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?? The Undercover Model ??
(Not Again)
Episode (6)

??? Kayla Michaelson ???
“One more Kayla” my trainer said and I squatted one more time and I was done. I took my drink and I had to squat with lots of weights but I have to do it.

“See you on Monday okay?” Terry said and I nodded.

“Thanks Terry” I gave him a high five and he patted my arm lightly.

“Go rest” he said and I walked to the sofa to let my sweat fall first. Taking my phone, I saw a message from Andrew on my Instagram DM. I quickly opened it.

Andrew: MetLife Stadium, the concert starts at 7. Let’s hangout first before that.

Why is my heart betraying me right now? Why am I so nervous to meet him when I can see him almost everyday at school not to mention I tutor him?

I mean I tutored him since last week but still… This is weird.

Kayla: Good idea, where and what time?

Tomorrow is Saturday and the next day is Sunday.. oh man. Why am I nervous? Okay Kayla! Get back your senses okay?

Andrew: Let’s eat first, how does steak sounds?

Kayla: I want too but I can’t because I’m on a strict diet these days

Andrew: I understand, they have a lot of various food there. Don’t worry

Kayla: Thanks, what time?

Andrew: 4? How’s that sound? I have a VIP pass for the concert so you don’t need to worry about queueing

Kayla: Concert is not all about the queueing, it’s fun to have a conversation with other fans you know…

Andrew: well if you want that, we can do that Beautiful.

Beautiful? Does he really mean that? He keeps calling me that instead of my name.

Kayla: Nah, you’ll probably hate it

Andrew: Hey I’m fine with that though, so about your phone. Have you got it back? Or Maybe take my number? It’s really weird to talk to you here.

Kayla: I haven’t ,Sorry…

Andrew: No need to apologize

Kayla: Is it really okay if you give me your ticket?

Andrew: I’m the only kid, I don’t have any siblings to share it with.

Kayla: Your friends?

Andrew: They’ve got theirs

Kayla: Thank you.. really

Andrew: Welcome Beautiful

After the conversation ends and I can’t help but re-read it again and again. This girl isn’t me, why is she so kind to him? Kayla I think you hit your own head whilst you slept.

Okay.. After the concert I will never contact him again. I’m afraid that my secret will get caught. I’m Kayla and I’m Carla too.

Yeah yeah After the Concert, I will never contact him again. Yeah I have to do that.

Suddenly my phone rang and it’s Andrew, my eyes widen it pop up in seconds. I looked at it in horror and stupidly don’t know what to do.

“Hello” I answered.

“Tutor me tomorrow” my jaw just fell on the floor as he said that.

“Tomorrow is Saturday”

“So? Do I look like I care about it?”

Why is he so bossy? He clearly has 2 different attitudes.

(1). Bossy and annoying towards ugly girls

(2). Nice and flirty towards beautiful girls

“That’s my resting day and besides you’re the one who said that you won’t call me on weekend” I said a little bit pissed.

“I changed my mind.. and tomorrow come to my house at 9” he’s unbelievable.

“That’s too early”

“So you’re lazy? 9 A.M is not early” he said and I sighed.

“Fine I’ll go there at 9, what do you want to learn?” I asked.


“Okay” I said wanting to end the quickly because I saw 2 sides from him and it’s weird.

“Uhmm what do I need again?” Not again.

“Andrew I’m not your maid”

“Whatever” he. ended the call and I sighed big time. He’s unbelievable and I will not contact him again after that concert.

After the call, I washed myself and decided to go home. Today is so tiring and tomorrow will be hell for me again. Yes he’ll … For me.

“Hey Kayla” I turned to see Ethan, Ethan is an actor. He and Stacy are friends since they have acted together before.

“Hey Ethan”

“Wow, you’re getting hotter each day” I glared at him and he laughed.

“How are you Kay?” He asked.

“I’m good, and you?” I asked back.


“Fancy seeing you here though”

“Yeah I moved here since the gym I went to before here sucks” he said and I nodded.

“We’ll see each other often then”

“You wish” I smirked.

“Bye Kayla”

“Bye Ethan” I said and walked out from the gym. The cold breeze immediately hit my face and up it’s damn cold. I walked to my car and quickly drove home.

“Where are you guys going?” I asked my parents as they quickly put their bags into the car.

“Your grandfather is sick and he needs surgery right away” my eyes widen.

“Can I come?”

“No no … It’s nothing big, he will be okay but me and your mom have to go there fast so we can take care of everything first” my dad said really quickly.

“He’s still working.. We’ll go to LA okay? Take care! We’ll call you” My dad kissed my forehead and then got into the car.

“Bye honey.. We’ll call you” my mom kissed my forehead too.

“Okay… Take care and be careful” I said and they left.

I walked into my house and went to the fridge to take my detox water. I drank a lot and then walked to my room. My phone beeps..

Andrew:Do you have Skype?

Not Again…..



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.