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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 22




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 22
Police officer: oga thank you.
Me: always at your service, you know say police na my friend.
I quickly locked the window and a thought came to me to check if the protector is locked, I went out of the kitchen into the verandah and saw Blacky with two other policemen.
I wanted to run inside when…
Police officer 1: stop there before I shoot? *I pause with immediate effect*
Police officer 2: na the guy be this?
Blacky: yes, na the man wey rape me * rape?! How na?!*
Police officer: you be the Victor na you come deny.
Me: you put am Mr. I never marry o, and I no know this girl o.. Who are you? *pointing at Blacky*
Police officer: when we reach station will go install the formatted file back into your head.
They forced the protector open and handcuffed me, Biggy came out sluggishly yawning.
Me: come release me from police station.
Biggy: I nodey come, chop alone and die alone.
Me: officer I fit carry my phone?
They whispered amongst themselves and nodded, one of them ordered Biggy to get my phone and he foolishly went ahead and brought it.
Biggy: officers, abeg ohh.. Make ona give my friend vip treatment.
Police officer2: you wan join am?
Biggy: I dey craze?
Me: Biggy! When you dey come release me, lap with food abeg… *dragging me out of the compound*
I was forced out of the compound as Musa look on with pity, forced into their car.
One of the police officer was with Blacky as they discuss from a distance that I can not hear whatever they were discussing.
Blacky walked away and the other police officer returned back to the car, they drive quietly and I began to fear as we drove out my street.
Me: officers please na, i will not do it again.*two police officers sat with me at the back*
Police officer: na only soapy dey for prison, no rape my brother.
Me: I go do anything, abeg na *crying*
Police officer 2: na 21years in prison for rape charge.
Me: abeg na! I still young to go jail *begging and crying*
Police officer: you no too young to chuk your prick for every hole? *the one driving us*
Me: na devil oohh.. Abeg na, make ona pity my mama and papa.
Police officer 2: before, na always devil or another person dey? if we carry you go station you go go prison for 21years no be days oh. You no go even see sun or faggy x mas, you better corporate.
Police officer: if you no wan enter, you go transfer 50k now now… We go free you.
Me: aaahhmm! 50k!!
Police officer: officer Tunde drive fast fast, you think we are joking.
Me: no no! Account details my send am.
Police officer2: see am here.
I tapped my phone and it displayed, I log into my bank application and did the transfer.
They parked by the roadside and asked me to come down.
Police officer2: stay away from rape, be a good citizen.
Me: sir yes sir! *I salute*
They drove away and I flagged down a taxi and entered, we got to my gate and I came down paid the taxi driver.
I started hearing loud shouts when I got to the gate, immediately I opened the gate a girl ran pass me.
With her p*nt in hand, merely looking at her size she will be those secondary school girls that want to start slaying at young age.
Musa: Angeli…. Angeliiiii.. Me never puff am for two round. *Musa come out of the gate with his trouser in hand*
Me: Musa, wetin happen?
Musa: I do I do, Angeli say em dey pain am, I do I do kaii.. Angeli say em sweet well.. I do I do I come bozaga, I wan puff am again na Angeli run. *laughing*
Me: sorry Musa, my go inside.
I met Biggy in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
Biggy: yahoo boys don free you?
Me: how you take know say no be better police people be that?
Biggy: na the same girl wey scam Johnny na, my neighbor then.
Me: na you no tell me? I give them 50k! I don die..
Biggy: 50k! You? Even if them point you gun, you no go fit give that money.
Me: I just commot one zero, I no try? *both of us laughing*
Biggy: you try well well…
Me: abeg… Bring the food, I wan enter work today.
After we finished eating, i took my bath and prepared for work.
I took a taxi and came out of the busy road, I flagged down a bus.
Conductor: be serious! Shake body, oga enter. *I sight small Mama*
Voices: where that man wan stay? Here tight well well.. ona wan kill human being. How four people go stay for seat? this woman wey fat come down na!
Conductor: madam adjust, oga enter.
Me: I nodey go again.
Conductor: oga use your head o, you no even get money.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.