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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE SON’S FAMILY – Episode 26



‽The Son’s Clan‽

“I’m sorry” he apologized and took her lips in. Still having his d¡ck in her. The door burst open and they disengaged quickly.

“Like seriously,” the voice screamed.

“Olivia” Allison called quickly still shock.

“Hold on, is that not Lucas ” Olivia asked.

“Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking” Olivia asked as she walks closer to them. Allison took a deep breath and relax for seconds.

“You guys make out, like seriously this is bullshit. You should get a room and don’t be like other members that make out publicly.” Olivia muttered looking away.

“We are sorry,” Lucas apologized.

“Why are you apologizing, it’s fine but I’m curious of something” She mumbled.

“Are you dating Lucas ?” She asked curiously.

“Hmmm. Olivia we — Allison shuttered.

“We have been dating for the past three years” Lucas interrupted.

“Seriously? You are not joking right ?” She asked.

“Lucas and I have been dating, I know it’s hard to believe because of how we argue and fight but it was all love, we — Lucas shut her up with a kiss and she reciprocated.

Olivia was left stunned as she kept staring at them.

“That’s enough and stop oppressing me” Olivia mumbled and they disengaged slowly.

“I will kept it a secret it. But first I need your help Allison” Olivia quickly stated her reason for being there.

“My Help?” She asked.

“Yes” she nodded quickly.

“Found out a shocking truth about my family today” Olivia stated..

“Truth? What truth? ” She asked curiously.

“Ariel isn’t my dad’s daughter but someone else’s child. Anaya was shot by some gun men or stuffs. I don’t even know how it happened unless Daphne wakes up then I will find out the rest. To ruin it all, my dad found Laura, my step mom cheating when Anaya was hospitalized.” Olivia muttered.

“Your step mom issa bitch, how dare she? What type of mom is she ?” Allison roar angrily.

“And now Anaya is in Amy’s care and—

“Who is Amy ?” Allison asked.

“She’s Daphne’s best friend and now, my dad have to return to United Arab Emirates before going to Italy due to some business work he needs to attend to. I need your help to get out of the clan” Olivia said with a pleading voice. Lucas knitted his brows.

“Ehn ” Lucas exclamied with a shocking facial expression.

“You know it’s not possible” Allison grumble.

“I know it’s not possible, but we can find a way” Olivia pleaded.

“You know how things are, I can’t risk anything, there’s still a matter on ground and you want to ruin it by getting out of the clan. No! I’m not in support of this” Allison muttered and stood.

“What if you use her telephone line to call him back, at least it’s one minute before Emerson notice anything wrong” Lucas suggested.

“Oh! That’s true. But you have yours in —

“Have used it” she interrupted.

“Ah! What did you use it to do ?” Allison asked.

“I uses it to call my dad, and I inform him of Daphne’s whereabout. ” She replied.

“You can use mine, since I don’t have anyone to call” Allison said and take her hand.

“Get your bags ready Lison” Lucas said and she gave him a thumbs up befire he took the exit Emerson took earlier and shut it quietly.


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