THE SAVERS – Episode 16



[A Mission To Kill💫]

Episode 16 🔞


By: Author Kelvin✍️


Deborah placed tho and fro in the sitting room awaiting the arrival of Jayden.

It has been close to five hours Jayden left and he’s supposed to be back by now.

Deborah held her stomach as her stomach grumbled.

She was damn hungry and she long for the strawberries.

She kept checking through the window but still, there was no sign of his breaklight.

She fell on the sofa’s dowfully as the maid in the room rushed towards her.

“Ma’am, are you okay?” the maid as while Deborah nodded in affirmative.

“G…Get me the vegetables and pasta” she shuttered as the maid bowed and left.

“Gosh!! I can’t believe i’m about to eat my hatetest food” she glowered and quickly brought out her phone.

She checked the time and discovered it was 7:00pm already.


What could be keeping him???

She went to her contacts and searched for Jayden.

His line appeared as Deborah smiled and put a call through him.

It rang for a long time and it didn’t pick up.

She felt cold feet as she dialed his number the second time.

It also rang, while she placed the phone in her ear in nerviousness.

He still didn’t pick up! Gosh!!! Deborah felt like crying.

The maid brought the food and placed it in the table…but her mind wasen’t there.

She was damn scared that Jayden is in trouble….Definitely.

She dialed his number for the third time, hoping he could pick up any moment.

It rang for a long time and when Deborah was about to give up, The number picked up.

She sighed in relief and quicky placed the call.

“J…Jayden….Are you there?” she called but got no response.

“Hello…Jayden” she called again.



‘Huh? Why’s he not responding?’ Deborah thought.

She was about calling Jayden for the fifth time when a voice came up….a voice was was different.

Not Jayden’s voice….

A Familiar voice to Deborah.

“Hey” the voice called as it dawned on Deborah that it was Jayden’s twin brother – Kayden.

“Holly Crap!!!” she exclaimed.

“Kayden??” the word excaped her lips.

“Yeah. It’s me Kayden. Is that Deborah??” Kayden asked.

☎No….No. This is Becky – Jayden’s girlfriend” Deborah lied.

“Hmm. Bloody liar. Why’s ‘DEBORAH’ stored on the face of the number?” Kayden asked.

☎The first day we met, i lied to him that i was Deborah… He likes calling me Deborah” Deborah lied.

“How did you know my name?” Kayden asked.

☎He told me about you….Please, this is not time for questions. I need to see him right now” Deborah muttered, trying to calm herself down.

“You can’t see him. He’s about to die in my hands.. Just forget about him” Kayden stated making Deborah flinched in shock.

“What the heck!!!” she exclaimed in her mind.

☎What are you talking about??” Deborah asked in fear.

“Don’t worry. They’re other boys out there who is ready to die for you. Forget about Jayden” Kayden Pointed out and hanged up the call.

“Damn it!!!” Deborah muttered and slammed the phone on the wall.

She started breathing heavily as her eyes turned black out of our.

Blood started coming down from her nostrils while the maid who was watching her, quickly run out of the room in anger.

The locked door in the room burst open with force as She turned herself invinsable.

“It’s either i die or he (Kayden) dies” she muttered and turned herself into a flash.


Kayden placed his palms in his jaws as he went deep into his thoughts.

“I Can’t believe Deborah is living with Jayden in the clan and i didn’t notice” he thought.

“Oh Kayden. How could you be so stupid?” “If she had not call, i wouldn’t have notice anything!” he thought.

Kayden knew it was Deborah because she read her thoughts when they were in call.

It dawned on Kayden that Jayden was the one who saved Deborah the day he was about to ra”pe her.

“It seems my plan are working pretty good. As far as Deborah is in the clan, my mission to have her won’t be difficult” Kayden thought as he heard a grunt and quicky turned.

He smirked as he spotted Jayden who was awake with a power chain at his hands.

“Hmm…You’re awake already” A Smile crept on Kayden’s face as he approached Jayden.

“Bro. Please release me, i’m in pains” Jayden said as he winced.

“What have i done to deserve this, huh?” Jayden said. “I’ve never disrespect you as my elder brother. Why are you doing this to me?” Jayden asked in a teary tone.

“I’ll give you just two reasons why i’m about to kill you…”

“The first reason is because you blinded me because of Deborah… Second rereason is because you’re gonna be an obstacle when i become the next Master of the SAVERS💎” Kayden said and laughed.

“But….” Jayden was about to say something when Kayden shut him off.

“Shut the crap!” Kayden thundered and brought out a knife.

He brought the knife close to Jayden’s chest and….

Hmm. What’s gonna happen next?🙆🙆


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