THE VILLAGE RAPIST…..(18+)…..Part 13


he walk into the bush then head towards where the vigilantees are drinking, he by pass them without them knowing of it.
“Ada, goodnight”Nkechi said they both wave at each other as they both walk to their seperate destination, Ada walk very fast sometimes she run but she try running again to reach home quickly but she stumble over a stone on the road “oooh,” she groan in pain, Victor help her
“are you okay?”he ask her which she nod with her head, she made to leave but he grab her left arm “leave me alone”she shouted at him while she try as much she could to free herself from his hold, Victor let her be while he brings his pocket knife then rush to the scared girl, place the knife on her throat “if you dont obey me, I will slice your throat!” he threaten with venom and lead her to the bush.
Chief Emeka reach where the four vigilantees are smoking and drinking “I can see we hired lazy youths as vigilantees”he glare which made all of them struggle to co-ordinate, they gave him the courtesy of chieftancy, “do you see my daughter pass through here?” they nodded, one of them said she went to see her friend Nkechi “follow me!”Chief Emeka instructed.

Ada struggle with Victor while he wrestle her down “help me ooh” she cry for help but he covered her mouth, and lose her wrapper knot then tear off her pant from covering her p—y, he used his left hand to jerk his d–k to get hard while his right hand cover her mouth, he rest his body on her body then place his two legs between her legs then lift his a-s up and get hold of his d–k with his left hand then t—-t in with force “aah!my p—y” Ada cried out, he ignored her and keep on thrusting in and out of her tight p—y “ummh, yes!you are tight!”he groan, Ada try pushing him off her body with both hands this made him fuel his pounding
“ooh, somebody help ooh” she m0an with tears, he stop thrusting while he empty his load deep inside her p—y, he stand up from the crying Ada body “you no be even virgin sef wey your papa no gree make we sleep, sha your toto tight wella” he lick his lips as he admire her body “both of you, get that fool”Chief Emeka said to the two boys behind which made Victor to run, but the two guys pursue him with matchets “come help me, lets take my daughter to the village hospital. ” said Chief Emeka to the two vigilantees left with him.
the two vigilantees running after Victor one of them is left far off behind but one was closer to Victor he raise…


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