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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 33




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 33
I removed the phone from my ear and looked at the screen, it must be those stupid kids that guess number just to insult someone, lazy youth.
Me: your brain don rust? I nodey sell grease oh.
Voice: Vic, shut up! Is me Victoria.
Me: chiaaa!! Aaahhh!! Aunty Vy Vy!
Voice: aunty Vy Vy break your pr*ck there, I be your aunty and I open legs you gree enter.
Me: no vex na, you never still change at all… I dey miss you die oh.
Voice: miss ke, you wey no gree come my wedding. You nodey gree reply whatsapp messages sef, and your fb account nodey active.
Me: them thief my phone then, and I no know about the wedding. I been dey fine your number but aunty Ruth don park go where I no know, chaii… You don marry? Who see you marry?
Voice: *laughing* mumu boy, I don born sef.
Me: chaaiii… Congratulations, I dey see your husband spirit dey cry, you wey sabi worry.
Voice: I don repent na, I even win best wife and mother of last year. Come see my baby, she don grow sef.
Me: this one you dey invite me, hope say em no resemble me sha..
Voice: your brain dey pain you, I go send you address for whatsapp.
Me: okay, I go try come.
Voice: commot try, iffa no see you. I go vex oh… Bye.
She ended the call, I went inside smiling reminiscing on the past that connect Victoria and I. Victoria was a nurse that lived in my area while I was still in my Sss3, she was very fond of me then and she took me as her house son.
I was a saint then, the little I knew about s*x then was p*rn and m*sturbation, have never done anything until Victoria discovered that I have never had s*x.
She only said she will make me a man someday, it was house son house son she shifted my boxer.
I went inside and met Victory eating the soup I prepared…
Me: oboy, them said you?
Victory: no vex, hungry wan finish me.
Me: you still go nyash Ada.
Victory: how you take know?
Me: them print am for your forehead, make that man no discover oh.
I washed my hands and joined him, we finished the food.
After few rounds of game, I took my bath and slept off.
The next morning I went to work, I worked very hard just to meet up time to visit Park with Victory and Kelly.
2pm, I round up my duties and took permission from the director, he granted it with favor, am suspecting Abigail sha…
I was short of cash and I branched a bank close to my work place, I was seeing four people before me until…
Man: em don start to pay *he scream happily*
Woman: oga, you dey do like woman, why you tell them?
‘Them’ I did not understand the them until I started seeing people coming from different directions.
Me: na wa oh!
Voices: oga you dey my front! Respect yourself oh, you don old!! Foolish man, shift!!! Taahh! You dey my back.
After they are done arranging themselves, that is when I knew there are invincible six in the queue of four people I saw earlier.
The bank was only bank in that area, I waited patiently under the sun for hours before it remained just two people before me, one stood in the atm machine making withdrawal while the other stood on the queue.
Man 1: oga, you dey waste time oh. Na ATM machine not compute game.
Me: make this man do, commot na.
I looked behind me and saw that the population has increased, I caught sight of Ogechi.
A gal I was head over kneels then, after I told her that I don’t need s*x from her but love.
Did not realize I was dating myself for over six Months, till I visited her and caught her red-handed with a boy on her.
I peeped through window sha… ‘Cause no one was responding to the door, I faced forward and pretended not to see her.
A soft tap landed on my back, I turned.
Ogechi: Vic, you just forgot about me?
Me: Do I know you?
Ogechi: is me na, Ogechi *beaming*
Me: chaii.. Ogechi, you don fine scatter ground finish, where you dey live now na?
Ogechi: na for this area na, help me make withdrawal.
Me: no problem, wetin be your pin?
Ogechi: **** 20k, thank you honey *she peck me*
Me: no problem *hahaha*
Man2: don’t insult me youngman! Do you know who I am? I will just lock you up.
Man1: oga shift, who you be?!
Me: oga, go withrawl na. You dey waste time oh.
He left for the ATM machine and left the other man ranting beside me, after he was done with his withdrawal he came out and both of them continued.
I went to the ATM machine and slotted in my card, and made a withdrawal.
They came out, Ogechi rushed me immediately smiling.
Ogechi: how far, you don help me withdrawl?
Me: them write insufficient balance, I no withdrawl am.
Ogechi: I get 90k na, how manage?
Me: em fit be network, where you dey stand? *she point back back*
Ogechi: person go sleep for where…
Me: ehyaa… We go see na, I dey in a hurry.
I left the bank premises and took a taxi, I placed a call to Victory.
Me: where ona dey?
Victory: come meet us for Biggy house, we don see person.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.