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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 28




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z
-Episode 28
Me: wetin happen? Biggy! wetin happen?
Biggy: *very busy washing* guy wait small abeg, remain small I don wash finish.
Me: na village and city people combine do you this thing, hiiiiaaaa… I dey see you dey wash pant oh.
Biggy: em no matter na, las las no be me go smell and shift am, I love to wash what I use.
Me: I don see am like that, you don dey wear pant too? I no blame you. washing of pant is now your hobby.
Biggy: am madly in love with this girl, bro.. I can die for her, I can even kill anyone for her *I shift small first*
Me: is that so?
The backyard window was pushed open and it gave way to the face of the girl I saw in Biggy’s room earlier.
Girl: drop what you are washing and come inside to prepare a meal for me.
Biggy: yes my love *the girl eye me up and down, then hiss*
Biggy ran inside the yard shouting like a demented goat chased by ten thousand hungry pythons.
Biggy: am in love *jumping and shouting*
Me: n wa o, this is wonderful… Biggy is wonderfool.
Me: my commot here, before I sign for slavery.
I quickly followed the backyard and came out on the tarred road, I did not bother saying goodbye to Biggy because of the Karashika with him. I was still walking towards the main road, when I sighted Ekpemaetor entering the street I was.
I quickly hid myself in a shop along the road.
Ekpemaetor is the area ‘owe me die’ he is a PHD holder in borrowing, he borrows from anybody and anytime, he owes 80% of people living in this area.
Immediately he walked pass the shop, I came out quickly.
Me: hey, Owe me die *he want to run but change his mind ’cause we are close*
Ekpemaetor: Victor my man, fine boy. Shake me hand first.
Me: I wan shake your pocket *i start searching his trouser pocket*
Ekpemaetor: guy free me na, no be only you I dey owe na.
Me: that one concern ona, I don tuwama with my own money.
I was not comfortable about Biggy’s situation, I returned to the house when the sun has left the sky.
I saw my brother sleeping with his d*ck inside Albino’s mouth. Who was also sleeping, I shook my head.
I cooked and ate, then bath. Albino was to wake up first, before she waked up my brother.
Albino: thieves!! *she shout all of a sudden*
Me: where you see thief?
Victory: bro, wetin you dey enjoy na?
Me: expired weed and r2.
Albino: wetin be r2?
Victory: em mean the girl own.
Victory and Albino ate together, and he escorted her to get a taxi. I could not leave the room ’cause I was thinking of a way to help my friend.
My twin brother came back and met me in deep thought,
Victory: this one you dey think like married man with six children, wetin happen?
Me: Biggy don turn house boy.
Victory: why em come go apply for that kind of job?
Me: this one pass president servant, the problem here be say. Them nodey pay am anything.
Victory: you no mean am?
Me: I resemble AY, Biggy don go eat chop and mumu. As we dey talk now, Biggy dey wash toto with omo and soap.
Victory: chisos! Chisos!! You know say na our guy, where em go see that gal sef?
Me: na Kelly oh, na em go give am that witch.
Victory: make we go jazzy Kelly, em go give us solution.
Me: no be today, na tomorrow.
After we played PS4, we decided to sleep with the thought of us visiting Kelly after I returned from work the next day.
I was sleeping when I dreamt, I saw myself walking naked on a bushy footpath.
I started hearing a loud voice from behind…
Voice: stop! Victor, do not go?
I looked back and saw no one, again I turned to walk to the direction I was and the other voice kept on calling out to me…
A girl with a gun stood before me.
Girl: you betray me, and cheat on me. I will kill you!
Me: no! Please do not kill me, I love you.
She shot me twice and I woke up drenched with sweats. Shouting…
Me: Jesus!!!!


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.