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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 21




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 21.
I came out of my apartment and saw Ada husband entering his house, his muscles and tall frame made me re-thank God from rescuing me from being caught that particular day.
Ada husband: good evening, neighbour.
Me: evening neighbour, how was work today?
Ada husband: fine, we will see some other time *no be wetin I dey think sha*
I walked to the gate and met the arm chair that Musa always sits on vacant, I walked to the security house and dragged him out.
Musa: aaaii! Me no fe trouble maker ko, live am from my shirt.
Me: open gate joor, you too dey fear.
Musa: the armed robbers don go bah?
Me: no armed robbers oh, I just dey do exercise na em I lie to you. Fear, fear.
Musa: I no dey do am for that kin play ko.
He went to the gate and unlocked.
Me: anybody dey there?
Musa: nobody, me pia.. I fit kill am for ten thieves.
I ignored him and went outside, I stood at the gate and scanned the street for any of those who were chasing me earlier.
I walked towards the junction and saw Blacky, we went inside the yard together.
Immediately, I entered the room Biggy started smiling like suspicious crayfish.
Me: guy why you dey shine your 44 teeth?
Blacky: good evening.
Me: which evening? What do you care for dear? Hope no be food sha… Cause food undertaker have buried all the edible.
Biggy: evening ebony beau… *I cover his mouth*
Me: guy, warn your prick oh! Ehnn.. Blacky, you no wan baf?
Blacky: I wan baf sleep, I don tire.
Me: oya na, my show you bathroom.
I brought out a towel and one big basket ball shirt that looks like I inherited it from my fat ancestors and gave it to her, to prevent her from wearing trouser and the shirt she was wearing.
I took her to the bathroom myself safe-guarding her against the evil eyes of Biggy.
After sometime I started hearing water splashes.
Me: em never reach time for you to lap kitchen go sleep?
Biggy: so you mean wetin you been talk?
Me: before? We be Oliver twins to share toto? Guy, park well oh.. Na privatize compass be this.
Biggy: o shey, punani privatizer.
Blacky came out after I switched off the light in the room, she wore only the basket ball shirt I gave to her without panties and my brain started sending s*xual signals to my groin.
Blacky: I wan lie down, where I fit sleep?
Me: lie down for bed.
She went to the bed and lay, my d+ck was already standing like a stiff rock.
I could not concentrate on the game even Biggy also, I paused the game.
Biggy: only you fit handle that nyash? that nyash big pass your entire lineage destinies combined.
Me: chin chin full your brain, my go piss, I no wan see you for that bed oh!
Biggy: yes, sir!!
I hurriedly rush inside the bathroom and kept the door open in case Satan want to tempt Biggy to be another Jacob,
I quickly pulled down the boxer I wore and my d*ck sprang up, I tore the condom sachet.
And released the whitish rubber, placed the ring around my cap and did a quick drag, and my h*rd d*ck was fully condomize.
I returned to the room and switched off everything.
Biggy: why na? I wan score goal.
Me: I wan help you, sleep quick so that konji no go kill you.
Biggy: you harsh oh! So you mean am say I nofit even put only the cap commot.
Me: no be only cap you go put, na head. Go sleep, or you wan follow them fly? *he hiss*
I climb the bed while Biggy managed the couch for the mean time, I saw that Blacky was already snoring lightly and her legs are wide opened with the shirt shifted to her waist, making her womanliness visible to my eyes.
I did not know if it was my brain or my d*ck, or is within both of them doing the thinking. One thought was asking me to wake Blacky up and sweet talk her into having s*x with me.
While the other was encouraging me to just thr*st in and do it slowly, that she will not wake instead of stressing myself.
I went for the latter ’cause of the fear of she disagreeing and is not easy to make heaven while someone is living in hell, I placed my both hands in between her body.
And positioned myself in between her legs, I rubbed my h*rd d*ck on her crack and the penetration was made easy because she was w*t already.
The hammer head of my d*ck was the first to slide in, and I allowed the full size to go in slowly slowly until I fed her up.
I started lifting my waist up and down in a slow pace.
Blacky: ah uhm… Oh! *m+aning slowly*
Me: assh aaahh *groaning*
The fear of being caught made my s*xual satisfaction to build up quickly, within five minutes my orgasm build up and I started thr*sting in with reckless abandon.
Me: aah! Aaahh!! Aaaaahhhhh!!! *she start m+aning loud*
Blacky: ossshhh! Ooihhh!! Yeaaaahhh! Babbby!!! *grabbing the sheets*
I started spurting my sp*rm in the rubber, I pulled out and rolled off breathing out satisfaction. I exhaled and wiped out the beads of sweats on my forehead.
Me: this is what oyigbo people call dangerous s*x.
I slept off and woke up to see the bed empty, I was shock. I stood up and ran to the bathroom to check for Blacky and did not find her or her belongings, I came back to the room and met only Biggy snoring away his life loudly.
I decided to digest the shock with a cup of water, I looked through the kitchen window and my eyes met with a policeman.
Policeman: you know who be Mr. Victor?
Me: no, check the next door.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.