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🌹💋°°his wrong sweet mistake°°🌹💋

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}



I ran into the house with my empty tray looking a excited.

I made lot of sales today and my money should be complete for nanny’s surgery and caretaking fee.

Thinking of that alone makes me feel so happy.

At a normal day when i am this happy nanny and i play all day and that alone motivated me to make the money for her surgery.

If there is something i don’t want to loose in my life it’s my nanny and i mean it.

She is just like a mother, father and everything in the world to me and i can actually lay down my life for her.

She getting advanced in age plus are illness and that was the only thing wrong with nanny if not she’s looks very much younger than her age.

When i got to our small house i ran inside straight to my bedroom and dropped my tray at my reading table.

Then i went under my bed and brought out my piggy box and broke it and started counting the money and i was really right it was complete.

I jumped around happily before putting all the money into my waist bag and locked up the house and started running to the hospital.

While i was running the beach breeze kept blowing my long straight hair and every one i ran pass kept admiring me.

I am already used to it so no issues.

After running for some minutes i stopped to catch my breath before continuing.

When i go to the hospital i walked in breathing hard and immediately the receptionist saw me she smiled.

“Hello Ashley are you here to see your granny?”
She asked with a smile.

“Yes ma’am.”
I replied.

“I like you and this is why i am giving you this advice your granny’s health is getting worst she has to do the surgery so everything you’re doing be fast about it.”
She said and i smiled.

“Actually ma’am that’s why I am here i want to pay for the surgery and her caretaking as well.”
I replied.

“Wow i am really happy about that.”
She replied pinching my cheek.

“Ma’am is doctor frank around?”
I asked.

“Yes his in his office.”
She replied.

“Thanks ma’am.”
Said and ran towards doctor Frank’s office.

Actually unknown to the order employees doctor frank and i are close friends some people may even think we are dating but no.

He just sees me as a younger sister while i take him as my elder brother.

He has already commenced treatment on my granny already .

I knocked at his door and after a little while i heard his voice.

“Come in.”
He said and i opened the door .

“Oh Ashley sorry for keeping you waiting kid.”
She said and i frowned.

“Come on frank stop calling me a kid i am actually 22 years Okay.
I said and he smile.

“That makes you a kid.”
He said and i laughed.

“Frank i brought the money for nanny’s surgery and caretaking for six months.”
I said and he smiled.

“No problem kid good job you can go see your nanny she’s in the first ward by your left.”
He said and i smile and left.

I walked out of the office towards my nanny’s ward and when I got there i opened the door and ran inside.

“Nanny guess what?”
i said and she smiled.

“Ashley okay wait a minute let me think.”
She said dramatically.

“You selled all your pancakes.”
She said with a smirk.
“Ouch nanny most you always get it right huh?”
I said and she laughed.

“One more thing nanny i paid for your surgery.”
I said and she smiled out tears and started kissing all over my face.

“You no i love you right.”
She said.

“And I love you more.”
I replied.

“I love you most.”
She said.

I stayed with her for a while before going back home to get some rest.

When I got home i went into my small room and collapsed on my bed.

After a while i stood up and went to the bathroom to take my bath after enjoying the cold shower I wore a white baggie T-shirt and went outsidr to look at the ocean.

That’s what nanny and i love doing .
When ever we don’t have food to eat looking at the water just makes me full.


Staying alone for three days now has made me know how i really miss my nanny.

I am really a blessed person for having nanny in my life she has shown me the love of a mother and that’s why i promise to bring her out of this life of poverty.

I think i need to do a little introduction about myself.

My name is Ashley Morrone.
I am 22 years old and a highschool dropout.

I grow up to know only one person in my life and that’s my lovely nanny.

According to her my parent left me in her care but as time went on i changed her words from left to abandoned because that should be the right word.

Because if not abandoned how will you explain a parent living there daughter without sending child support or anything.

The only family i have is my nanny Lisa.
I don’t even know what my parent looks like and guess what i don’t even give a fvck.

I don’t hate them because nanny said it’s not good to hate and that’s just the reason.

But they can’t just come back into my life and i will accept them i don’t think so.

Immediately a text came into my phone.
And immediately I opened it and to my surprise i got the job i applied for in California.

I jump up happily and and ran inside the house to start prepare and then i remember I was going to leave by next week.

I think i actually need to rest.
To be continue……


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