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“Samantha! Won’t you talk to me!” Scarlett screamed.

She was tired of seeing Samantha crying with her torn dress.

“Samantha!! Please!” Scarlett said.

Samantha was glad her mother wasn’t home. She looked up from the bed she was weeping on and stared at Scarlett.

“I thought you are supposed to be in taekwondo class” She whimpered.

“Yeah. But Mr Choi took his mother to an island today. I guess he’s making a big deal cause its her 80th birthday” Scarlett answered.

“But that isn’t what I’m worried about now. Tell me,,, whats going on with you! Why are you crying? Why are you like this?!” Scarlett almost cried.

Samantha sobbed loudly and Scarlett ran to her. She hugged her tightly.

“Talk to me,,, please” Scarlett begged.

“I finally saw him today” Samantha said.

“Yes? I know that. Go on”

“He looked so handsome and calm but no one will ever know he’s a beast”

“Did he hit you?”

“No…” She sobbed her head, throbbing.

“Then, what did he do? Talk to me” Scarlett broke the hug, and they both shared stares.

Scarlett sighed, and wiped her tears.
“Can’t you just talk to me?”

“I got raped!!” She suddenly wailed.

“Wha..What?” Scarlett stammered, helplessly.

“He…stripped me off and raped me. He took his monster inside me! He raped me despite my beggings and tears”

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Scalett whispered sadly with tears dropping down her eyes.

“What to do? How am I gonna forget this? It hurts me so much? How could he! Was that what he wanted so much that he always sent those lett-

Scarlett stood up and started roaming around.

“Scarlett? Don’t do anything! Don’t tell mum either! I beg you” Samantha pleaded.

Scarlett bit her lower lip hard that it began to bleed.

“Scarlett! Stop!” Samantha screamed and stood up. She touched her bleeding lips.

“Stop hurting yourself cause of me. I loathe it” Samantha cried.

Scarlett fell on the ground with her butt. Tears were flowing down her eyes like waterfall.

“But that’s how I can hold this anger and pains. How…why…Just- Scarlett paused and loud screams of her wailings took over.

Samantha dressed her gown arm and bent down. She hugged Scarlett tightly.

“Stop crying. I’m the one hurt here. It’s not like you were the one raped” Samantha sniffed.

Scarlett hugged her back.
“What to do? I could have stopped you from growing! If only I knew!” She cried.

“Its not your fault. Listen, let’s take it to our graves. Let no one hear this,, especially Mum”

Scarlett just kept crying.

“Scarlett. Please,,, can you do as I say?”

“OK” Her answer was simple.

“Promise?” Samantha asked.

“I promise” Scarlett muttered.

Samantha nodded and hugged her more tightly.

Scarlett opened her eyes and it was looking really red and sore.

She bit her lower lip hard again.
“I’m gonna find and kill you, Mr Feel,,, I promise”

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“This is the worst day ever” She heard Samantha mutter.

“Its the beginning of summer too” She added and Scarlett breathed in anger.

MONDAY, 7:23am**

“You don’t wanna go to school?” Marie asked.

“I’m quite sick” Samantha lied.

She was afraid of going to school as far as she knew the person who stripped her naked and stole her virginity was also schooling there.

“Uhm… Scarlett, can you stay back home and stay with your sister? She has been looking quite pale and not herself since saturday” Marie said.

“I’m sorry, Mum but i have an important test today” Scarlett forced a smile as she wore her shoes.

“I can’t leave the stall. Samantha, can you stay alone and give me a call incase anything happens?” Marie asked.

Samantha forced a smile and nodded.

“I’m gonna get you drugs” Marie said, rubbing her forehead.

“Thank you, Mum” Samantha whispered and her mother smiled.

“I’m off” Scarlett said.

“Hold on!” Marie gushed and ran to her.

“You are looking quite feisty today” Marie said, as she stood opposite Scarlett, dressing her buttons properly and her neck tie.

Scarlett chuckled lightly.

“Be a good girl okay? No bullying. Be good just like Nicey” Marie said.

“Nicey? Who’s Nicey?” Scarlett asked.

“Oh,,, He’s a new friend of mine. I met him at the stall that saturday and he helped a little girl. He’s really kind, good and nice. Since i didn’t get his name, I called him Nicey”

“Oh,,, I see” Scarlett whispered.

“Well, yeah. Have fun in school” She waved.

Scarlett only nodded and ran off.

“She looks quite not herself either. What’s she up to?” Marie thought, suspiciously.


“Why are you looking for someone called Mr Feel? Who’s he? A teacher?” Jenna asked, as she followed Scarlett around.

“Just be quiet and let me handle this” Scarlett said, sternly.

“Oops! I’m sorry. Go on” Jenna said.

Scarlett entered another class. It was the senior class. She stood at the front of the class while Jenna stood by the door.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.