[A Mission To Kill💫]



By: Author Kelvin✍️

The SAVERS was the largest and most popular assosiation in the Whole of America.

The assosiation was hightly reccomended by the government and it makes many people wants to join.

Many of them was not quilified to become a member either because they Don’t have skills or they don’t have manners.

You must know how to fight very well and you must also be polite to everyone.

They have a clan, a big clan that can contain half a million.
It was located in California in particular.

Every member was rich and healty.

Their mission is to make sure everyone in America is safe! That was their number one priority.

The porpose of creating that association is to make sure everyone is protected and that makes the government to reccomend and pay them.

The clan was always busy with lots of people walking or doing one thing or the other.

You must not leave the clan except you’re given a mission or something.

The members live a wayward life, they smoke, they drink, they have s.ex and party all night but their number one priority is to make sure everyone is save.

The assosiation have a master, a Master that can kill within a twinkle of an eye.

He’s dark harted and never spare anyone who goes against the rules of the assosiation.

These are some of the rules

You must never fight with any member

You must not force a member to have s.ex with you except the member agrees

You must not leave the clan

[they’re other rules you’ll get to find out as the story continue]

Master Khalifa was 55 Years but he looks 30. He’s cute but no one dares to stare at him. He has magical powers and that makes people dread and fear him.

His wife is dead.
He has two sons (twins)

Meet Kayden, the elder twin of Master Khalifa, he’s dark just like his father and he’s ready to kill anyone that gets on his nerve.

He’s 20 years of age and he’s a s.ex freak.

He likes to have anything under the skirt.

He’s rude and arrogant.

He also have magical powers. He can control time, he can wipe away your memory and can turn someone to anything he wish for.

Meet Jayden, a cool and gentle guy who is different from other people.

He’s the opposite of his elder brother and his father.

He’s a kind and friendly person who is loved by everyone in the society.

Funny and also cute.

He’s very handsome and that makes girls drool over him.

He also have magical powers. He’s a confessor. He can kill within a snapp of his fingers. He has the ability to go into the future. He has the ability to change to invisible.

The clan of the SAVERS started having some slight problems.

Necluer boms was sent to part of their clan making the member to reduce.

They tracked the Location of the bomb and found out that it was Don Pedro.

Who is Don Pedro??

He’s the king of wickedness. He has been a great emeny with the SAVERS because they refuse to allow him become a member of the SAVERS.

He has his own organisation and he’s very powerful.

What happened when Master Khalifa dicided to send his twins (Kayden and Jayden)
To bring the downfall of him??

Will they suceed? Will they die??

Well, find out in the story!!!!!

Genre: Fight, love, s.ex, pain, betrayal, death.

Grab your popcorn because it’s gonna be fun😁


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