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📍 Billionaire romance series 📍
🍒 Chapter Twenty Eight

Carrie found it hard to sleep that night, she kept thinking about Dante and the surgery. It was scaring her to death thinking about the outcome. As the sun came up, shining light into the room she touched his chest. When he started to stir and opened his eyes she moved over on top of him, their naked bodies pressed together. “I love you,” she said, looking into his eyes.

He wrapped his arms around her, stroking her back. “You do know what happens when you climb on top of me don’t you?” he asked, feeling his manhood getting hard.

He flipped her over onto her back and got on top. “I love you,” he said as he lowered his head to kiss her. His hand moved down her body when the kiss turned more passionate.

She smiled back at him. “Yes, I do.”

There was something bittersweet in their lovemaking, it was much tenser than ever before. Both thinking this could be the last time they would be together, at least for a while anyway. He wanted them both to remember this forever so he poured all of his love and passion into making love to her. Later they showered and got dressed, knowing their parents would be waiting downstairs for them. Taking her hand they entered the kitchen where their mother’s were making breakfast.

“Oh good, you’re here,” Harriot said as she and Ruth started dishing out the food.

“Thanks, but you two didn’t have to do this, I could have.”

“Oh don’t be silly, we wanted to and we made both of your favourite breakfast. Pancakes, french toast, bacon, home fries and toast,” Ruth said, smiling at them as she poured them some freshly squeezed orange juice.

They all made small talk, not wanting to talk about how in a few hours Dante would be laying on the operating table. They had all tried to talk him out of it but the more they pushed the more determined he was to go through with it, so they gave up.

After breakfast was eaten and the idle chatter ended Dante took Carrie’s hand and looked at the others. “It’s time for me to go pack my bag for the hospital, please excuse us.”

They went back upstairs and while he took out his small case she got out the things he needed, toothbrush, clean underwear and other items. Her eyes glistened with tears as she started putting the items into his bag, her back was to him. But when she felt him standing behind her and his hands went on her shoulders she turned around, burying her face in his chest she started crying. “I’m sorry, this is the last thing you need right now.”

He held her tight against him, feeling her pain. “I know you’re scared but you don’t have to be. I have a good feeling about this.” He lets go of her and places her face in his hands. “I left you once, I won’t again, I promise,” he said, lowering his lips onto hers gave her a long and tender kiss.

When they arrived at the hospital he was taken into his room and changed into the gown which was provided for him. Everyone was then allowed to go into the room to be with him and Carrie, Hal showed up moments later, there was a beautiful nurse with him. She was of medium height with long blond hair tied up in a ponytail, they knew this had to be Melissa. He introduced them all before she had to go on duty.

He went over to Dante and sat on the edge of the bed opposite Carrie. “So what do you two think of her, isn’t she the greatest?”

“She seems really nice,” Carrie said with a smile on her face.

“Yeah she does seem really nice, don’t blow it with that girl,” Dante said, giving him a light punch in the arm.

Dr. Rae walked in and over to Dante. “We’ll be taking you into surgery in ten minutes, are you ready to do this?”

“I’m ready,” he answered, taking hold of Carrie’s hand.

When the doctor left the room everyone gathered around him, his mother leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“I love you, son, we’ll see you soon.”

“I love you to mom,” he said then looked at his father. “I’m going to be alright, just keep an eye on Carrie for me, make sure she’s OK.”

Charlie had tears in his eyes. “I don’t tell you this enough but I want you to know how proud I am of you, I always have been. You are a good son, husband and soon to be a father. I’ll see you when you wake up, I love you, son,” he said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Both Reverend Dunn and Harriot wished him well, saying how he was more like a son to them than a son-in-law. “Now let’s all hold hands and I’ll say a prayer.”

They all closed their eyes and listened as a prayer was said, when it was over Dante asked them all to leave him alone with Carrie until he was taken to the operating room. Hal went over and patted his shoulder.

“You’re the toughest and strongest man I know and I’ll be here waiting for you to come from surgery. You may not remember but you are my best friend, you have been more like a brother to me, I love you man.”

“You’re not going to cry on me are you?” he asked, rolling his eyes at Hal and smiling. “Now will you please leave me alone with my wife.” When everyone was gone he held out his hand for her to take and pulled her close.

“Dante, I love you,” she said as a tear rolled down her face.

Reaching his hand up he touched her face and wiped her tears away. “Just know that I love you and our baby,” he said, touching her stomach. “Please try not to worry. I want you to take it easy and get some rest. You need to take care of that little angel that is growing inside of you. No matter what happens I won’t leave you again, trust me.” Putting his hands on her face he pulled her down in for a kiss.

Just then they came in to get him, she held his hand as they wheeled him out but once they got to the door heading into the operating room she had to be held back by her father.

“Come sit down sweetheart,” her father said, putting his arm around her they went to the waiting room and sat down. He hated seeing his only child in pain but knew there was nothing he could do, all he could do was hold her.

Three hours later Melissa came with drinks and snacks for them all, she spoke quietly when she saw Carrie was asleep on the sofa. “I thought you could all use a drink,” she said, glancing over at a worried-looking Hal.

They all thanked her, saving Carrie’s for when she wakes up. Hal got up and walked with Melissa down the hall and being far enough away he stopped her. “Tell me the truth, is Dante going to come out of this with his memory back and alive.”

She looked into his eyes, feeling bad for him, he was being so brave in front of the others but in reality, he was scared to death. “Hal, no one can say for sure how it will turn out.”

“Just tell me the truth.”

“Dr. Rae is the best around, his success rate is high. His chances of recovering all his memories are good, he may not remember everything right away. It will come back slowly over the next few days. It can also go several different ways, he could keep his present memories and not the others or vice versa. Worst case is all his memories, past and present will be wiped out.”

He leaned against the wall, his head lowered. “If that last part happens it will destroy Carrie, she won’t be able to handle going through that again.”

She moved closer, lifting his chin up so that he had to look at her. “You must not think the worst, have faith that all will come out alright. That family in there needs you to be strong, especially Carrie.”

He leaned against the wall, his head lowered. “If that last part happens it will destroy Carrie, she won’t be able to handle going through that again.”

“They are a close-knitted family, nothing like mine. My father and mother didn’t even want me, I was an accident. Dante’s family were mine too and Carrie’s family also became like a real family to me.”

With no one around to see her, she placed her hands on his face and drew him in for a kiss. After a long kiss, she backed away, not wanting to get caught. “How about after he comes from surgery and I get off duty you come to stay with me tonight?”

His eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You want me to spend the night with you? We’ve never done that before, we haven’t even had sex yet.”

“I’m ready now,” she said, smiling. “I have to get back to work, I’ll check in on you all later.” Before leaving she whispered in his ear. “Make sure you bring something to wear. If you catch my drift.”

He went back to the others, Carrie was now awake and eating the snack that Melissa had brought for her. “I was told it’s going to be a while yet so if you all want to go home and get some rest I can stay. I’ll let you know when he comes out of surgery.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Carrie said, setting her sandwich down.

“Me either,” the others said at the same time.

To pass the time they started talking about Dante and the past. How he started painting when he was still a toddler, and how one day he painted pictures on their living room wall when he was seven. Carrie listened to them tell other stories, many involving Hal. Looking at the clock and seeing it was going on five hours she got worried and snapped at the others.

“You’re all talking as if he is dead, he’s not, he’s alive,” she said, snapping at them she got up and walked away.

Hal got to his feet and turned to the others. “Let me go talk to her.”

She walked down the hall until she found another waiting room which was empty so she went in and sat down. Her eyes were closed but felt a presence and opening her eyes saw Hal standing there, a worried frown on his face. “Please go away, I want to be alone.”

Ignoring her request he went and sat down beside her. “Don’t be upset with them, it’s just their way of coping.”

“I know, and I didn’t mean to snap at them.”

“Let’s go back, they are all worried about you.” He stands up, holding out his hand for her to take.

“Why is it taking so long?” she asked, her eyes tearing up again.

“It’s only been five hours, the doctor did say it could take anywhere from five to eight hours. Just be patient, everything is going to be alright, you’ll see.”

When they got back to the others she apologized to everyone. “I’m so sorry, I had no right to act the way I did.”

Charlie went and put his arms around her. “It’s OK sweetheart, we know you didn’t mean it. You are under so much stress right now, let us all help each other through this.”

They all gathered around for a group hug. An hour later Melissa made her way back to them with some news.

“I wanted to let you know the operation is over and things went really well, the doctor will be out in a few minutes to talk to you.”

“When can I see my husband?”

“Soon, they’re just finishing up and when he’s taken to his room then you can see him. I just wanted to let you know,” she said, giving them a smile she left them alone.

When twenty minutes passed and the doctor hadn’t shown up they started to get worried but then they saw him as he walked out and towards them. From the look on his face, they knew something was wrong. Carrie felt her heart racing, she felt dizzy and when he got to them she stood up.

“Dante, how is he and when can I see him?”

The others stood too. Fear filled their hearts and minds when they saw the sorrow in the doctor’s eyes.

“The operation went as expected, we managed to fix the problem but a problem arose that we weren’t expecting.”

“What problem?” Hal asked, hoping that Dante was still alive.

The doctor looked at Carrie. “I’m afraid your husband is in a coma.”

“Coma, but he will come out of it won’t he?”

“We will have to wait and see.”

“What happens if he doesn’t,” Charlie asked, holding onto his wife’s arm. He didn’t know a lot about coma patients but he knew that if they didn’t come out of it soon they never would.

“We can put him on life support, hoping that in time he will wake up. If that happens we have no way of knowing what problems will arise. I’m so sorry Mrs. Matthews, you can go see him in about thirty minutes. I promise we’ll do everything we can for him.

Carrie stood there, she just stared at the doctor when he walked away. “I’m going outside for some fresh air,” she said in a quiet and somber voice and walked away.

The others were in shock, they couldn’t believe this was happening and was worried about Carrie. She hadn’t shed a tear or caused a fuss, she just calmly left with this empty look on her face.

“Thomas,” Harriot said, looking at her husband. She was afraid for Carrie, she had this vacant look on her face and knew the only one that was best suited to go talk to her was Thomas. He always had a special way with her, a bond between father and daughter that was special.

“Everyone, stay here, I’ll go to her.”


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