THE SAVERS – Episode 18



[A Mission To Kill💫]

Episode 18 🔞


By: Author Kelvin✍️

Jayden flinched as he spotted her – Deborah.

She was wearing a Read long sleeve shirt as the back of the clothes was touching her toes.

She wore a jeans with a long sword on her hands as she glared at Kayden, with rage running in her blood.

Anger entered her at moment as her eyes turned red while blood started flowing down from her nostrils.

“You!” Kayden muttered starring at her.

“You have the guts to come over here because of Jayden, huh?” Kayden said, also boiling in anger.

“Do you think because you have a little supernatural power, you’ll be able to defeat me, right?” Kayden said in a mocking tone.

Deborah couldn’t take it anymore, she screamed out loud making the chairs, table and other things in the room to scatter.

She starred at Kayden, thinking he’s about to land in a rought tone but Kayden didn’t flinch or move an inch.

It dawned on Deborah that Kayden must have used his powers to safegaurd himself.

“No matter what; i’m killing Jayden today” he said and stretched his hands in the air and a shinning Sword appeared.

He grabbed the sword and placed it behind Jayden’s belly.

Deborah eyes widened as she was about to move a step when Kayden’s words stopped her.

“Make just one false step and i’ll make sure you see the blood of Jayden” Kayden threatened as Deborah fell on his knees and began to beg for mercy.

Tears filled her eyes immediately as Kayden turned his eyes to Deborah.

“Please don’t kill him…please, you can kill me instead and let him go.” Deborah pleaded as Jayden who was watching the scence in silence, spoke up.

“Deborah, just let him kill me. Go, and never return because he’s gonna kill you too. Go” Jayden coughed while Deborah nodded her head in disagreement.

“Pls” Deborah whimpered as Kayden got up and walked to Deborah.

“Deborah, No!!! Don’t let him kill you. He’s gonna me too” Jayden shouted but Deborah payded dear ear.

Kayden smiled as he brought the sworld towards Deborah.

Deborah closed her eyes in concentration, trying to use her powers to defeat him.

Suddenly, a bunch of air blew causing Kayden to fly backwards and hit sratch his arm on the floor.

Jayden smiled as he saw what was happening.

Deborah opened her eyes and ran towards Kayden.

“Give me the key to the power chain” Deborah said plainly.

“N…No way” Kayden shuttered as blood came out of his arm.

Knife appeared in Deborah’s hands as he turned towards Kayden.

“Give me the key!!” Deborah thundered with anger making Kayden chuckled.

“You think i’ll give you the key because you’re holding a kinfe, huh?” “You’re mad” Kayden grimaxed making Deborah anger increased.

“You’ve stepped your foot at the lion’s tail because right now, i think i’ve gone mad already!” Deborah stated as she raised the Knife upwards and thrust it into Kayden’s right arm.

“Argh!!!” Kayden screamed in pain as blood gushed out of his arm like a running water.

The pain was unwithstanding…Kayden rolled on the ground in pain as Deborah pinned him to the ground in pain.

“I’ll ask you this question one more time, else, i’ll pluck out your two eyes!!!; Where is the key???!!!!” Deborah asked in a thunderous tone making Jayden smiled.

He never thought that Deborah could be this angry, bold and fearless.

Kayden shivered as her voice echoed in his head.

“I’ll give you…I’ll give you” Kayden said in pain and tears as the key appeared in Deborah’s hands.

Deborah seperated her body.

The fake body was pinning Kayden on the wall while her real body went towards Jayden.

Kayden tried to excape but he was just too weak to use his powers.

Deborah’s real body placed the key on the padlock of the chain and the chain opened immediately, releasing Jayden from the chain.

Jayden got up immediately as Deborah pulled him into a tight hug.

“Thank God you’re save” Deborah muttered and burst into tears.

The fake body holding Kayden, let go off him and returned to Deborah.

“Hey! My Little Witch! It’s okay” Jayden said as they disengaged from the hug and they starteed laughing.

“Thank you so much” Jayden said as Kayden made an evil laughter.

Their eyes turned towards him and they flinched when they notice Deborah’s fake body was not with Kayden.

“I’ll be back shortly in a brutal way” Kayden said and disappeared.

“Holly Crap!!” Deborah exclaimed and turned towards Jayden.

“What do we do?”

“Forget abt that. We’ll be fine” Jayden smiled as Deborah shrugged as she starred at those cute pink lips.

She could still remember the day she kissed him.

Gosh!!! It was the best feelings she has ever had.

Jayden and Deborah’s head kept coming closer and before you know what was happening, the lips joined together
Who is scencing love here?😍

Can you do what Deborah did for a friend when you’re not yet dating??

Who else love this statement ‘Hey! little witch’

Brought to you by Author Kelvin✍️

Love you all💋💋


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