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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 16




Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 16
Biggy: why you dey bark like dog wey the owner don disown? *I gave him my phone*
Me: I don become working class, poverty bye bye *he look at me like I have run mad*
Biggy: for 70k? divide am by your school fees.
Me: guy, this place no sweet me for body again, I wan rent self-contain.
Biggy: make we dey go fine na, you think say I go advice you?
We dressed up and headed out in search of self-contain apartment, after we have gone to three streets the fourth one. A fenced yard, that has four self-contain apartments and two bedrooms apartment, I decided to rent the only vacant self-contain apartment because of the occupants are mainly female that are yet to marry, and a newly wedded young couple.
I met the caretaker and did the required transaction, we were about leaving the compound…
Caretaker: you will be moving in next week, right? *is this one head correct?*
Me: tomorrow, I will be starting my newly find work next week. So, i will not be chance next week.
Biggy: we will be cleaning the house today, can I have the keys?
He gave us the keys reluctantly, i began to suspect the man.
When we left the compound…
Biggy: that caretaker no wan rent the house give you.
Me: i see am like that, em no want division for em kingdom. King Solomon.
Biggy: no wonder em papa call am Solo, with his flat onion nose.
Me: if em like am or not, I dey enter this yard to shift pants.
Biggy: I trust you, make HIV no shift you go the other side sha..
We took a taxi and went home, later came back to the yard in the evening. And did a sparkling cleaning in the rooms, we were busy with the floor brush when a lady of about 25years came.
Lady: good evening, are you the new tenant
Biggy: yes oh, hope you live in this compound too?
Lady: yes, I do… Am actually your neighbor. *smiling*
Biggy: am actually protected if beautiful angel like you live here, what is your sexy name?
Lady: you are very funny, am Tricia. And what is yours?
Biggy: am B and D, is nice meeting you Tricia.
Lady: you mean Big Dick? *Biggy grinning like organic monkey*
Biggy: yeah… Pretty Tricia.
Lady: hope is actually big, i will be going. See you some other time.
Lady: hi
Me: hi *she left*
Me: which day your papa start to call you Big Dick?
Biggy: I no understand, when you turn questioneer?
Me: we no follow rent this house o, I no know why you dey in a hurry to run enter pant.
Biggy: dey there, her nyash dey very attractive.
Around 8pm we left the place sparkling white, the next morning I wanted to move my foam and stove, to my new house…
Biggy: where all these things wan go?
Me: you lose your memory for sleep, i wan park na.
Biggy: you no read am for bible, old things shall pass away and new things shall come to stay, guy pretend say you be big boy for once. Leave this economical lifestyle, na food wey dey belle na person dey die with oh.
Me: I don hear, so wetin you want my do now?
Biggy: na to make withdrawal then blaze inside market.
I agreed with him, after the bank transaction we went straight to the market. And I spent all the money I took from the bank, Biggy was still urging me to buy more as I kept on doing bank transfers.
I was weeping in my heart, is like I was not with my senses.
After we conveyed all what we bought to my new apartment, we arranged it and Biggy left.
I saw my account balance and wept like baby, I had a sleepless night. That I slept off the next day at 6am, stupid MTN borrowu message woke me up around 11am.
I decided to log in to console my sorrow, immediately I switch on my data a whatsapp message pop-up on the notification bar from Tracy.
Tracy: hi sweet d+ck, am coming to visit you *online*
Me: Tracy, my sweet toto… I have upgrade oh, I nodey stay for that place again. *typed and sent*
Tracy: where do you now live?
Me: ……….. When you wan come? *typed and sent*
Tracy: 2pm, i go don do come. *i will so scatter this girl p+ssy, that she will not be able to walk home*


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.