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Episode 1
An Epic Story Written By Chichi Tonia
Once upon a time, there was a village named Ejime, Ejime is the land of fertile and also is the largest among the other village. But one thing about them was that they forbid stranger entering their village, because according to them is a taboo.
Any stranger they see in their land will be stone to death because that have always been their custom right from Time. everything was going well for the people of Ejime village, not until one day the unexpected began to happen in their kingdom.

One afternoon, the king’s son who was just 2yrs old, was playing in the palace, when all of a sudden he fell down and started convulsing, before the king and the queen could do anything to save their son nnamdi, it was already too late because the boy have died.
Queen: (crying) nnamdi! please wake up don’t leave me
king : nnamdi! nnamdi!!!! (he sobbed shaking his son who was dead)
Queen: gods of our land, you can’t do this to me by taking my only child from me, please bring him back to me (she said crying bitterly because nnamdi was their only child, After everything, the king buried his little son nnamdi and the villagers mourned for him, but still the king didn’t know the cause of his son’s death)
Some months later, the queen became pregnant and the king was very happy that his wife the queen is pregnant, at least that one will give him hope again of been a father, the elders of the village all came to the palace to congratulate the king of his wife been pregnant.
As all this was going on, nine months later, the queen went into labor, and the king summoned the mid wife to come and help her deliver her baby, when the mid wife came, she took the queen to her chamber and told her to push her baby because the baby was coming forth, so the queen used her strength and pushed the baby and it came out, lo and behold it was a baby boy.

Mid wife: (smiling) my queen, is a baby boy and I know the king will be very happy if hears this
Queen: thanks be to gods of our for giving me another son to replace the dead one (the queen said with tears of joy)
Midwife : let me go outside to inform the king (the midwife ran outside excitedly to tell the king who was pacing around waiting to hear the news)
King :has she giving birth?
midwife: yes your highness, our queen have given birth to a bouncing baby boy (she said and the king jumped up for joy)
king: (excited) this is a good news, I can’t wait to see my son and my beautiful wife, I hope she’s okay?

midwife: yes your highness, she and the baby are doing fine, come and see them (she said and the king excitedly followed her to the queen’s chamber, when they got to the chamber, the king went to where the queen was lying and kissed her forehead and the queen smiled)
King :Thank you my beautiful wife for giving me this precious gift as a son
Queen :may the gods of our land be praise for giving us this gift to replace the dead one
king : thanks to gods of our land, anyway I can’t wait to carry my son, the new prince of this kingdom (he happily said and went to where the baby was lying and wanted to carry him but found out that the baby’s body was very cold and also he noticed that the baby was no longer breathing)


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