Michelle dropped a WhatsApp message for Dapo but he did not reply. If it had not shown the delivered sign then she would not be perturbed. That had been his behaviour lately and anytime she complained she would be fed with ill-cooked excuses. She dropped another message,
Michelle: “Baby reply me ooo!”
She waited for five minutes and it was the same thing- it delivered but he didn’t reply, even though it was obvious that he had read it. She hissed, frustrated.
Michelle: “What’s wrong with Dapo na? I just hope he is okay.”
She lamented to herself,
Michelle: “Or is he beginning to see someone else?”She added.
She bit herself on the lips, and said,
Michelle: “Dapo is so much in love with me to ever think of cheating on me. I’m just paranoid!” She consoled herself.
She called his number but it was switched off. Frustrated, she flung herself to the bed. She was supposed to have tutorials with Silver, her confidante- he understood her like no other even better than she did. Their friendship didn’t start on a good note; they became friends in their first year after a squabble. She was leaving the library when he accidentally bumped into her and she landed on her butt,
Michelle: “What’s your problem? You blind?
She shot at Silver.
He tried helping her up but she refused, he looked really sorry.
Silver: “I swear it was a mistake. I’m sorry!
Michelle: “Sorry, for yourself, idiot!”
She dusted herself and zoomed off rasped, on her way she was still repining. After that incidence, whenever they met in the class and he tried to either say “hi” or “hello” she would just shrug him off; Danielle her roommate pleaded with her to let go but being obdurate she bluntly refused.
Michelle: “See Nelly, do you know how embarrassing it is to be pushed to the ground in the library that’s always crowded? That guy provoke me, I swear. Now, the whole school don see my yansh ”

Danielle: “He has been apologizing and besides it was an accident.”
Michelle: “ Accident ko, plane crash ni. In blind? Babe, make we talk of something else, abeg.”
She always went luxuriant whenever her friend brought up the issue. Silver tried all he could to be in her good books but it didn’t work so he had to let her be. They became close after a test result came out in one of their departmental courses, it was a Maths course and Silver came atop while she failed woefully. A carry over? She wasn’t ready to start her varsity education on that path; the thick clotted pride had to be buried unceremoniously,
Michelle: “I have forgiven you”
She said to him after classes, he smiled,
Michelle: “…and please, can you take me tutorials in Maths 104?”
He nodded, she collected his number and left. Since then they had become best of friends.
The beeping of her phone jolted her back to life, she jerked and didn’t know when she pounced on the green button expecting to be Dapo’s call,
Silver: “Heyie, I’ve been waiting in the class for close to thirty minutes, where you enter?” Silver chimed.
With her eyes still blurry,
Michelle: “Oh,oh, I slept off. So, sorry. I’ll be there before you open your eyes and close it.
Silver: “I just did and you aren’t here.” They giggled.
She quickly picked her books and ran off to the class. Before getting to the class, she stopped by a kiosk to get Silver his favourite Digestive cookies, it was to appease him for not showing up on time, not as if he was offended anyway. She was always doing that.
Michelle: “Sorry, I’m late” She said, as she dropped her books and throws herself on the chair
Silver: “As if you’ve ever been early. You dey always come late! I am sure you will be late even for your wedding ceremony. Wait make I ask, you never marry and you dey do like this, when you marry with children how you wan take do? You go be professional late comer be dat.” Silver said as she sat close to him and punched him.
They laughed.

She handed him the cookies, he munched as they flipped through their books. In about five minutes they started but Michelle seemed distracted,
Silver: “What’s wrong?”
Michelle: “Nothing” She lied.
They continued, but she couldn’t concentrate, her mind was occupied with Dapo’s thought, he still hadn’t contacted her.
Michelle: “I don’t know what’s wrong with Dapo!” she bemoaned.
Silver paused, gawked at her, then asked,
Silver: “Sup with him?”
Michelle: “Sent him messages on WhatsApp but he hasn’t replied…”
He cuts in,
Silver: “… Maybe, it’s network.”
Michelle: “It isn’t joor. It did deliver and his number is switched off”.
Silver sighed, he did not like Dapo for her- he had never liked him. He had a feeling Dapo was just playing her and wondered why she could not read the clear graffiti on the wall.
She told Silver that she was going to check on Dapo, he tried dissuading her but it was an exercise in futility. He saw her off to where she’d take a bike, she got one who charged her extra before Silver could lament about the extortion she’d jumped on the bike. He shook his head as they rode off. She stopped few miles from Dapo’s lodge and dialed his number,
Michelle: “Good heavens”
She smiled as it rang.
Dapo: “Heyie babe!”
Michelle: “Are you home? She said approaching the gate.”
Dapo : “Ehm, not really. I… I just left to print out an assignment…” He stammered as network ended the call.
Michelle: “He sounded somehow” She thought.
She tried the number and it was not reachable, about to go back, and on a second thought she decided to go wait for him. Abruptly, she sent him a text,
Michelle: “I’ll be waiting for you at your place”
But it didn’t deliver for network had really become messy. As she went in, she heard footsteps and they screamed out of his room. She went closer and noticed two shadows chasing each other. The light was on but the drapes made it difficult to see the people in the room. Instead of knocking she decided to look through the window but couldn’t see anything. Bemused, she knocked and a female voice rang out,
Sandra: ‘Yea, who is that?”
Unbelievable, her ears must have heard wrongly, she ran to the gate to really get a hold of herself. The door creaked open and in no time, it went shut and it was bolted. Her mind raced. She took a deep breath, jumped on Courage’s chariot, climbed his veranda and knocked again, this time it was Dapo that answered but by the time the door was opened, she was face to face with Sandra, a girl who was known for her flirtatious lifestyle on campus. She didn’t know when she flung the arms of the door open and shoved Sandra to the side. Dapo on boxers, sprawled on the couch.
Michelle: “Dapo… wh…what’s happening here?”
She stammered, Dapo ignored her, Sandra hissed and shrugged pass her. Tears trickled down her cheeks as her breath seemed unstable.
Michelle: “Dapo, please, tell me you aren’t cheating on me with Sandra”.
Sandra sat on Dapo’s legs, set her buttocks higher to call Michelle’s attention to her big buttocks and planted a kiss on his lips. Michelle could not believe her eyes- befuddled; she ran out of the room, tripped and fell.


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