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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE SON’S FAMILY – Episode 29




🦋(Entangled With)🦋

👔(The Mafia Brothers)🖤

By; Rose of Sharon ❤️


Chapter 29

Anticipate, Read, Love, Comment and Share. NOT EDITED 🥺

Now Enjoy; 💜💋❤️

“Seem Daphne is a threat.” She thought and smirked.

“The ball have been kicked” she mumbled and lay down on her bed.

“It’s great to feel nice” Skylar said and she stepped out of the shower.

“Where is Hazel ?” She asked.

“She’s still in. Always careful with her skin” Skylar scoffed.

“Let her be” Jocelyn rolled her eyes.

“You are going to gist me, do you know that” Jocelyn mumbled.

“I know” she shrugged.

Hazel came out of the bathroom nakedly and grabbed a towel that was hung on a hangar.

“Do you think Lucas have eyes on a girl in this clan?” She asked.

“Lucas, ??” They confided with a surprise expression on their face.

“Huh” she hummed.

“Don’t grow feelings for that dude, he’s fvcking cold to everyone. He doesn’t talk to people except for Emerson and some guys in clan. He hardly talk to girls” Jocelyn muttered.

“He doesn’t talk to Hudson and Allison also” Skylar added.

“Stop adding lies Skylar. He talks to Hudson, Maison and other guy members. He’s always in a fight with Olivia, Clarissa but it’s not as much like the ones he use to have with Allison. Just wondering if that dude hate ladies,” Jocelyn griped.

“Have grew feelings for him. It’s been a year now but I don’t know how to approach him. I just don’t wish to be on his bad side,” she shattered.

“I don’t think that dude wanna get a spouse, — Skylar interrupted Jocelyn.

“Could it be that he’s a gay?” Skylar gasped.

“Seriously,” They laughed.

“I’m serious. He’s always cold to ladies, he only chat with guys. You can barely see him with girls except they are among the mission list. ” Skylar added and they thought for a while.

“So, you observe it’s pointless loving a man like him.” Jocelyn said as she picked up a small amount of oatmeal.

“I’m still gonna try my best —

” This girl loves to be rejected” Skylar scoffed as she lay down on a bed opposite Jocelyn’s own. She looked away with her eye closed.

“I want to take a nap Hazel” Jocelyn said as she turn her back at her,.

Hazel sat on the last bed and lean on the wall. Only God knows what is going in those mind of hers.

Having a best friend like Emmett was a natural blessing for Maison. His wounds are healed already but he’s still unconscious. Allison, Emerson and co came to check up on him. Daphne was making every one worried including Maison himself.

They are both been in a deep sleep. Clarissa wasn’t left out when it comes to visiting time. She only comes with Hudson. Emerson also came to check up on him three times. He checked up on Daphne also but hers was once.

The loud groan from the weak body made Emmett, Serenity, Olivia and Allison panicked.

“Maison” they called gently but happiness was visible in their voice. His loud groan followed, he blinked his eyes continuously before he opened it.

“Hey buddy” Emmett called and pulled him into a warm hug. Maison didn’t have enough strength to argue but stayed in his warm embrace with his eyes on everyone.

“How are you feeling ?” Serenity asked as Allison touched his forehead.

He mumbled “I’m good” he replied softly.

“Are you feeling aches around your joints ?” Olivia asked as Emmett pulled away from the hug.

“Just my back. I feel weak and hungry” he muttered and his eye widened when he couldn’t see the person he was expecting.

“I will get you a–

“Where is Daphne ?” He asked quickly and the rest looked at each other.

“I will get you a meal” Serenity said and walked out of the room.

“Daphne is fine, her wounds are fine” Olivia replied.

“Is she doing well ? She’s under you sis ?” He asked worriedly.

“No she’s under Emerson we tried to get her under Allison but we couldn’t and lastly, she’s not awake” Olivia muttered, picking her nails.

“She’s still unconscious” he shuttered the last part and they nodded.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine. We will wait for her just like we waited for you” Allison responded.

“He nodded positively and took his back for a rest as he lay down on his bed.

Maison consciousness spread round the clan within an hour. Everyone were happy. Lucas got the news from Allison and Olivia told the news to Emerson. It was a happy day to the clan family.

Everyone was hoping to see the newbie on her feet with a sound health. She’s famous already. Not a member won’t recognize her around the clan by the time she’s awake, Famous as Maison girlfriend, of course, there’s jealousy.

Hudson and some members went for a sucide mission around Italy. Another enemy giving them hard time for the past one week. It was a happy moment for him when he got the news.

Emerson’s Apartment

With a cigarette in his mouth, he smoked it heavily and pour himself a liquor.
(phone buzzing) he moved his face from the window and picked up his phone that was on the table.

Hello Hudson” he said into the phone.

“I will coming back to America very soon. ” He said quickly.

“Were you able bring him down ?” Emerson asked.

“He’s not alone, Lorenzo has join hands with Pablo and as I’m speaking, they are in America already.–

“What the hell are they doing here ?” Emerson clenched his teeth angrily.

“We have to plan when I’m back and gather every member because this mission isn’t us alone but the whole America. The made a new deadly drug —

“What’s the drug all about ?” Emerson asked as he took a seat on his bed.

“I did some research on it. But I think you do some, so that we can have more knowledge about what we want to address to Clan Billboard Members” Hudson said explained.

“Give me the name of the drug. I will jot down some things.” Emerson uttered as he walked to the wall behind him and pushed it in. Another view of a large and wide room was viewed.

Chemical instrument and glass wares. Weapons, bombs and the rest were neatly arranged.

“Those drugs can’t be test on humans, Italy government aren’t giving them access that’s why they are in America. I think one of it’s side effect is that it destroys the brain.” Hudson explained.

“I will get back to you” He said and end the call. He was about to work on a system when he felt movements in his room. Waking to his laptop that was connected to his CCTV. He did some things on it and the view of his room was displayed on the screen.

“Jocelyn” he murmured.

“The hell is she putting in my liquor” he murmur again and he saw her next movement.

“Seriously,” he chuckled when she pulled off her clothes and lay down on his bed nakedly.

😹😹 Jocelyn 😹😹


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