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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE SON’S FAMILY – Episode 28




🦋(Entangled With)🦋

👔(The Mafia Brothers)🖤

By; Rose of Sharon ❤️


Chapter 28

Anticipate, Read, Love, Comment and Share. To Avoid being ban.

Now Enjoy; 💜💋❤️

One Week After.

“How are you feeling?” Clarissa asked as she checked her temperature.

“I’m fine” she mumbled.

“Okay, I came to check up on you” she replied and carried her bag.

“So soon” Jocelyn whimpered hastily.

“Yeah, I know I should wait a bit longer but I have a place to visit with Hudson” she elucidated.

“Okay” she mumbled. With that Clarissa carried her slim self out of her room.

“Can’t believe he came to check up on me once” she thought and looked at the painting he once drew for her. it was her face on the portrait. And her mind drifted to portrait Emerson was drawing before he got pissed at her.

Of course, she saw it clearly but now she’s confuse, the letter D was making her mind wandering around it’s own world.

“Does he have another mistress now. ” She thought with a heavy breath. “He wants to abandon me after using me nefariously.” She thought and a single tear roll down cheeks.

The door open quickly with a lady in black, beside her were three boxes. They look quite heavy. Jocelyn didn’t notice the movement nor the voice from the lady.

“She’s crying” She mumbled as she pushed her boxes aside.

“Jocelyn” she called and ran to check her face out.

” She looks miserable” she thought and her eye went to her arm.

“Did she get hurt during a mission or what ??” She thought again and tap her shoulder quietly.

“Jocelyn” she scream her name, making her come back to reality.

“Skylar” Jocelyn called with happiness in her voice.

Skylar have been her best friend and also her roommate before she got a transfer to be under Allison’s care. That was the reason why their room was separated. Skylar have been her best friend since the day she step foot into the clan.

“What the hell happened to your face and your arm ?” She raised her voice.

“You are back,” she used the opportunity to ignore her question. ” where is Hazel ?” She asked.

“I’m here babe. You miss me” she screamed and fall on Jocelyn’s bed.

“Hazel!” Skylar screamed and she covered her ears.

“Seriously, you wanna ruin my ear drum” Hazel yelled.

“I know you won’t observe anything. ” She rolled her eyes.

“Observe what?” Hazel asked innocently.

“See your twin’s face, look at her arm” Skylar muttered, showing her what she has observe just with the minute she came in.

Talking of Hazel, she’s one hell of a bitch. The clan whore, Jocelyn twin sister. She might look calm by face but poisonous in the heart. She doesn’t display how evil she is, unlike Skylar who make it obvious to people. It’s likely to say Hazel is most dangerous among the three. People like them appear as a friend but they are poisonous in nature.

“Your eyes looks swollen and your arm. Did you get hurt from a mission ?” Hazel asked.

“How good is your vacation?” She asked.

“Don’t change the topic” Skylar scolded.

“Okay fine. You wanna hear the truth” she yelled and they nodded.

“Got a shot from Emerson all because of a painting

“What” they exclaimed.

“Yes! and a lot of things have happened during your absence” She mumbled.

Jocelyn heaved a heavy sigh and explained the whole event right from the beginning.

“He carried her” Hazel interrupted her with her eyes widened a bit.

“Who does that ?” Skylar scoffed..

“You can continue” she added and Jocelyn continued from where she stopped.

“So you mean Emerson doesn’t love you or what” Skylar asked.

“I don’t even know” she mumble and lay down on her bed.

“Her name is Daphne, right,” Hazel asked and she nodded.

“The capital letter D and a painting of a lip you saw belongs to the so call Daphne” Hazel ended her words. Jocelyn sit up properly and looked at her with a confuse face.

“She’s on our bad side babe. We gonna make her life miserable in this clan” Skylar muttered. Hazel only gave her a soft smile.

One can’t even detect what’s behind that soft and cool smile. Skylar gave Hazel high five.

“But she’s Maison girlfriend” Jocelyn grumble.

“Girlfriend my foot” Skylar scoffed.

“So dumb!. They are fooling everyone including you” Hazel said with a smile as she took her hand into hers.

“Should we prove that to you twinnie. ?” She asked softly. Jocelyn thought for a while and nodded “Yes” to her reply.

“We got something to do babe” Hazel smiled at Skylar who winked in return.

They stood up and took their clothes off.

“So how was your vacation ?” Jocelyn asked.

Skylar giggled and uttered some words happily. “Didn’t regret working for Allison. She gave us a week to our one month vacation. The rest are coming back tomorrow. —

“We will stay with you still your roommates are back then we move to our quarters. ” Hazel said and went into the bathroom.

“Did the boss later gave his men vacation ?” Skylar asked.

“No! He didn’t. Including me” she scoffed.

“We got you babe” Skylar kissed her cheeks and ran inside the bathroom.

“Seem Daphne is a threat.” She thought and smirked.

“The ball have been kicked” she mumbled and lay down on her bed.



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