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🍒 Chapter Thirty One🍒

“Morning Carebear,” he said when he saw she was awake and got on top of her. Looking down at her sweet lips he had to kiss them, her arms went around him, caressing his shoulders. They made passionate love, taking their time in exploring each other’s bodies as if it were their first time. “My day is always better when we start it off this way,” he said, moving off her and onto his back.

The next few days she went to work and he stayed hidden in his studio painting. His bandages were finally removed and when they went to her scan he wore the baseball cap that Hal had given him.

A couple more weeks went by and Hal invited them out to dinner with him and Melissa. But Dante felt self-conscious about his hair that was slowly coming in so he invited them to come to their place, saying that Mrs. White would be happy to make them one of her gourmet meals. So Hal brought over a bottle of champagne, while they waited for dinner to be ready Carrie took Melissa upstairs to see the baby’s room while the guys had a drink.

Coming back downstairs Hal went over, putting his arm over Melissa’s shoulder and looked at his two best friends. “We have something to tell you both.” He looked at the woman he loved and smiled, turning back to the others. “Melissa and I eloped, we got married today at City Hall and tomorrow we’re going to Hawaii for a three-week honeymoon.”

Carrie and Dante went over, giving them both a big hug, though they were shocked and a little disappointed that they weren’t there to see them get married.

“We’re really happy for you but what was the rush? I mean didn’t you want to be married in a church with family and friends around?” Dante asked, handing them both a glass of wine.

“We didn’t want a big wedding, just the two of us. You know my mother and father, they wouldn’t have come anyway.” He looked at Dante. “You don’t have to wear that hat.”

“My hair is starting to come out, looks like hell so I’d rather keep it on.”

They all sat down to a lovely meal of Chicken Tikka Masala, the chicken was marinated in yogurt and spices and served in a tomato cream sauce and served with rice. For dessert, Mrs. White had made them chocolate-covered strawberry mint cheesecake.

“Damn, your housekeeper sure knows her way around the kitchen,” Hal said, patting his stomach. “That was the best meal I’ve had in a long time, maybe I should steal her away from you.”

They then went into the living room and talked.

Later: Carrie was now seven months pregnant, she was starting to feel very uncomfortable and was tired a lot. He was worried about her so he made a doctor’s appointment for her and they said they would do another scan, just to make sure she and the baby were OK.

Sitting in the office he held her hand, waiting for the doctor to come in. “I’m really starting to show now,” she said, running her hand over her belly. I know pregnant women get tired but I don’t think I should be feeling this way, not this tired and weak.”

The doctor came in and sat down behind his desk. He began by asking her questions about her eating habits and if she was getting plenty of rest and exercise. After taking her blood pressure and checking the baby’s heart beat he then went to get the scanner ready.

As she was laying on the table and the doctor started the scan he looked at the screen. “This is interesting,” he said, staring at the screen.

“What is?” she asked, hoping it wasn’t anything serious.

“I have no idea how we missed this, it should have shown up on the last scan.”

Dante was starting to get worried, he looked at her and saw the frown lines on her forehead and knew she was worried too. “Missed what?” he asked nervously.

“There are two babies.”

“Two,” both Carrie and Dante said at the same time, looking at each other with mouths wide opened.

“Yes, you’re having twins, congratulations. Would you like to know the sex of the babies? I know you didn’t want to before but maybe you’ve changed your minds.”

They were overjoyed with happiness knowing they were having twins.

“No, we want to wait,” she said, smiling at Dante.

When they were left alone he leaned over to kiss her, then pulling back smiled at her. “It looks like we need to buy another crib and all the other things. I can’t wait to tell everyone the news. I love you Carebear.”

“I love you too and no wonder I’ve been so tired.”

Before leaving the office the doctor told her she had to take it easy from now on and to get plenty of rest. He also assured them that the babies were doing good and healthy.

A week later she gave in to his request to paint her, so she bought something sexy that she thought he would like. Putting it on and doing her hair up went down to the studio where he was working on another painting.

When she walked in he looked up and smiled when he saw her.

“I won’t go totally nude but will allow you to paint me in this, is that OK with you?”

“Damn, you are so beautiful and yes, this will work for me. But I’ll have you lay down, on your back with your face turned towards me,” he said, removing the junk off of the sofa he placed a pillow down for her head to lay on. Taking her hand laid her down, adjusted the angle of her head and placed her one hand on her belly. “This is perfect, you’re perfect,” he said, kissing her belly before getting up and started painting.

After a couple of hours, she had to stretch, sitting up she yawns. “How much longer do I have to lay here? I’m getting tired of laying still.”

Wiping off his brushes he knew he would have to go slowly so as not to let her get tired or uncomfortable. “That’s it for tonight, we’ll just do it a couple of hours a night until it’s done.”

“Can I see it?” she asked, getting up off the sofa.

“No, not until it’s finished.” He goes over and takes her hand. “It’s late, let’s go to bed and I’ll help you out of this nightgown.” He had more in mind than just that, winking at her.

Seeing that she was carrying twins made the decision not to go back to work until the twins were born and old enough to be left with a nanny, so Kirk was once again left with running the place on his own until Dante was ready to go back. Hal and Melissa were back from their honeymoon, bringing gifts for the twins. Now with all the extra baby things bought and the furniture all she had to do was rest until the babies came.

She was getting closer to her due date, only three weeks until the birth when Dante took Hal for a drive, stopping at a private airstrip where there were several small planes.

Hal turned to Dante when he stopped the car. “What are we doing here?”

Dante stared straight ahead at the planes, swallowing the lump in his throat before answering. “I’ve arranged to fly one.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind? I can’t believe Carrie agreed to let you fly again.”

“She doesn’t know.”

Hal turned to him, staring in disbelief. “How could you not tell her? She has a right to know. Damn it, if anything happens to you it will kill her. You can’t do this.”

“Nothing’s going to happen, and I won’t be alone.”

“Well I’m not going up with you,” Hal said nervously.

“Not you, one of the pilot’s.” He looked over at Hal. “I’ve never been afraid of anything before until the crash. I have always loved flying and if I don’t go up now I never will. It’s important that I get over my fear.”

“Carrie will never let you get another plane, she won’t even want you flying .”

“I know, this is a one time deal, just to see if I can do it.” He got out of the car, turning to look at Hal before going over to the plane. “You must never tell Carrie about this or she will kill both of us.”

“Just be careful and any sign of trouble bailout.”

Dante would be the first one to say he was scared when he got behind the controls and started the engine, but once he was in the air the love for flying came back to him, his fear disappeared. For almost an hour he enjoyed the feeling of being up amongst the clouds.

Hal wiped the sweat from his brow when the plane landed, glad that everything went well, and he was never going to speak of this day ever again.

It was now only days away until the babies were expected, his hair had all grown back so he had long ago stopped wearing the baseball cap. For most of the pregnancy, it went well. There were no problems except for the constant graving for chocolate and ice cream and her mood swings were like a bouncing ball, up and down constantly. He was glad to be back at the gallery, helping out from time to time, leaving poor Mrs. White to deal with her. The painting he did of her hung in their bedroom where he could see it first thing in the morning and the last thing he looked at before falling asleep, besides her of course.

He was shaken awake at three in the morning, one look at her and he knew she was going into labour. “Is it time?” he asked, getting out of bed.

“Yes, and it hurts, my back is killing me.”

He helped her up and after getting her dressed he called the hospital to let them know they were on their way. He grabbed her overnight bag and carefully got her down the stairs and out into the car. He may have appeared calm to her but inside he was a complete and total wreck. Driving he would every now and then look over at her, he could see she was in pain but didn’t complain. He had heard how some women screamed and called their partner names, but she didn’t, not even after hours of labour and then giving birth. Though she did squeeze his hand so hard he thought for sure she had broken a couple of bones.

When he saw his son and daughter for the first time he didn’t try to stop the tears from falling down his face. “You did so good Carebear,” he said, holding his son while she held the baby girl. He then gave her a kiss, telling her again how much he loved her.

Hal and Melissa showed up later with tons of gifts for the babies, he held the baby girl while she held the boy.

“So what have you named them?” he asked, smiling when the baby held onto his finger.

Dante was sitting on the bed next to Carrie, his arm over her shoulder. “We’re naming the girl Olivia and Shawn for the boy.”

“Those are wonderful names, but they are so tiny,” Hal said, looking at them.

“Both five and a half pounds, trust me when I say that’s a good weight seeing I had to carry them,” Carrie said, smiling back at him.

“Well, they’re both beautiful,” Melissa said, giving the new parents a big smile. “Hal and I are going to spoil these two angels to death.”

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