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Belle was shaking. She was freaking afraid. She started shifting away with her butt on the floor.

“Your boyfriend, eyy?” Scarlett whispered and bent down.

“I guess he’s the one that made you bully the nerd” She asked.

“What are you talking about!” She half yelled.

“You called the nerd, a whore, a slut and an harlot. You also said no guy would want to kiss her either. It simply means, you are jealous of her cause your boyfriend seems to have eyes for her. In that case, You had to take it on her”

“Have you gone crazy? What kind of assumption are you making now!”

“I guess I’m a lil bit cray cray. I want to be a detective if I grow up so I couldn’t help but connect all this and I’m 100% sure I’m correct. Guess you don’t trust your so called boyfriend”

Scarlett stood up and began to walk away.

“My boyfriend loves me, okay! He f*cking adores me! F*ck you! F*ck that nerd! F*ck all of you! I hate you all! Ahh!” She screamed in frustration.

“You will pay for this, I promise!” She gnashed her teeth.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Hey,,, Scarlett. You never told me you wanted to be a detective” Jenna smiled, as they walked on.

“Well, now you know” Scarlett returned the smile.

“I guess the taekwondo is gonna be of great help to you in future” Jenna said, and Scarlett nodded.

“I never knew bullying was so bad. Its really irksome. I’m glad you talked some sense into me” Scarlett whispered.

Jenna winked and Scarlett giggled.


“Humph! So that was what happened?” Samantha asked.

Scarlett nodded.
“Too bad that mum won’t give me a listening ear”

Samantha forced a smile.
“It’s fine. I understand Mum and I understand you too. Both of you,,, just need to cool off and talk things out”

Scarlett sighed deeply. They were both on the bed, watching the ceiling and rotating fan above their heads.

“How did it go?” Samantha asked.

“What?” Scarlett asked, and faced her.

“At Belle’s place of course. How did it go? Did you apologize?”

“Why won’t I? Mum would definitely kill me if I didn’t. I apologized and mum made peace with them. However, Belle said she would still have her revenge on me. She told me this secretly. I’m still waiting for this so called revenge”

“You!” Samantha bumped on Scarlett shoulder and she laughed.

“You’re still going, right?” Scarlett whispered.

“You mean,,, tomorrow,,,, at the school basement? Me and Mr Feel?” Samantha asked.


“Of course. I’m gonna dress really pretty. By the looks of his unique handwritings, I’m sure he’s definitely gonna be handsome. I’m really excited and nervous for tomorrow meet up” She almost shouted out of joy.

“But have you told Mum?”

“Aiish. How do you expect me to tell her? Can’t you see how angry she is”

“Yeah,,, right”

Samantha inhaled deeply.

“Be careful, sis” Scarlett whispered.

“Sure,,, Sure,,, I will. definitely” Samantha smiled, and started sleeping off.

Scarlett opened her eyes and watched her sister sleeping with a smile on her face.

“I had a bad luck today by bullying someone while my sister received good luck by receiving a letter asking for a meet up with Mr. Feel”

“I do hope I don’t jinx your good luck, Samantha” Scarlett thought with a deep sigh before going to sleep.


Samantha kept practicing exhalation and inhalation with her hand tightened on her bag strap across her chest.

She took two steps back when the door opened.

“He must be here” She muttered.

A handsome guy came in. He dressed expensive and his hair was cool. He had a grin on his face.

“Wow. I was right. He’s so handsome and hot” She thought.

“Hi” He said.

“Hello. I’m Samantha” She whispered.

He blinked repulsively.

“Huh?… I’m Samantha. You always sent me letters. Samantha Neil. Lady S,,, as you always called me” She explained.

He smiled.
“Oh… I’m Mr. Feel. That’s my code name” He winked and she flushed red immediately.

“What’s your real name then?” She muttered.

He smirked and suddenly locked the door. Afterwards, he began walking close to her.

“Don’t…don’t you think we should take things slow… We…We just met” She whispered, looking down as she slowly walked backwards.

Her back touched the wall and she stopped. She looked up at him and gulped.

“Take off your clothes now!” He commanded, curtly.

“Excuse me?” She blinked.

He smirked at her.
“You heard me” He said, and dragged off her gown arm.

“Ah!” She screamed, and pushed him away. She ran to the door but his right arm went around his waist, and his hand pulled her hair back.

“Somebody!!! Help me!!” She screamed, before being dragged to the floor by him.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.