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Another interviewer pinched her brows and make a coughing sound.
“So, What are your hobbies, Scarlett?”

“Taekwondo” She replied, quickly.

“Taek…Taekwondo? Those fighting skills!” She half yelled.

“Yeah” Scarlett giggled.

“It says here in your profile, you got expelled from high school and you never went to the university. You got home schooled instead…”

“Unfortunately, It’s true” Scarlett replied, never allowing her smile fade off, from her face.

The lady stared at the others and they shook their head.

She danced her brows a bit and looked back at Scarlett.

“I’m sorry, Miss Scarlett Neil but we can’t hire you” She said, abruptly, relaxing her back against the chair.

Scarlett scoffed like she was expecting it.
“F*ck it. If you’re truly sorry, Just hire me”

“What? F…Fu…Fu…F*ck? How dare you use such vulgar language during an interview and especially in front of important people!” The lady said, and others hit their palms on the table which made a loud noise.

“Important people, my ass! More like incompetent people. You just lost a rare gem by disqualifying me” Scarlett said, and stood up.

She walked fiercely to them and they all shivered in fear.

Most of them stood up, ready to take off in case she tries anything funny to them.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“What…What’s it?” The lady stuttered, as she saw Scarlett looking at her face deeply.

“Can I have my CV?” Scarlett asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. Sure” The lady said, quickly and handed it to her.

Scarlett scoffed and walked out.

“Geez! I almost peed on myself! A taekwondo lady and an ex convict as my employee? Who invited her here!” The lady shouted, panting hard.

“She startled me! Aiish!!’


Scarlett sat down on the iron gray bench outside, and sighed deeply.

“This is my 13th interview” She sadly muttered.
“I guess no one is gonna even employ an ex convict like me”

She looked down at her black shoes and took the right one off.

She looked at the heel which was shaking since it was about to fall off.

“New shoes are far away from me” She thought, hitting the shoe heel on the floor, trying to push it inside.

Two ladies who were walking past her, whispered and laughed, watching her.

“I guess its a crime to be truly poor” She said, wearing her shoes back in.

Scarlett stood up tiredly and her eyes fell on the huge TV used for advertisment by the road side.

She looked on when she noticed they were talking about RM Companies.

It was later concluded that a secretary was needed in RM company.

A secretary who would work for the CEO’s heir himself.

“Whoa! Daebak(Awesome)” She muttered.

“Should I give this a try?” She thought.

“And then get fired at once,,, again” She further thought.

“Let’s just do this!! Fighting!!” Scarlett shouted, with her fist above her nose.

People around got startled by her scream and looked at her.

“I’m sorry. Go on” She forced a chuckle and ran off.

“Oh great!!” She yelled, seeing the heel leave her shoe.

“Can today get any better?” She frowned.


Phil wore an expensive suit over a dark blue neck tie. His black shoes were polished and very nice as well.

He was walking angrily through the mansion corridor. He wanted to see his father.

The moment he got to his father room door, He barged in there but when he saw him and his mother making out, He ran out.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Oww! My precious holy eyes!” He screamed, rubbing his eyes, relentlessly.

“Son? We are done. Your father came too quick” His mother said, bluntly, with a loud voice.

A maid walking by, heard this and let out a low chuckle.

Phil bowed his head low in embarrassment.

“Mum!” He barged in once more.

He saw them on the bed, with the duvet over their bodies.

He sighed deeply, as he watched his father take out a cigarette from the cupboard close by.

“No, You don’t!!” Phil snarled, and hijacked the cigarettes forcefully.

He also seized the lighter he saw on top the cupboard.

“What now?” His father, Mr. Counters moaned.

“You promised me you wouldn’t smoke anymore- Phil paused and pocketed the items.

“And you promised me you wouldn’t get me another secretary” He added, pointing a finger at him.

Mr Counters smiled.
“Show me a CEO without a secretary and I’ll show you a man without a d*ck”

“Dad” Phil whispered, shaking his head.

“I guess you are the man without d*ck then. You don’t last anymore! Pathetic!!” Mrs Counter blurted.

“You know what? You guys should go on. Pardon me for interfering with your… your…whatever it was, you both were doing. I’m gonna take my leave and Dad!!,, I don’t want a secretary! I’m gonna fire everyone I see!”

“I don’t know why Mrs Keeper had to get married and leave Seoul!” Phil shouted and left.

Mrs Keeper was his last secretary. She got married, got pregnant and relocated with her family to Italy.

Phil barged out and Mr Counter laughed. His wife stroked his beards and he smiled again.

“Want another f*ck?” He asked.

“With whose d*ck? Aish!” She muttered, and took her hand off his beards.

“That boy! He took my cigarettes! Hey!!!” Mr Counters screamed.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.