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???The Undercover Model???
(Bothering Carla)

Episode 2

???Kayla Michaelson ???
At school, I don’t have friends to chat with, so I’m always alone when it’s break time.

I always sit under the tree near the soccer field and read book every break. I’m on the last chapter and I can’t wait to read a new book tomorrow Yes.

I’m a romance novel freak. They’re beautiful and never make me bored in anyway. Too bad there won’t be such thing as romance love story in real life.

For me it’s too cliché and too fake to be in reality but I love to read them…don’t judge me!

“Aaaaa!” Someone poured cold water on me causing my book to get ruined and myself to get drenched.

I looked up and found Andrew smirking whilst holding a big bucket of water.

“Andrew!” I hissed and now I’m panicking about my wig.

“Oh sorry nerd, I was pouring water on the trees, because it need to grow” stupid!

I looked at my book and it’s completely ruined now, I turned to him and glared. Pulling my hoodie cap up to cover my hair.

I quickly took my bag and walked away because it’s no use to get angry with him.

“Oh the nerd is mad!” He teased as he walked beside me.

“Leave me alone! Ask Tracy to tutor you, she’s ranked 1st in everything” I stopped and turned to him.

“I only want you Carlie” he got my name wrong again

“What for? Why do you need tutor so badly?”

“I just want to get a good score because I’m failing in that class badly” he said and I sighted.

“What subject?”

“Maths, Biology and Chemistry” he said.

“Maths ask Victoria, Biology ask Tracy and Chemistry ask your friend Aiden Locason” I said and he shook his head.

“I want you to tutor me for all of it” he said

“Nooooo I don’t want to” I said.

“Too bad I never take no for an answer, so I will keep bothering you until you say yes Carlie” he said and I sighed big time, this guy is crazy and out of his mind.

“I can’t, I’m never available after school”

“Don’t lie carlie, it’s not good” he smirked.

“Ask your girlfriend for it!” I said.

Bella is not my girlfriend and she’s dumb” I looked at him in disbelief.

“You hit on her yet you call her dumb”

“She’s hot but she has no brain” he’s so straight forward. Knowing he won’t stop bothering me, I decided to surrender.

“What will I get if I tutor you? I raised my eyebrows.

“Never knew that a nerd can act like this.. quite interesting” he smirked, oh Andrew Samuel….. I’m not a nerd.

“Spill it”

“I guarantee you that everyone will leave you alone, no one will bother you at school. I know Bella and her stupid Barbie group have been bothering you, and I’ll make sure that won’t happen” nice offer though.

“I want more”

“Sorry,I don’t date nerds Carlie” he said cockily.

“I don’t like guy like you, don’t worry but this” I raised my book and he looked at it.

“How much?” He asked as he took his wallet and I scoffed.

“Find this book and buy it for me, don’t give me the money”

“Go buy that alone because I don’t know and don’t care about it” he shrugged taking out 200$ from his wallet and giving it to me.

“Buy this book and give it to me first… I’ll tutor you after that” I said.

“Do you think I have time?”

“Then find someone else” I pushed the book to his chest so he could find it.

“Fine, I will give you the book first thing in the morning. I want a tutor after school tomorrow” I looked in his eyes.

“Book and guarantee no one will bother me, I want that and I’ve already recorded it” I showed my phone, he shrugged and walked away. I stomped my feet completely regretting it.

Walking to my locker, I took my spare clothes because I’m not going to study with wat hoodie. I felt my hair really annoying me. I’m wearing a wig and my real hair was drenched too. It will be hard to get dry.

Changing my clothes quickly as I only had 5mins left before my next class to start, I ran to class quickly so I wouldn’t be late because I hated detention.

“Ohh the nerd, why are your clothes so lame?” Bella teased and I just ignored her, I’m used to her insults.

“She’s trying to hide her big tummy” one of her minions mocked. I just sat at the back of the class and took out my books.

“Baby…. Where were you? I heard Bella’s hog pitch voice that makes me want to puke at her fakeness.

The bell was jiggled, it means the class will start now. I sighed and opened my phone to check my schedule for this week.

Oh Thursday, I have a Photoshoot with Elle and on Friday, I have to go to an opening Vs store in Brooklyn. I don’t have a packed schedule since I’m just 8months old in Vs so I can still manage highschool.

Besides the walk is still a year away.

“Afternoon class, today history class topic is history of this country” how I hate learning history…

“Today is going to be really a long day.



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