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?? The Undercover Model ??
(One Lucky Girl)
Episode 5

??? Kayla Michaelson ???
“Kayla please look here” Today is the launching of the veloce brand and we as Victoria secret’s angels are invited. This is so exciting.

I walked into the ballroom and immediately saw Nereina who is VS angel too. I hugged her and we mingled in with the others inside the ballroom.

It’s really fun to hangout with people who have the same job as you.. it’s like we connect to each other two times than others.

I walked to the side to take a drink when suddenly my eyes landed on Andrew Samuel. My eyes widen as he walks towards my place with Matthew lemiere. Oh damn world.

I turned my body and drank my cold water slowly.

“Yeah let’s play that instead of football” I heard his voice beside me.. oh damn it, he stood beside me.

“Hello”That’s Matthew Lemiere who’s on the phone.

“I’m with Andrew mom.. I don’t want to baby sit crystal… Argh fine” I guess he has to baby sit his sister then…

“Hello” I turned to Andrew and he smiled.

“Uhmm hey?” I said awkwardly.

“I’m Andrew, yours?”


“Kayla, beautiful name” Andrew just flirted with me, oh gosh

“Thanks, I didn’t know that a guy like you would be interested in fashion” I said because it’s a launching party.

“It’s Janet Locason and Angel North’s project, mom is their best friend so we have to attend this” he said and I nodded.

“I see” okay I need to get out from here.

“Okay then, nice to meet you and I-”

“Are you free this Sunday?” I froze and turned to him.

“This Sunday?”

“There’s a Justin Bieber concert and I have 2 tickets. Since I’m an only child of my family, I have one extra”

Oh damn! I like Justin Bieber but I hate this guy.. wait?! How about Bella? He didn’t ask Bella to go with him?

“Can you Kayla?” He asked.

“Okay” I smiled to him.

“Great, can I have your number?”

OMG! He knows my number as Carla … Now what am I going to do?

“Uhmm I lost my phone 2 days ago and I haven’t got it back so can you contact me through Instagram DM?” I asked him and he took out his phone.

“What’s your username?”

“Kayla Michaelson” he showed me my profile and I nodded, he followed me.

“I’ll DM you okay? See you on Sunday?” He gave me a smile that I’ve never seen before and damn, I never knew that he’s this good looking. Okay Kayla what are you saying? Don’t day dream!

“Yeah, see you on Sunday” he turned his body but how rude I am not saying.

“Uhmm Andrew” I called and he turned to me.


“Thanks” I said and he smiled.

“You welcome beautiful” After that he walked away and I turned to take another glass of cold water.

What did I get myself into? Did I just agree to go to JB’s concert with him? I must be crazy.

I walked back to my friends and the party starts now…

“Oh my gosh why are the 7 Gold Life’s children so handsome and hot?” Nereina said.

“Too bad they’re all 15-17” Lisa said.

“You are the same age as them.. I’m jealous” Erica said and I chuckled.

“Date them… You’re 22 and they’re 17” I said.

“They don’t like girls who are older Kayla” Nareina said and I raised my eyebrows.

“Why is that?”

“Like father like son.. Logic Kayla” Erica answered and I laughed seeing them this desperate.

“Oh my gosh… That’s Jane Samuel and Alissa Cesborn” Nereina said and yes they were one of the Victoria secret’s Angel before us.

They have already have retired, I mean they already have kids now but they still looking stunning as ever.

“They’re coming this way”

“Hello” Alissa greeted us first.
“You’re the new Angels Right?” She asked.

“I’m Nereina and we’re like your biggest fans and our role models” Nereina said looking at them both and Jean chuckled.

“I’m Lisa”

“I’m Kay” I introduced myself.

“You all are really beautiful” Jean said.

“So are you guys ready to go on the runway next year?” Alissa asked.

“Nervous.. So nervous” Lisa said.

“It’s okay to be nervous though, we all have the jitters before walking on the runway” Jean said.

“I wish I was still in Victoria secret” Alissa looked at Jean, Jean nodded agreeing with her.

“Why did you stop?” I asked.

“We have kids and husband to take care of and besides we’re too old”

“No way.. you guys still look so stunning” Nereina said.

“Thank you Nereina”

“Oh by the way, I heard that you’re 17” Jean asked me.

“Yeah I’m 17 turning 18 soon”

“That’s crazy, you’re really young and have that body” Alissa said.

“Do you want to date my son?” Jean joked and I chuckled.

“Let me introduce you to Axel, wait” Alissa walked away and Nereina and Lisa looked at me jealousy but they’re joking though.

“Isn’t the design beautiful?” Jean asked looking at the dresses and the beautiful clothes.

“Yeah.. it’s really beautiful and it’s really an honour that we are invited here” Lisa said.

“Jean, Angel and Chloe is crazy for making this” Alissa appeared again with Axel in her arms. She literally dragged him there.

“Axel meet Kayla, Nereina and Lisa..
Girls this is my son Axel” Alissa smiled and Axel shook our hands politely, it’s not weird to see him because I often see him at school.

“Kayla here is 17, you guys can be friends or May more” Alissa said and Axel turned to his mom in disbelief.

“Nah… She’s Andrew’s” why does he say that? Argh!!

“Andrew’s?” Jean asked.

“Andrew as in Aaron’s Son?” Alissa asked.

“Andrew?” Nereina and lisa turned to me too and damn it!

“No no.. I just met him”

“Now let me go mom, dad is calling me” he pointed and Alissa pouted.

“Let’s go together” Alissa held him.

“We’ll see you girls next time okay? It’s nice meeting you guys” Jean said and Alissa nodded. They hugged us and then walked away.

“Andrew’s?” Lisa raised her eyebrows and smirked.

“So you’re dating him?”

“We just met earlier”

“You’re one Lucky Girl Kayla” Nereina said.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.