🖊️Writer pov🖊️

Noelle becomes the first mermaid in history to come out of the sea and witness the fresh nature of the human world.

She came to the human world and used her supernatural power to find her way to the top of the mountain where she played and played and became suspicious that they would be looking for her in the water kingdom and left the human world and unfortunately for her she forgot her powerful bracket that can turn a human to enter the water kingdom at no stress at the human kingdom.

Then some of scout members found the bracelet and decided but pick it up to sell but they were no where to be found.

Since then everyone has been looking for the mountain but hasn’t found it.

************Few years later*********

Then here comes in Michael into the story.

Michael has always been a guy that doesn’t care and not always Updated. But he has what every girl wants in a guy.

He is probably one of the most handsome guy created by God. He is in his early 20s and has always been almost every girl dream guy.

He lives we two people he terms as idiot and they go by the name Julius and the other Sam who were both males.

They are always Updated fast and nows about literally everything going on on the internet but they seem so troublesome to Michael.

But untill this incident he never knew the impact his friends have in his life.

🍒 Michael pov🍒

“Michael, Michael come down to Julius room” I heard a voice say but surely knew it was Sam voice

“What the heck are those idiot calling me for”

“Michael we’re expecting you” I heard Julius and Sam chorused

“Ok am on my way” I said dragging my feet lazily as I walked into Julius room

“What are you calling me for” I said dragging the words as I entered the room and fell on the bed

“Get your ass here, you need to see this” Sam said after seeing something on his phone but I react in anyway positive to what he said untill he hit me with his hands and I had to check

“What happened” I said after seeing that they wanted to reward any that finds one bracelet with $10m.

“You don’t mean it” Julius said with his mouth opened

“Oh, am so surprised”I said pretending to be surprised but didn’t work out

“Well, we will be going to a mountain that looks exactly like this and it’s in this town tomorrow” Julius said with a determined face.

“You both could go anywhere you want but am not leaving this house tomorrow”

*********The next morning*********

🖊️Writer pov 🖊️

Michael was still sleeping then the two idiots according to Michael badge into his room and woke him up to bath and do the necessary things.

At first he didn’t answer but they forced him in which he later obeyed.

And now time for them to leave for the mountain meanwhile Michael is still persistent about not going.

So they carried him into the car and shut the door while Sam was driving and Julius was beside him while Michael was at the back folding his hands.

Finally they arrived at the mountain.

They walked up to the top of the mountain using the steps created there.

When they got to the mountain top Julius and Sam were trying to find the bracelet while Michael was looking for where to sit.

Surprisingly as Michael was about to sit down on a small piece of rock he sighted the bracelet

“Hey fools is this not the bracelet you’re looking for”

Then the two fools were so happy and Sam told Julius to call the number to call if you see the bracelet and told them their current location.

Few minutes of Michael inspecting the bracelet then 5 armed men’s with guns arrived.

Without uttering any words they shot Julius and Sam.

🍒 Michael pov🍒

Immediately I saw Julius and Sam bleeding due to the gunshot my legs became shaking and my hands.

I was moving back after I noticed they were pointing their guns at me.

Then I looked back. Gosh it was the sea.

” Am sorry” I pleaded over and over

“Don’t shoot he is with the bracelet”one of them in the black suit said

Then I was a little bit relaxed

To look front again I saw a bullet coming towards my forehead and I fell due to the gun been shot at me.

The last thing I could see was the sea


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