THE SAVERS – Episode 17



[A Mission To Kill💫]

Episode 17 🔞


By: Author Kelvin✍️

Deborah felt her head vibrating as she ran in speed.

Her mind was giving her signal that Jayden is about to die….She couldn’t get the thought off her mind.

She got to the gate of the clan and met some assasins trying to climb into the fence of the building.

Luckily, she was invisable so no one spot her.

That was the least of her problem right now….she placed her two hands at the side of her head and the image of where Jayden is came flashing on her sight.

Kayden held a knife and was about to kill Jayden who was struggling with his hands chained on the floor.

At that moment, she felt her whole system weak. He legs woble as she felled dowfully on the floor.

She spotted an arrow on her ribs making her screamed in pain.

The whole thing seems like a dream to her….the pain was unwithstanding.

“Arghh!!!” she let out a loud scream as the pain ate her up on the ground.

She turned as saw someone making her frozed.

“What!!” she flinched as she spotted Darco – her dad’s personal gaurd.

He walked towards her as she felt like running away.

Deborah tried to run but she fell back again to the ground.

Oh God!!

She felt her power loosing her at that moment…she couldn’t even think straight.

All her mind was about Jayden who’s about to die.

Soon, Darco walked up to hes and grab her by her wrist.

“You fool, let me go!!!!” Deborah rasped and slapped her hard across her face.

Deborah frozed and held her chick in pain.

Suddenly, she felt something sharp pierced into her skin…she quickly trailed her eyes to her waist and saw an injection that Darco pierced on her skin.

She flinched as Darco withdraw the injection from her skin.

Deborah felt dizzy immediately as she felt her eyes closing up.

“Jayden!!!” Debby screamed and passed out.

Darco smiled as soon as she passed out.

He walked up to her and grab her in her waist.

Darco got hold off her and scurried her into the car.

The driver was set…another gaurd was in the front seat while Darco and Deborah was in the back seat with her.

“Move the damn car!!” Darco yelled as the driver ignited the engine and zoomed off.

They continue driving the car for a long time until they finally got to Don Pedro’s compound.

The car screeched to an halt in front of the car park as Darco alighted the car, taking Deborah in a bridal style.

The gaurds who was gaurding the building quickly gave way for Darco as they entered the living room and met Don Pedro smoking.

Pedro almost screamed as she spotted her daughter in Darco’s hands.

“Wow! You passed this….you got my missing daughter” Pedro exclaimed and hugged Darco, making him smile.

Pedro disengaged from the hug and went down to her daughter who was unconscious.

“What happened to her?” Pedro asked as he notice a bruise on her wrist.

“She was trying to excape when i shot her. Though, she’ll be fine” Darco stated while Pedro smiled.

“You know, you’re one of the best gaurd in the clan and it’s just for a little time, i’ll suprise you with something big” Pedro said making Darco flushed.

“Go clean her up and when she’s awake, bring her to me” he commanded as Darco nodded in affirmative and set to work.


A Young man in his twenties was putting on a jean trouser with fancy T-Shirt on his chest.

He wore a gold chain and a silver wrist watch.

He was busy arranging his clothes into the travelling bag when his phone rang.

He checked the caller and discovered it was Boss – the Mafia king.

📞Hey Damien. Are you set to go?” Terror asked on the phone.

“Yes boss. I’m about to leave now” Damien replied.

“Hope you know what to do when you get there?” Terror asked.

“Yeah. I need to claim the throne and become the next Master of the SAVERS💎” Damien replied.

“Good. You remember what i told you to tell him if he (Master Khalifa) ask of proof, right?” Terror asked futher.


“And your name, remember to change it to something that sounds familiar to that of Kayden and Jayden” Terror muttered while Damien nodded as if he could see him.

He arranged his clothes and dicided to eat something before leaving.

As he entered the kitchen, he heard some footsteps and he need no soothsayer to tell him that it was Ivy – his girlfriend.

“Hey” Ivy beamed and huggged Damien, her big b00bs pressing on Damien’s chest.

“Are you leaving already?” Ivy pouted her mouth.

“Yeah babe. Just wanna eat before leaving” Damien stated.

“I’m already missing you ” Ivy said making Damien chuckled.

“C’mmon, It’s just for a short time…i’ll be back soon. When i’m back, i’ll take you to the clan and become the wife of Master Damien” Damien said with an evil laugh making Ivy smiled.

“Oh, i can’t wait! Everyone in California will surely respect us” Ivy said, dreamly.

“Please be carefull and use your brain….You know how dangerous Master Khalifa, Kayden and Jayden is. They’ll kill you without thinking twice” Ivy warned.

“Of course, i’m always carefull and wiser like a tortise” Damien muttered as Ivy hugged her like her life depends on it.

“You know i love you…i don’t want any f**king thing to happen to you. Else, i’ll kill myself” Ivy said as Damien scoffed.

“Trust me girl, i’m gonna be fine” Damien assured as they disengaged from the hug.

“I’ll be on my way now, take care of the house babe” Damien said and baded Ivy while tears began to drop from her eyes.



Jayden blinked rapidly as he felt the knife going closer to him.

He left he was about to join the dead.

He tried to use his powers but the chains in his hands restricted him for doing so.

He wish Deborah was there to save him.

He closed his eyes, unable to watch the scene when he felt a loud sound close to his stomach.

He opened his eyes and was shocked to see the knife broken into two.

“What!!!!” Jayden screamed as he saw the person with a sword.

Who is the helper that save Jayden?🤔🤔

Who is Damien?😏


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