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📍 Billionaire romance series 📍
🍒 Chapter Twenty Nine🍒

When Thomas got outside he saw her across the street, in the park. She was kneeling on her knees and her face was buried in her hands and he knew she was crying. Going over he placed his hands on her arms, pulling her up onto her feet.

“Daddy, I’ve lost him for good this time,” she said, her voice cracked and her sobs loud and hard.

He wrapped his arm around her, his free hand holding the back of her head pulled her into him and kissed the side of her head. “No, you haven’t sweetheart, he’s still alive and can wake up any minute now, you have to have faith in God.”

She pulled away from him in anger. “How can I have faith in him when he has taken Dante away from me more than once? How can he be so cruel as to take the only man I love away just when we were moving on with our lives and having a baby?”

“There’s always a reason for what happens, we just have to keep our faith. I know you’re angry, you’re hurting and if I could take your pain away I would. You have a child coming, he or she will need you no matter what God has planned for Dante.”

“Oh daddy, I’m so scared,” she said, going back into his arms for comfort.

He held her, letting her cry it out and when she had stopped he took her face in his hands, wiping her tears away. “Let’s go see Dante.”

She nodded her head.

When they entered Dante’s room the others moved away, giving her room to be by his side. She lovingly touched his face. To her, it looked like he was having a peaceful sleep. She noticed that his hair was all shaven off under his bandage. “Why did they shave it all off? I thought they only had to shave one side of his head,” she asked, leaning over to kiss his lips.

There was a nurse in the room and as she was checking his vital signs she spoke up. “Your husband told them he didn’t want half his head shaven so he told them to shave it all off.”

“Dante, I’m here darling, please wake up for me.”

“They say if you talk to someone who’s in a coma that they can hear you so keep talking to him, it might help to draw him out,” the nurse said to Carrie.

“If anyone can bring him back it’ll be you, sweetheart,” her mother said, putting her arm over her shoulder.

It was getting late and everyone was tired so they all decided to go home and get some sleep, but Carrie refused to leave. Hal stayed until Melissa got off duty, he tried to talk her into going home, said he’d give her a ride home.

“Carrie, you need your rest too,” he answered back.

“I can sleep on the sofa in here,” she said, wishing he would leave already. Not even the devil himself could tear her away from Dante.

“Alright, but if you need me for anything call me and I’ll be right back.” Giving her a hug he and Melissa left.

For two days she stayed by his side, refusing to leave. Hal’s girlfriend managed to arrange for another bed to be brought in so that Carrie had something more comfortable to sleep on besides the small sofa. Everyone made sure she slept and ate, bringing her clean clothes.

On the third night after everyone had left for the night, she was sitting on the bed next to him, holding his hand while she talked to him. A nurse came in to check his vital signs and she gasped when she felt his hand moving.

“Is something wrong Mrs. Matthews?”

“His hand moved,” she said looking back at the older nurse. “Look, he’s doing it again, did you see it?”

“Yes, I’ll go get a doctor,” she said, fleeing the room.

Carrie hovered over him. “That’s it Dante, open your eyes.” She felt her heart leaping for joy when his eyelids opened and closed again. “Come back to me,” she cried out quietly.

A doctor who was on duty that night walked in and over to them, he then checked Dante out, telling him to open his eyes. When his eyes opened he blinked when he saw the doctor staring down at him.

“Where am I?” he asked, feeling a little confused, his brain foggy and his head hurt.

“You’re in the hospital, you’ve had an operation on your brain. You’ve been in a coma for a couple of days. Can you tell me your name?”

He didn’t notice Carrie, his eyes were on the doctor. “Dante Matthews.”

“How old are you?”


The young doctor smiled. “Can you tell me who this woman is?” he asked, pointing to where she stood on the other side of the bed.

He turned his head to look at her. “SHE’S MY WIFE.”

A tear trickled down her face and she touched his cheek. She let out the breath she was holding in. “You remember me,” she said, bending over kissed him gently on the lips. She was glad he remembered her, it meant his present memories were still with him. But now the question was did the operation restore his past memories? Her question was about to be answered.

“How could I not remember you Carebear?” he said, trying his best to smile.

“Oh my God, you haven’t called me that since before your accident. Do you remember our lives together?” she asked, feeling her heart beating fast with anticipation.

“I met you when we were in high school, the second I saw you I knew you were the only one for me.”

“OK, I think that’s enough for now, Mr. Matthews. You need to rest now. Some things will be a bit fuzzy for a while but in time it will all come back to you.” He looked over at her. “Would you like me to call your family and let them know your husband is awake?”

She smiled back at him, taking Dante’s hand and holding it. “Yes, if you don’t mind.”

“It will be my pleasure. But seeing it’s really late I’ll let them know they’ll have to wait until tomorrow to come. He really needs his rest and having too many people show up now would be too hard on him.”

When he left she sat on the bed, holding his hand. “You came back to me,” she said, tears of joy ran down her face.

“Don’t cry Carebear, I told you I wouldn’t leave you again. I had you and our baby to fight for, a reason to live and to remember,” he said, caressing her cheek. “So how do you feel about being married to a bald man?”

“I don’t care if you’re bald or missing a limb, I love you and so happy to have you back. Everyone will be here tomorrow to see you so you better get some sleep.”

“Stay with me,” he said, clutching her hand.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said, kicking off her shoes got into bed next to him. She felt his arm going around her when she rested her head on his chest. She laid awake, listening to him breathing. She said a silent prayer, thanking God.

Hal was the first one to show up, he went and hugged Dante, something he rarely ever did with another man. “You gave us all quite a scare, but I’m so happy you came back to us. Boy, you are going to look so ugly bald,” he said, laughing at his own joke.

Dante just rolled his eyes then looked at Carrie. “I really owe you an apology for being an ass towards you when I was brought back home. I turned into Hal there for a while, thank God I’m back to my old self.”

“Hey,” Hal said, pouting.

They laughed, letting him know he was just joking, even though it was partly true. The others soon showed up, his mother cried, hugging him.

They stayed for a couple of hours. All were relieved to find out he had gotten all of his memories back, even though some things were still not clear he assured them it would all come back to him eventually. Not wanting to tire him out they decided to go home and let him get some rest.

“Take Carrie home with you,” he said when they were about to leave.

“No, I’m not leaving you,” she said, getting upset that he would even suggest it.

“Baby, you need to rest, to sleep in a proper bed and have a real home-cooked meal, not this hospital food. Besides, I won’t be able to sleep knowing you’re here.”

“I didn’t know I was being a bother to you.”

He grabbed her hand, pulling her closer to him. “That’s not what I meant. If you stay I’ll feel like I have to stay awake to keep you company and I really need a few hours sleep. I’ll feel better knowing you and the baby are being taken care of. Go home, eat, sleep in our bed and come back tomorrow.”

“Well, I could use a decent shower and it would be nice to sleep in my own bed. Alright I’ll go, but I’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning and will stay until you get released from here.” She leaned over, giving him a long kiss before leaving.

“Go take a nice relaxing bubble bath while Ruth and I make dinner.”

“Thanks, mom,” she said, giving her mother a hug. Upstairs she ran a bath, putting in some bubbles. Laying back she closed her eyes, thinking about the past few days. It had been a stressful time and she had been worried about the baby. She was afraid that she might lose it but Melissa had one of the doctor’s give her a check-up and everything was fine, making her feel so much better. Getting out of the tub she put on a dress and feeling tired she thought she would lay down on the bed for a few minutes, but ended up falling asleep.

When dinner was ready and Carrie hadn’t come down Thomas said he’d go check on her. When he got to her room he knocked and getting no answer he opened the door and peeked his head in. Seeing she was asleep he went in and over to the bed and sat down. Moving her hair from her face he couldn’t help thinking about when she was a little girl. She was his princess and he loved her with all his heart. He wondered where the years went, they flew by way too quickly, now she was all grown up.

Carrie opened her eyes and smiled when she saw her father. “Dad, what are you doing here?”

“Your mother sent me up to get you, dinner’s ready. How are you feeling sweetheart?” She looked happy and yet so tired, the last few days had been tough on her.

“Dad, the other day in the park I said some things I shouldn’t have. I lost my faith in God for a while, I’m so sorry and I hope he will forgive me,” she said, putting her arms around him gave him a hug.

“He does sweetheart, now let’s go eat,” he replied, hugging her back.

The five of them ate and later went into the living room to talk. Carrie was sad to hear that Ruth and Charlie had to leave in a couple of days, Charlie had a big court case to take care of, Thomas and Harriot were going to stay for a few more days.

That night when she was in bed her mother came in to say goodnight.

“I just wanted to say goodnight,” she said, tucking Carrie in.

“Mom, I’m a grown woman, you don’t have to tuck me in,” she said, giggling. But in a weird way she liked it.

“You’ll always be my little girl and just think, soon you will be tucking your own precious angel into bed. Carrie, I’m so happy that everything has worked out, that Dante is going to be alright. I hope later he will be able to paint again, he has such great talent.”

“I hope so too, goodnight mom.”

The next day after having breakfast she headed to the hospital, the others were going to go later on. When she got there and walked in she saw him with a nurse who was getting ready to change his bandage.

Dante stopped the nurse when he saw Carrie. “You might want to wait outside while my bandage is being changed, it won’t be a pretty sight.” He didn’t want her to be grossed out, but mostly he didn’t want to see pity in her eyes.

She moved closer to the bed. “You’ll need me to do it when you come home,” she said, then looked at the nurse. “Will you show me what to do?”

“I would love to,” the nurse replied.

“Carrie, are you sure about this?”

She kissed his cheek. “You’re my husband and I love you, so yes, I do.” When the bandage was removed she felt tears pricking her eyes but wouldn’t let him see. After she cleaned his head and placed a fresh bandage on she leaned over and kissed him. “When we get you home I will be your private nurse.”

He smiled brightly. “We’ll have to get you a nurse’s uniform,” he said, wriggling his eyebrows.

Just then the door opened and Hal walked in, carrying a small bag. “Hey buddy, you’re looking much better today. Here, I got you a gift, I figured you’d need it for when the bandage comes off,” he said, handing him the bag.

Dante pulled out a New York Yankees baseball cap and smiled. “Yankees, well I’m not a baseball fan but thanks. It will come in handy.”

“Your hair might not grow back, I could always buy you a wig, how would you feel about being a blond?” Hal asked, laughing out loud.

“Tsk, tsk,” the nurse said, shaking a finger at Hal she then looked back at Dante. “Don’t worry sir, your hair will grow back, so don’t listen to your friend,” she said before leaving.

Dante laughed. “I don’t think she likes you.”

“That’s OK, I know one nurse here that loves me.”

Carrie gave him a huge smile. “Is there something you want to tell us?” she asked, but already guessed what it was.

Hal pulled out a ring box and opening it showed them the ring inside. “I’m going to ask her to marry me. I know we haven’t known each other very long but like you two, we know we’re meant to be together.”

She hugged him. “I’m so happy for you, but you better put it away before she gets here. I met her on the way in and she told me she’d pop in.”


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