THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 10


Such an eye contact was unexpected.
Wisdom saw Tochi’s real beauty from it,
then he disconnected his eyes from hers.
Even Tochi saw the reason why girls flock
around him but she regarded herself as not
worthy to compete with them just to have
a handsome senior. “I’m only an SS2
illiterate” she thought.
“Desmond” Mr Anuma broke the silence. “I
believe you won’t be able to participate on
the quiz, right?”
“No oh!” Tochi exclaimed. “Sir, i should
even be the first person on the list. I will
make sure i beat the SS3 students even..”
she glanced at Wisdom and continued with
a low voice. “..even this one standing here”
“You mean Wisdom?”
“Yes, i can win him”
Mr Anuma began to laugh while Wisdom
smiled quietly at her boldness and her
funny way of talking.
“Desmond” Mr Anuma called. “Wisdom here
is very intelligent that’s why he was made
the senior prefect of this school. So there is
no way you can beat him intellectually”
“Sir, just wait and see, i will study very
haaaarrd and with the small small grammar
I’m learning from you, i will win him”
Mr Anuma laughed again. He had never
seen a student with such boldness and zeal
to learn. Wisdom didn’t smile at the second
time because the word ‘grammar’ Tochi
used reminded him of the one she used on
him that morning.
“Okay then, lets see what you can do” Mr
Anuma concluded. “Wisdom you can put
her through on how to go about with the
list” he added.
“Okay, sir” Wisdom replied.
“You may go now”
Wisdom waited for Tochi to lead the way,
then followed her. Their height was perfect
like fitted couples. Tochi was quite tall but
Wisdom was taller as they walked
semutanuoisly towards where they came
from. They were flowers on the road that
led to the office and dwarf palme trees
circulated everywhere which made people
not to have a good view of them. Wisdom
expected Tochi to walk faster than him but
she didn’t rather she followed him right by
his side-but was a bit far.
“Senior” Tochi broke the silence, then
Wisdom looked at her without responding.
“Why is your friend so mean to me? I mean
that one.. I have forgotten her name”
“Jennifer?” Wisdom helped.
“Yes, Jennifer! Sorry, senior Jennifer” she
lower her voice. “I don’t like her. Senior
Esther is MORE GOOD..”
“Wrong English” Wisdom interrupted.
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t say Esther is MORE GOOD.
There is no English word like MORE GOOD”
Tochi stopped and looked at him. “Then tell
me the correct one” she said.
“You can only say Esther is BETTER”
“Hmm, Senior thank you for teaching me
oh” she gave an attractive smile.
“You’re welcome” Wisdom replied. “Just
don’t disobey Jennifer, with time she won’t
be harsh on you” he added and they
continued walking.
“Okay” Tochi glanced at him again. “Senior,
don’t you like senior Esther?” she asked.
“Pardon?” Wisdom gared.
“I’m sorry”
“You better be! You are crossing your
“I’m sorry” she began to walk faster leaving
him behind. Wisdom saw her attractive
buttocks again but neglected the feelings.
Tochi went back to Esther and Linda while
Wisdom to his friends.
“How did it go?” Esther asked in
“Mr Anuma gave us an assignment”
“Is that all?”
“Did senior Wisdom talk to you?” Linda
“That means both of you are now friends”
Esther wanted to know.
“No oh”
“What do you mean?”
“We are not friends, he even shouted at me
at last”
They kept quiet. Immediately the bell rang.

Break was over and all the students entered
into their classrooms. None of them made
noise enabling the singing of distance birds
and sound of distance vehicles to be heard.
Few hours later, the bell was rung again for
school over. Meanwhile, Tochi and Wisdom
got the list of the quiz participants ready
only wanting to get back to Mr Anuma.
Esther and Chester came out with their
bags followed by Melody.
“Hi Esther!” she waved her hand.
“Hi” Esther responded to her. “Are you
going now?” she asked.
“Okay, bye!”
As Chester stood with Esther, Wisdom
arrived with a paper in his hand, then
Esther smiled at him.
“Good day, Wisdom” she greeted.
“Good day my dear. Let me just submit this
list to Mr Anuma, I’m coming back” he
went out immediately, then Esther looked at
“Chester, can i talk to you?” she demanded.
“I hope no problem”
“Can you talk to Wisdom for me?”
“About what?”
“I know it seems awkward or weird, but I’m
inlove with him”
Chester became dumb staring at her.
“Please, can you make Wisdom realise that
i love him?” Esther asked emotionally. “I’m
dying in silence, please!” she added.
Just before Chester responded, Calista
showed up.
“Hi, Chester” she placed her hand on his
shoulder. “Let’s go home” she added.
“No, I’m in the middle of something.
Moreover, we aren’t following the same
“Just let’s go”
“I said no!” Chester exclaimed angrily
before she disdained Esther and left
thinking that it was because of her Chester
shouted at her.
Chester looked at Esther again, he could
see the love in her eyes…


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