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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE SON’S FAMILY – Episode 27



Allison Apartment

“Hey” Serenity screamed.

“Like seriously, who gave you the name Serenity” Olivia asked as she took a seat on Allison’s bed. Allison looked back wondering why she asked such a question.

“My Grandparents” she replied.

“Do you know the meaning of your name ?” Olivia asked.

“I know it before but can’t even remember. But I think is love or peace” she guess and Olivia shook her head at her silliness.

“Your name means the state of being serene; calmness; peacefulness.A lack of agitation or disturbance.–

“Wow. Such a cute meaning” Serenity giggled.

“But you are totally different from the meaning. If you don’t disturb, you will cause trouble. You just like giving me headache, you are always–

“The best” Serenity winked at her and she forced to laugh.

“I’m still your happiness, no matter how troublesome I am.” She giggled and hugged Olivia quickly.

“Why did you call your dad?” Serenity asked.

“To inform him of Daphne’s whereabout. So he won’t get worried. He said I should not worry he has hand five million dollars to Amy–

“Your dad is fvcking rich” Serenity exclaimed.

“He’s not that rich before, things was fvcking hard back then. But I choose to come here despite having a rich dad but Daphne didn’t choose this herself. Mr step mom starved her for months, thankfully she’s the hard working type. Never knew Daphne suffered to this extent, imagine that useless woman was not taking care of her children but going out with her bitches” Olivia muttered looking through the window angrily.

“We will get revenge on her when your five years is complete” Allison said as she took her hand into hers.

“I must get revenge on that shameless bitch. For maltreating my sister.” Olivia uttered and burst into tears.

“Hey babe” Serenity called and pulled her into a warm hug.

“I thought she will do fine, when I was still there she doesn’t maltreats her but she maltreats me. Never knew she will maltreat Daphne. Wonder what Daphne would have pass through.” She cried on Serenity’s shoulder. Allison wipe her tears with a soft and clean towel.

“It’s fine” she pulled away from Serenity’s shoulder.

“Are you sure ?” Serenity asked worriedly.

“Yeah. Perfectly fine, I want to check up on Daphne” she said and stood up.

“Let’s go together” they said at the same time.

“Okay” she mumbled silently as she arrange her hair.

Emerson’s Mansion
“The men have been picked” Lucas said to Emerson who won’t take his eyes off his painting.

“Okay. ” He replied coldly as silence followed.

“You should be careful and look after Allison not a scratch should be on her when she gets back” he uttered gently with his eyes glue to his painting.
Lucas was left to wonder what he’s drawing.

“What are you drawing that you have your eye glue to it ?” Lucas asked jokingly.

“I’m drawing someone that catched my attention” he replied. Lucas giggled and scoffed after he realized it’s not possible for someone to catch Emerson’s attention. Like, Emerson’s attention.

“Impossible” Lucas scoffed and picked up a cigarette from it’s park.

“Left for you to battle with your thoughts” he replied and picked up a black colour.

“Can I take a look at what you are painting ?” He asked.

“Don’t take an inch closer” Emerson said with an icy voice and rolled his eyes.

“I’m still not fine with your words” Lucas stated.

“Go away. You are distracting me” Emerson said but this time around he moved his gaze away from the painting.

“Thought you won’t look up” Lucas scoffed and puffed out smoke through his nose.

“You are distracting me Lucas” Emerson muttered.

” Okay” He said slowly and walked out of his room with a wide smile on his lips. Someone pulled his hand.

“Is he in” Jocelyn asked.

“I’m not sure but I think you should check” Lucas replied with an evil grin.

“Okay” Jocelyn smiled at him and went away.

“I’m just wondering why Emerson still have her around him” He thought and increased his walking speed.

Jocelyn knocked on his door but got no response.

“Are you in ??” Jocelyn asked from outside. She knocked again.

She went to his passcode and input his password. It beep a signal of error.

“Did he changes it ?” She mumbled and input the password again. It beeped error.

She was about to input the old password again when she heard his voice.

“Do you want have that thing block ?” He yelled from inside.

“So you have been inside despite my knocking” Jocelyn yell. The door opened automatically. She scoffed and went in.

“What are doing here?” He asked.

“Came to check up on you, and you haven’t been calling” she pouted and silence followed.

“Aren’t going to say anything ?” Jocelyn grumble loudly. Emerson smiled at his almost undone painting, still not taking a glance at Jocelyn.

She got pissed at him and used her hand to pull his painting board..

“Are you nuts!” He roared angrily and threw her a jug.

“I’m sorry” she apologized and add pressure on the deep cut that was on her left forehead. Emerson pulled out his gun angrily.

“Out of my room” he roared furiously.

“I’m sorry Emerson” she apologized, taking steps closer to him.

“Don’t take any fvcking step closer ?” Emerson screamed at her and she flinched back.

“But I said I’m sorry” she yell furiously…

“Out of my room Jocelyn” he said furiously.

“Emerson calm down” Jocelyn said gently but halt when he pulled the trigger. Words were broken from her lips as fell on knees.

“Emerson” she shuttered and add pressure on her arm. How heavy her blood was.

“Anybody out there ?” Emerson said, showing less concern of her condition.

“Yes sir” one of the boys said from outside.

“Come in” he said and signalled the men to take Jocelyn out of his room.

“How dare she ruin my perfect painting. ” He muttered angrily as haw picked up the ruin painting from the floor.

“Not when I have got a perfect view of her face in my head” he muttered and hissed angrily.



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