Three More Days Until High School is Over.
Three more days until I can kiss my
chances of ever finding out if Parker likes
me goodbye.
Parker Finn is a boy who’s full of secrets
and just so happens to rule the school.
Quinn Moore is a quiet, shy, nobody who
stands in the shadows.
Since fourth grade they’ve liked each other.
Quinn fears Parker may have outgrown the
long time crush a long time ago. She has
three days to find out if he really loves her
or if he has forgotten about her completely.
Together, they have three days to fall in love.

Episode 1—–The Plan
3 days
“Stop drooling,” Alexis states as she pulls
back her blonde hair. Her curls bundle
up together in a messy bun. She taps my
chin. “You had your chance.”
“Yeah. In fourth grade.” I roll my eyes
and turn back towards my locker. I pull
out my textbooks and shove them into
my bag. Alexis laughs softly at my side.
“What’s so funny?”
“He probably still likes you,” she says,
glancing behind us.
“No,” I whisper.
“Yes,” she argues.
“Really, Alexis? He avoids me at all costs.
He doesn’t remember my name. He has
gone out with half the student body.”
“Funny how were both in the other fifty-
percent. You’d think he’d ask one of us
out by now.”
“I’m quiet and neutral.”
“I’m loud and bright. He has to have
noticed us.” She shakes her head. “I
believe that he likes you.”
“I believe he doesn’t know me.”
“It’s not just a coincidence that he hasn’t
made a move on me yet.” She raises her
eyebrows. “I’m a senior, I’m blonde, I
have a nice body, I’m nicely tanned. You
could call me flawless.”
“You’re conceited.”
“And you’re not?”
“I don’t boast about it,” I say.
“I think that if you got him to notice you
he’d remember you. He’d fall to his
knees and beg for you.”
“We are talking about Parker, right?” I
“I don’t think so, Lex.”
“We graduate in three days. You have
three days to find out if Parker really
likes you.”
“Alexis,” I begin.
“No. You have liked each other for eight
years. Eight years.”
“Technically I’ve like him for eight. He
probably liked me for three.”
“Please, Quinn.”

“I’ll help you. Just do what I say.” I roll
my eyes again. “Oh. And be yourself.
Always be yourself.”
“Okay, Alexis, I got it.”
“I’m sure you do. You’ve gone out with
about . . . zero guys. Where as he – he
has gone out with about a million girls.”
“Way to boost my confidence and I’m
pretty sure it’s not a million.”
“Close enough.”
“Again, that’s enough confidence
boosting for one day.” I lay the sarcasm
on thick and turn to walk down the hall.
Alexis follows me. “Why are you so
interested in him?”
“Because you’ve always liked him and
you had to watch him change from a
sweet young man to what he is now.
That must’ve been hard. And you’ve
never stopped liking him.”
“I know. I think that he’s truly the same.
He just had to change to . . .”
“To what?”
“I don’t know,” I say, shaking my head.
“To get over you?” Alexis suggests.
“Let’s just drop it.”
“No. I think that you can use these last
three days to prove that he still likes you.
I said I’ll help.” She nods her head like a
crazy woman. Her eyes light up and I
know she’s forming a plan.
I reach my car and turn back to Alexis.
“Okay, what do I do first?”
“Tomorrow wear those black strapped
“That’s it?”
“Oh. And get here like an hour early.”
“Is the school even open then?” I ask.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow.” She walks away
with a huge grin on her face. I shudder
from her creepiness.
On my way home I think a lot about our
conversation. I have three days to find
out if Parker still has feelings for me.
Does he have feelings for me? I don’t know.


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