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THE PARASITE … Episode 1


Episode 1


This story is fictional and built on creative writing simply for relaxation, learning and improvement of writing skills.

Leave my shirt! I am going to say this for the last time!! (Maxwell placed his hands in between Gloria’s hands, struggling to remove her hands from his already rumpled shirt). Guess you are sure you can wage this war right? (he said in a low tone), who do you think you are? No tell me, who do you think are are? (She pulled him back and front, shouting at the top of her voice). He tried unloosening her hands all to no avail, just when she thought it was over, Maxwell gave her a strong headbutt on her eyebrow, she went blank immediately, will this be the end of Solomon Grand? Without mercy he accompanied the headbutt with a smack down as he flung her against the pillar, a thick cloud of blood decided to give a shower of red rain on the face of Gloria, carefully swashing down her agility from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet.

Gloria woke up on her specially assigned hospital bed at Rehandia Medicare a day after her WWE championship fight with Maxwell, it was quite difficult to open her eye completely because she felt a sharp pain on her spine and a regular banging headache with clear migraine symptoms. When she finally opened her eyes she saw Paulette her younger sister and Anita her bosom by her bed side, Paulette please call the doctor she is awake (Anita instructed), the doctor came in to do some general body check and concluded that she would need more bed rest for about two more days.

On her discharge day, Maxwell came with some flowers, chocolates, ice cream, cards and other items to see his wife at the hospital, immediately he stepped into the room Paulette gave a long sigh clearly showing irritation, woman beater, if you are this good with boxing I wonder how you haven’t picked a form to represent our country, you are just a definition of an irresponsible man, after beating your wife blue black you left the house for three days without even knowing her whereabout, Max you are wicked, heartless and inconsiderate, men like you don’t deserve a wife (she spat on him and walked out of the room). He knelt down and held Gloria’s hand, I am so sorry honey, I didn’t know what came over me, please forgive me, I am just frustrated with loosing my job, please honey find a place in your heart to forgive me (Maxwell pleaded). So whenever you get frustrated over issues you last resort is to turn me into a punching back? (Gloria asked with a low tone), honey please calm down I am sorry okay (Max responded), he moved closer sugar coating her emotions, he finally succeeded in appealing to her conscience, they hugged and kissed.

One week later Paulette visited Gloria’s house, seeing each other they hugged passionately, please come in and kindly have a seat (Gloria offered), thank you but am quite in a hurry, I just decided to dash in to see how you are faring and have a quick word with you (Paulette said), Okay what could be that important that won’t require you sitting? (Gloria asked), well you already know where I want to drive at, it is very irresponsible for your husband to hit you not to even talk of beating you blue black to a state of passing out, that’s pure wickedness, maltreatment, irresponsibility and sycophancy. I am more disappointed at you for even coming back into his worthless life (Paulette said angrily), please I appreciate your advice and I won’t tolerate your insults to my husband, you couldn’t keep a home, so please staying single is frustrating I quite understand, please I won’t have you come here to dish a bowl of unguided utterances to my man (Gloria cautioned). Are you for real? I am marveled at you, it seems you have been bewitched by the swine you have as a husband (Paulette said), Gloria returned her words back into her mouth with a whooping slapping which could turn anyone deaf. Get out of my house she walked Paulette out and shut the door.


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