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The Wanted Virgin💖
(First to sleep with her)🤤

By Authoress popcorn 💖✍️

Genre: Romance/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter one🌞

The palace was busy as usual. Maids and guards doing their duties.
Chefs were busy in the kitchen making breakfast.

The queen and king were in the Royal room, getting dressed for breakfast.

“You should always wear your royal belt” Queen Anne said as she wore the king his royal belt.

“What can I do without you my queen?” King Zen asked as Anne wore him his belt.

“Come on, let’s go down for breakfast” queen Anne said as he led her husband towards the door.

As they went down, every maid that walk pass them greeted them with respect.

At last, they got to the Royal dinning room.
Seated there was princess Rachel, princess Wren, prince Frederick and prince Tony.

“Good morning children” Anne greeted.

“Hey Mom, hey Dad” they all chorused, well except Fredrick.

“Hhheyyy moom, hhheeyyyy Dddaadd” Fredrick stammered.

“Hey my love” Anne pecked Frederick’s forehead and sat down.

Queen Anne hit the bell go the maids to bring in their meal.

Immediately, maids started rushing in with food.

The chef walked in and started mentioning the food that was prepared.

“….and last is the mashed potatoes with sprinkled chillies” she concluded.

“Thanks chef Mami…we will enjoy your food” The king said, then the chef bowed and left.

“Dad, aren’t you gonna wait for Casper and Garrett” princess Rachel said with her head up high.

Princess Rachel was the first princess, she is very proud and loves partying.
She never had any friends because she wasn’t friendly.
No girl will ever want to associate with her because of her rude nature.

“Garrett isn’t home, Casper is actually busy in his room” princess Wren said biting her lips.

Princess Wren was just 10 years old.
She is the last princess and last child.

Few minutes before breakfast……
“Casper… Casper” princess wren knocked the door of Casper’s room.
But he didn’t respond.
She held her teddy bear in one hand and bend the knob of the door…it was opened.

She entered inside and saw him lying on a girl.

“I wanted to show you my new teddy bear… Casper..” princess Wren said as she stretched her hand showing Casper her teddy bear.

“Eish, nice..” Casper said as he stood from his bed. He wrapped the bed spread around this waist and walked towards his study table.
He picked a sticker bar and handed it over to Wren.

“Don’t tell anyone what you saw okay?”

Wren nodded and ran out of the room.

“I’m sorry my prince, I forgot to lock the door” the lady on the bed said. She was a palace maid.

“No problem..” Casper said and locked the door. “You get double f*ck for that”

The maid bit her lips and lay back on the bed.

“Busy with what?” King Zen asked.

“He said he was busy and doesn’t need any disturb” Wren said hugging her teddy bear tight.

“Even for breakfast” queen Anne asked.

Wren nodded in affirmation.

“Fine, let’s eat then. Please serve the food” Queen Anne ordered the maids.

Princess Rachel whispered into Wren’s ear.

“How many sticker bar were you given to lie?”

Wren showed her her finger.

“Just one…hmmmp”

Wren was confused. “How did she know?”
Prince Garrett alighted from his car as he stopped in front of a restaurant.

He drew out of his cigarette and threw the butt on the floor.

A young beauty was was sweeping the floor saw it and went to address him.

She wore an tight jeans trouser and a body hug that made her boobs swell up exposing the upper part of it.

She flung her hair and went to address prince Garrett.

“Hey, do you think you can just stop your stinky machine in front of this restaurant just to throw your cigarette butt in the floor? I just finished cleaning this point, so you will have to pick it up” she said grinning her teeth.

Prince Garrett stared at her and opened this car to get in.

The lady kicked it back, then it closed.

“What if I don’t pick it, what will you do?” Prince Garrett asked.

“You will see what I can do. Pick it now!!” She ordered.


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