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Two years later and the twins were celebrating their second birthday, with the twins still asleep Dante took advantage of the situation. Going back into the bedroom he looks down at Carrie, she was still naked from last night, the sheet barely covering her body. He gets in and kisses her awake, loving how she ran her hands over his shoulders and started kissing him back.

“Dante, the twins will be up soon,” she moaned into his mouth.

“They are fast asleep, we have plenty of time,” he said, smiling down at her. “I love you so much, we are of two hearts but one soul.” He then made love to her, showing her how much he loved and desired her.

Later she laid snuggled in his arms. “We have such an amazing life and I’m so happy, we have two beautiful children, a fabulous home and a thriving business. A perfect marriage with no secrets.”

He started feeling guilty about the one secret he had been keeping from her so he decided to confess. “There is something I haven’t told you and I think I should.”

She looked at him, worried about what he was going to say. “What is it?”
“Before you had the twins I flew, it was just one time.”
“You flew after we talked and you agreed not to, how could you?”

“Carebear, I needed to conquer my fear, and I did.”
“Why didn’t you tell me before we made love?”

“I’m not crazy, I knew you’d be mad and wouldn’t have had sex with me. Please don’t be angry with me.”

“I should be angry. Do you miss flying?”

“I really do but I know how much you’re against it, besides I don’t have time now. I would like to take it up again someday.”

She sat up, pulling the sheet over her. “It’s not right that I stop you from doing what you love so if you want to then I won’t stop you. But I will worry about you every time you do.”

“You’re the best wife ever,” he said, lowering her down onto the bed and started kissing her but had to stop when the twins began making noise. “I guess we’ll have to continue this later tonight.”

That night they had a party for the twins, though the grandparents couldn’t make it they did send plenty of gifts. But Hal and Melissa along with a few others showed up. Mrs. White who was not only the housekeeper was also now the nanny was there along with Kirk and his boyfriend Donny.

After the party and everyone was gone except for Hal and Mellisa who stayed, and when the twins were bathed and put to bed they sat around talking.
“We have something to tell you,” Hal said, taking Mellisa’s hand and smiling at the others. “We’re having a baby.”

“I knew it,” Carrie squealed, going over to hug them. “I knew it the moment you refused the wine I offered you. So how far along are you?”

“Two and a half months,” Melissa said, holding up two fingers.

Ok, no more to say so let’s sum it up: Carrie and Dante never did have any more children, not their choice, it just never happened. But they continued to be happy and deeply in love. Dante’s paintings continued to make money, he also took up flying again, taking Carrie on many rides. She later went back to working full time in the gallery when the twins got older. Hal and Melissa ended up having three kids, all girls. The two men’s friendship continued to grow, the two women became the best of friends. Both families and parents remained close, spending as much time together as possible. Joyce and Jane met twin brothers and eventually married them, having children of their own.


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