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🌹💋••his wrong sweet mistake••💋🌹

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}


🌹💋CHAPTER 16💋🌹


I was watching my favorite show when I heard Ashley making that call and immediately I found out she was calling my baby.

Who knows how worried she is and I must say I am very disappointed at Ashley because I thought she has forgotten about Bryan.

I have been able to find out that Tyler is in love with her but doesn’t wanna tell her for reasons best known to him.

Staying here I have learned a lot of things and I’m happy about it.

I can’t just sit down here while my baby is in trouble or should I just watch and see what’s gonna happen.

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when she showed up and sat beside me on the couch with a sad face so I decided to shot my shut.

“Hey sweetheart can I ask you a question?”
I said with a serious face.

“Sure grandma am all ears.”
She replied giving me her attention.

“Why are you doing all this?”
I asked and that question made her zoom off for some minutes.

“I….I just don’t know grandma am just confused.”
She replied when she found her voice.

“You should know and that’s why am asking you this.”
I said this time more seriously.

“I want prove my parents wrong. I want to make them regret never believing in me.”
She said with so much determination.

“And do you think they deserve your effort? Do you think they deserve you losing the friendship between you and Bryan?”
I asked and she remained silent.

“You see sweetheart I was once like you doing everything I could to make my parents love me but they never did.”
I added.

“I know what you wanna do grandma and it won’t work I can’t give up not now that am so close to getting what I want.”
She said and walked out.

“No sweetheart I will be the one to end this.”
I muttered under my breath.


After the call I waited for miss loud mouth to sleep before I left the room with my car keys and when i got to the living room I saw my mum and Damon discussing.

And immediately they saw me the looks on there face told me they already knew something was up with me.

“Dear what’s wrong has the police found Ashley’s nanny yet?”
She asked and I shakes my head negative.

“Oh poor child she must have cried her eyes out. Who will possibly have kidnapped and old lady?”
She muttered.

“And were are you going man? And why are you so much in a hurry?”
Damon asked eyeing me suspiciously.

“Some where and please mum tell babe when she wakes up I stepped out a little bit and I will soon be back.”
I said and left before they could say a word.

I walked to the garage and drove off to Ashley’s house because I was so piss at her what’s she even turning into.

When I got to her house everywhere was locked and the security told me she hasn’t been home for a while so I figured out she’s at Tyler’s place.

And it about two to three hours drive so I zoomed off and after a stressful ride I got to his house and the security let me in after asking few questions.

I packed at the garage and stormed inside the house and luckily for me the first person I saw at the balcony was Ashley and Tyler.

“Oh Bryan what a pleasant surprise how have you been my love.”
She said in a mocking toon.

“Ashley what’s up with your sudden change? So you can be heartless enough to kidnap an old woman?”
I asked with a hint of disappointment in my voice and she kept quiet.

“Can’t you talk or did cat cut your tongue all of a sudden?”
I half yelled.

“Hey Bryan don’t you yell at Ashley because if you didn’t cheat on her maybe all this won’t have happened!”
Tyler cut in.

“And who caused it? Who was going from one modeling company to another forgetting about me? And when ever I made out time for us who always left me stranded.”
I said.

“And even at my daughter’s birthday I beg you Ashley to come even if it was just for few minutes but what did you do? You left me stranded yet again and that was how god brought Ashley into my life.”

“And for months I waited for you I called you a trillion times texted a million times but you never took my calls nor reply my message but you kept saying in contact with your best friend didn’t you?”
I asked and she bends her head with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Am so sorry Bryan I know everything was my fault but can’t we start all over again please this time I will change.”
She said sobbing.

“Okay fine can you stop your modeling career?”
I asked

“Of course not.”
She answered almost immediately.

“You see then how are you gonna change when you will still be going from one country to another form one modeling agency to another.”
I yelled raising my hand up dramatically.

“You see I love you Ashley but I love Ashley more. She has everything I need in a wife she’s loving and accommodating, she knows the right advice to give you when ever you wanna give up in life.”

“She might come from a very poor background but god bless that old lady you are keeping captive because she trained her well.”

“You’re a good girl Ashley but try to loosen up a little because even a blind person can see through your eyes that you have lots of secrets.”
I was saying before she cut me off.

“Please stop! Just stop grandma is watching her favorite movie at the living room just go and take her since that will make you happy.”
She said and stormed off.

“Tyler please try to talk some sense into her she’s actually turning into the beast her parents paint her as.”
I said and he sighed robbing his temple.

“I will dude let me go get grandma she’s in the living room.”
He said and left and in few minutes he came back with a beautiful old lady with red hair.

“Good evening ma’am please come with me Ashley has been really worried.”
I said and she smiled.

“Okay dear I can’t wait to see her and just call me grandma.”
She said and I nodded and she waved Tyler bye and asked him to take care of Ashley and we drove home.

After few hours of fun ride the car finally came to a hint in front of my mansion and grandma never stopped complimenting my house.

I packed the car at the garage and came down and helped her with the door and we headed inside and luckily for me.

Mom Damon Ryan Rhian my daughter Chloe and miss loud mouth was sitting at the living room and immediately they saw us she ran into her nanny’s aims.

And in few minutes my daughter was all over her and including my mom the twin and my stupid best friend who wouldn’t stop cracking silly jokes.

I just hope Ashley change for good.


For a month now everything has been going smoothly for Bryan and miss loud mouth and they were preparing for there wedding.

After the incident between Bryan and his ex fiancée Ashley they never heard of her again and Bryan went ahead to propose to miss loud mouth and she said YES.

And of course today is there wedding day and very one was getting dressed for the big event including Pamela Tyler’s baby sister who was Ashley’s maid of honor.


I was dressed in and expensive suit with my best friend Damon as my best man waiting patiently for my beautiful bride.

After today she will no longer be miss Ashley Morrone but instead she will be mrs Ashley Bryan Morgan. My wife.

And I just can’t wait for this whole thing to be over so we can journey to my island in Paris for our honeymoon.

After few minutes the wedding music was heard and the door open with my beautiful bride walking in majestically with her nanny.

I didn’t know when a drop of tears escaped my eyes but this was tears of joy.

I can’t believe that in few minutes this beautiful woman is going to me mine forever.

“Hey man can we switch places I feel like getting married right now look at how you are a crying mess.”
He mocked.

“Shut up dude.”
I said in a whisper and my bride was handed over to me by her nanny.

“I’m giving you my daughter not because I want to but because I wanna see her happy and if you dare hurt her I will bake you like my delicious cupcakes.”
She said and Ashley chuckled while I nodded like an obedient puppy.

And immediately the wedding began both Ashley’s parents mr and mrs Francis Morrone and Tyler’s parents mr and mrs Dennis Scott were present at the church.

After a while Tyler walked in alone and I began to wonder were my ex fiancée Ashley is.

After a while it was time for us to exchange our vows .

“Our meeting was fate and falling in love with you was destiny. You came into my life to change everything starting from our daughter Chloe and indeed you were a light in my darkness.”

“And today I make my vows to you I Bryan Morgan take you Ashley Morrone to be my wife to love, care and cherish you in good and in bad times in sickness and in health till death do us pass.”
I said and slid the ring into her finger.

“You know Bryan when I first met you I thought you were a jerk and I pompous brat who things his greater than everyone.”
She said and everyone laughed.

“But getting to know you I fell in love with your real self and I learnt lot of things about you that even made me love you more.”

“I started enjoying your company and with that my likeness for you grew into love and I was happy you never judged me because of my background but instead to lifted me up to your standards.”

“I today I say my vows to you I Ashley Morrone take you Bryan Morgan to be my lawfully wedded husband to love, care support and cherish you in good and in bad times in sickness and in health for as long as I live.”
She said and slid the ring into my finger.

“And with the power vested in me as the priest of the most high I thereby pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss your bride.”
He said.

I heard and when I looked I say my ex fiancée Ashley walking into the church wearing a long red floral gown with a gun pointing directly at my wife and everyone grasped.


Immediately I saw her coming into the church with a gun on her hand a smile appeared on my face. I guess it’s time I end this.

“Why are you so surprised Bryan do you think I was gonna sit down and watch her take you away from me NEVER!”
She said.

“Come on cherry you don’t have to do this.”
Tyler said and she cut him off.

“Oh please Tyler stay out of this, this is between me and that bitch standing there.”
She replied holding her gun tight.

“Someone call the police this girl is a lunatic.”
Her mom shouted and I just shakes my head in disappointment.

“No one should step and inch close the door immediately.”
I said and Tyler did so.

“Sweetheart I know what you are going through but this won’t help anything instead it’s gonna cause more trouble.”
I said and she let out a dry laugh with tears rolling freely out of her eyes.

“For once grandma you lied, you know nothing about what I have been through.”
She said.

“Oh shut up and listen I use to be just like you and I will explain with a story everyone listen attentively experience you two Ashley’s.

“I will start by introducing myself my name is Mona Lisa Morrone first child of mr George Morrone and mrs Patience Morrone. My parents were people who loves male children more than females.”

“And so they never cared about me but I has happy with the little care they gave me. When they were busy going from one hospital to another I was left as a child to fed for myself.”

“And when they finally conceived and gave birth to my brother who they named Francis my whole world came crashing down before my eyes. The little care they gave be were gone and Francis mistakes were blamed on me.”

“All I did was work my butt out day and night just for my parents to look me in the eyes and say am proud of you but I got non.”

“When Francis was 20 years old and I was 25 the worst happened his girlfriend then who was always jealous because of my beauty her name was Julie told my parents I pushed her down from the steps with my brother by her side all my account was frozen.”

“Penniless I was put into a train going to no were and when the train stopped I found myself in the streets of Las Vegas. I was raped almost every day and I finally got pregnant but I was gang raped when I was eight months gone and that was how I lost my child and also my ability to bare one.”
I sniffed.

“Years passed but I was still suffering from this trauma until I met this couples who came for a vacation and they employed me as a nanny for there sick daughter.”

“There names were mr Dennis and mrs Lilian Scott and they had a five years old son named Tyler James Scott and he loved his sister so much.”

“And one day they told me to take care of there daughter that they will be back but they never returned and that was when I started baking cupcakes and growing farm products to pay her medical bills.”

“I took care of her like my own child and she became the child I could never have.”

“You see sweetheart my parents were your grandparents and my brother is your father and her girlfriend then is your mother and am your aunt.”
I said and she grasped.

“And the couples who abandoned there dying child with me are the Scott couples sitting down there and that little boy of five is your best friend Tyler.”
I said and she didn’t know when the gun fell out from her hands and immediately my son in-laws security picked it up and left.


I grasped in shock and I didn’t know when the gun fell freely from my hands because I never knew I had an aunt out there suffering.

“And that child they abandoned with me is that lady wearing a white gown in the altar and her real name is Ashley Monica Scott but at the age of ten she decided to bare my name.”
She said.

“I know you are just like me sweetheart forfeiting your dream and passion just to make them love you but instead all you get is hateful words and criticism.”

“I know you love Bryan but someone has loved you long before you met Bryan but he is scared that letting you know will spoil your friendship and that person is your best friend he told me himself.”
She said and I looked at Tyler and he nodded with his eyes all red and then he took his eyes back to his newly found sister.

“And if I could love and care for Ashley who isn’t in anyway related to me then why wouldn’t I love my own flesh and blood. I already have a daughter who is getting married today I don’t mind having another.”

“You don’t need to try to please your parents any more please me instead. I will let you stop your modeling career get your body back to normal and go fulfill your dreams of being a sport star.”

I didn’t let her finish what she was saying when I ran to her and gave her a hug and sobbed on her shoulder one thing I have ever wanted an understanding mother.

Ashley let go of Bryan’s hand and ran to us and join the hug while we comforted each other because we have been through the same thing. I have been through rejection Ashley and grandma has been through one too.

“Am so sorry Ashley for ruining your day.”
But she cut me off.

“Shhh it okay you are now my sister not any other sister but my twin I should be the one apologizing for stealing your man.”
She said.

“Oh come on you can have him on one condition just permit me to steal your brother too.”
I said.

“Oh please his all your I just have little words for him if he hurts you his in trouble with me because I don’t only bake cupcakes am good in konfuu too.”
She said and everyone laughed except my parents and hers who were still in tears but we cared less we have a mother who loves us dearly.

“With everything settled can we proceed with the wedding please.”
The priest said and she smiled and ran back to her husband while I sat beside Tyler who didn’t waste any time in slamming his lips on mine.

And right that minute I know my life has taken a good turn and I will be happy.

After a long day the wedding ended at about 6 o’clock in the evening and the newly wedded couples left for there honeymoon at Paris.

The press covered all the confessions and I was getting encouragement messages from all angles and i was appointed as one of the candidates to represent our country at a basketball match in six months time.

Now I think this is happiness.



It’s been ten years now and everything has been going smoothly.

After the wedding Ashley Bryan’s ex took Rhian Bryan’s sister and Pamela Tyler and Ashley’s sister to all her modeling agencies and they took over.

She went to undo her plastic surgery so she could look fit for her new career and it came out fine and now she’s one of the best players in the country.

She still stayed together with Tyler and they already have two sons together and preparing for there wedding.

Rhian and Pamela has become the best models and has over three clothing lines and skin care brands which was the best around the world.

And Ryan has fulfilled his dreams of becoming a pop star and his songs were the best while Bryan with the help of Damon who is now married runs the company.

Bryan decided to open Ashley her dream fashion house and it has grown so much within the years and she has over thirty brand ambassadors.

And they already have a total of six kids with one coming on the way and now Chloe is almost done with high school and loves her siblings so much.

The parents of the two Ashley’s learned there lesson in a hard way and late because the children do not care about them anymore including Pamela and Michael Ashley’s elder brother.

And after the video was licked by the press nanny Lisa became so popular that she was made the world’s face of speak and protect the girl child and she never stopped even now that she very old.


I was at the office when my mother stormed in looking so angry like she wants to kill me.

“You promiscuous son of mine how dare you get Ashley pregnant again!” She yelled twisting my ears.

“Ouch mom that hurts I promise not to get her pregnant again this is actually our last baby.”
I winced.

“That was exactly what you said when Jason was born.”
She added more pressure.

“I mean it this time mom!”
I cried in pain and she left me and dropped my lunch and hissed before leaving.

My life has be full of life and even though there might be problems in the future with my miss loud mouth on my side we will overcome any obstacles.

Ashley was my mistake but my sweet wrong mistake and if am to come to the world a million times I will love to make them that mistake.

🌹❤️💋THE END 💋❤️🌹

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