigail: see your mouth, have this.
I took one part from her and wore, while she wore the other.
Abigail: as long as you have that on you, you will always have my heart.
Me: me too *I become confuse*
Abigail: why are you sad? *I carry her up and we both land on the bed*
Me: I wan do, let us do na!
Abigail: lemme joor! Am not doing anything.
Me: please na, lets us do na.
Abigail: crazy boyfriend, in the night. Am going back to work.
Me: only small na *she start laughing*
We became quiet, her head was on my chest as I place my hand on her back.
We were both silent, as we enjoy the feel of our skins on each other, her phone rang disrupting the lovely since.
Abigail: am on my way, sir! *the call end* I have to go, without this training I will not be allowed to practice.
Me: I understand…
She peck me and dropped something on the bed…
Abigail: open it when am outside.
Me: no problem, ma!
She left and that is what oyigbo people call unsuccessful break up, i opened the parcel and I lost my voice.
Me: thank you, Jesus!
I screamed when I regained my voice, inside the parcel is an appointment letter as a manager of one of the branch of another soap industry.
I ran mad with happiness, as I kept on jumping on my bed shouting thank you Jesus.
My phone rang disrupting the jubilation…
Beauty; meet me outside now!
And the call ended, My heart started beating very fast, have they met each other.
Has someone told Beauty about Abigail, my heart was heavy as the happiness lost it taste.
I wore my clothe slowly, and went out through the gate with heavy legs.
I met Beauty standing outside smiling with a car key hanging in betwixt her thumbs.
Me: issa lie!
Beauty: no lies baby, is your car.
I went round the car inspecting it like one of the seven wonders of the world, Sam and three policemen approached the scene.
Sam: officer, here is the rapist, that raped my wife with his brother *pointing at me*
Policeman1: youngman, you are under arrest.
The devil is a liar!


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.